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  1. Actually, Ann Arbor is almost as close to Cleveland as Columbus is, so Jabrill Peppers is in play - the guy is definitely on a roll.
  2. I naturally gravitated to the Bucs picks and I'll give you this Kayoh - you did a hella better job than their picker. He got some nice players but had no concept of overall need and balance. Three receivers in seven picks! Despite all the 'weapons for Winston' noise, the Bucs will take one receiver at most depending on how things fall, and absolutely not in the first, even if Mike Williams is there. It's quite possible they take none at all.
  3. The rest of the NFL can't wait for Blank to announce your hiring.
  4. I've been looking at this guy. High ceiling with real growth potential and correctable flaws.
  5. They need a cover safety more than a corner. And Marpet will enter camp as their #1 center with Sweezy taking over his guard spot. They had Mixon in for a visit but the real wild card in their running back situation is Doug Martin. If they feel good about bringing him back (and I think it will happen if he'll accept a restructured contract that protects the team) that frees up another draft spot. PS - Joe isn't terrible. You've just gotten too accustomed to watching Alex Mack.
  6. Liked this one just for the implication of the thread title.
  7. Yes. You'd danm well better hope that.
  8. Ryan is taking some heat from sports radio out here in Phoenix over an interview he did with 680 where he said there were plays he wasn't allowed to audible out of. He qualified that by saying it was 'partly' due to personnel groupings, but what's left unsaid is that it was also partly due to some boneheaded OC work. The radio guys lighting Ryan up are all former players who consider it an 'under the bus' move by Ryan, made tawdry by the fact that Shanahan is now gone. I don't agree that Ryan took the low road - he would never do that deliberately. But I definitely think we got a little insight into his true frame of mind.
  9. I'm OK with this, no offense taken. It's a more detailed explanation of what I posted. I would still maintain, though, that heavy losses among a single position group will hurt much more than the loss of one elite player (QBs generally excepted).
  10. Where the talking heads are partially right is that the Falcons weren't hard hit among a particular position group. Losing two or three guys in a group where you don't have competent backups is a season-killer. Witness the 2013 and 2014 Falcons teams.
  11. Exciting thread title, am I right? 'Adjusted Game Lost' is one of those obscure stat sets that virtually no one gives attention but which I find fascinating because it usually offers true insight into why teams succeeded or failed. Basically, it looks at injuries on a team-by-team basis and totes up the number of games missed by injured players. It usually tracks very closely with a teams win-loss record - the more games missed by players correlates closely with games lost by the team. No real surprise there. But the 2016 stats should be particularly interesting for Falcons fans. Below is the overall chart - a low number means the team had serious injury losses, a high number means they mostly avoided injury. The 2016 Falcons were #6. Which means they did an impressive job of surmounting injuries. The Panthers were #9, which means they did a poor job of surmounting injuries. Having a puss QB didn't help either. The Saints were middle of the pack at #21, which suggests their problems run much deeper than injury (i.e., no defense). The Bucs were also middle of the pack at #18, which tracks with their 9-7 record. It's true that this is just one stat among a ton of moving parts that decide a teams fate, but it's frequently a telling one. The full article can be seen here: Team 2016 AGL Rk 2015 AGL Rk LARM 29.0 1 80.3 24 TEN 32.0 2 65.2 18 CIN 35.1 3 28.2 1 PHI 38.4 4 52.0 6 SEA 41.1 5 40.1 3 ATL 52.2 6 28.8 2 NYG 52.4 7 138.7 32 NE 54.5 8 93.3 29 CAR 56.5 9 50.9 4 DEN 60.2 10 56.7 10 BAL 60.3 11 96.1 30 PIT 61.8 12 67.1 19 OAK 65.0 13 57.6 11 DET 69.5 14 76.7 23 GB 70.5 15 56.2 9 DAL 70.6 16 51.7 5 Team 2016 AGL Rk 2015 AGL Rk JAC 72.5 17 68.9 20 TB 77.5 18 75.0 22 ARI 77.8 19 62.5 14 IND 78.4 20 65.1 17 NO 81.3 21 56.1 8 HOU 91.7 22 64.8 16 CLE 96.4 23 70.7 21 SF 97.5 24 83.9 27 BUF 97.8 25 80.5 25 MIA 99.1 26 63.4 15 KC 99.3 27 54.9 7 WAS 101.5 28 119.1 31 NYJ 110.5 29 61.8 13 MIN 120.6 30 59.0 12 SD 127.8 31 81.5 26 CHI 155.1 32 92.8
  12. I will dog that joker every chance I get.
  13. Gone long before the Falcons fourth round pick. Book it.
  14. Of all the reasons for turning gay, this might be the most unique.
  15. Sounds like Sam Baker 2.0. Fortunately, the guy who made that move isn't in position to do it again.