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  1. Dido? The founder and first queen of Carthage? Or the English singer/songwriter? Certainly you couldn't have meant dildoe (had to customize the spelling to defeat the filter). I'll go with ditto.
  2. Anybody who can use Eric Weems for a battering ram gets my vote. This might be my single most favorite play ever.
  3. Man, you were that close to sending your wife on the honeymoon alone. Sounds extreme, I know, but dire situations require drastic measures.
  4. I got 7 likes, you got 2. I win. Seriously though, there's nothing wrong with working to raise the level of literacy whenever you can. Literacy is a good thing.
  5. Best not to call other people dumb and then write 'their' instead of 'there'.
  6. He was the offensive assistant. Now he's in Tampa as the assistant WR coach and game management coach.
  7. I actually worry that I've turned into something of a troll. I've never hesitated to call out a poster if I knew for true they were wrong, but I could usually temper my response in the name of...wait for it...brotherhood. I didn't start hurling insults until my own knowledge (not opinion) of a situation was insulted, but since I'm something of a lapsed brother these days I'm a bit less tolerant. I will say this, though - right or wrong, there's more enthusiasm and passion here than most any other board around.
  8. Impressive. Almost as good as Jeremy McNichols stats.
  9. Actually, Ann Arbor is almost as close to Cleveland as Columbus is, so Jabrill Peppers is in play - the guy is definitely on a roll.
  10. I naturally gravitated to the Bucs picks and I'll give you this Kayoh - you did a hella better job than their picker. He got some nice players but had no concept of overall need and balance. Three receivers in seven picks! Despite all the 'weapons for Winston' noise, the Bucs will take one receiver at most depending on how things fall, and absolutely not in the first, even if Mike Williams is there. It's quite possible they take none at all.
  11. The rest of the NFL can't wait for Blank to announce your hiring.
  12. I've been looking at this guy. High ceiling with real growth potential and correctable flaws.
  13. They need a cover safety more than a corner. And Marpet will enter camp as their #1 center with Sweezy taking over his guard spot. They had Mixon in for a visit but the real wild card in their running back situation is Doug Martin. If they feel good about bringing him back (and I think it will happen if he'll accept a restructured contract that protects the team) that frees up another draft spot. PS - Joe isn't terrible. You've just gotten too accustomed to watching Alex Mack.
  14. Liked this one just for the implication of the thread title.