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  1. Works for me! I'm sure all kinds of famous people throughout history were called Bucky.
  2. There's not a single Buckeye on the roster. Time to get that fixed.
  3. Why do you have a picture of Dimitroff in a draft-related post? Just being in the room doesn't count.
  4. That's a pretty exciting group. Then again, I like egg salad sandwiches.
  5. Ryan Schraeder, the ultimate rags-to-riches story. I could find all kinds of inspiration in that guy
  6. Let's not get too excited. Manziel in NOLA would probably just be a one-year tune-up for Manziel with the Las Vegas Raiders.
  7. Happy birthday C. But seriously? 42? I've got hemorrhoids older than that.
  8. OK, fine, I confess that I like the guy. The last time I saw him he was moving effortlessly and there were no medicos present. We talked about wedding cakes and Harry Potter.
  9. You do realize that named that their 'Catch of the Year'. And Evans didn't miss a beat afterward.
  10. The return of Vincent Jackson is pretty iffy. He wants to come back but his rehab is a long way from complete and the gas tank is bumping around empty - the older you get, you know? And I do expect the Bucs to improve their run game. They have an interesting situation with Martin. An inconsistent, injury-prone guy with a drug addiction, who they can unload without any contract ramifications. A guy who had a great rookie season and a great contract season but has been a huge disappointment otherwise. Given the depth of this years RB draft, I have to believe they drop him and bring in one of the top five backs in this draft, especially if they can get some trade value. I don't know if his contract has trade stipulations, but even if it does, they may have been voided by his suspension.
  11. Game speed and YAC are the differences between Evans and Jones, and I don't see Evans catching up in either category.
  12. You can book that.
  13. And did I mention the Matt Bryant vs. Roberto Aguayo thing? Holy crap, what a bad move that pick has turned out to be. But the Bucs have Nick Folk now - one more thing that pulls them closer to Atlanta.
  14. I'll say that the Bucs made bigger improvements through FA than the Falcons, and I expect them to make bigger improvements in the draft. I would add, though, that they needed bigger improvements. So they'll be closer, maybe a lot closer, but not up to speed with the Falcons yet. And while Winston is more mobile than Ryan and much better at extending plays, he's still about half the QB Matt is.
  15. Cold, but true.