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  1. It will be interesting to see how many snaps Poe plays. Up to week 9 of last year Clayborn played more snaps than any other player on the D-line, including a large chunk at DT in nickel.
  2. Plus 1 for being different. Evan Engram and Jared Davis are 2 of my favorite guys in the draft and whilst they don't fill major needs, I wouldn't be upset. Smoot was a guy I was really high on going into this year, but he's kind of disappointed. I also thought he'd test a lot better than he did being a former 400m hurdler in high school, but he still might end up becoming a better pro than college player.
  3. Throwing off his toes, needs to plant his feet better
  4. Interested to see how they structure those contracts as on paper we only have the cap space to sign our draft picks at the moment.
  5. Got to give props to @ike barn87987 he was on George Kittle way back last year
  6. I hope he takes another step this year. We've had guys who have played the nickel really well in the past, only to become a flash in the pan, Robert McClain for instance.
  7. Best one yet Ike. No George Kittle this time though - I'd love it if we could get him in the 5th.
  8. He's TE who is bigger and faster than most WR's in this league. I imagine whoever drafts him will move him all over. He can can play inline, split out wide and lined up as a FB. Teams won't be able to leave him one on one with a LB, he's just too fast. At the senior bowl his inline blocking actually looked far better than I expected it to.
  9. We did yes In fact we worked out every one of our draft picks last year, with the exception of Wes.
  10. 3 years down the line, half the starting TE's in the league could come from this class. There's probably 6 guys who have pro bowl potential and another 8-10 guys who have starter potential. I think this will go down as the best TE class in draft history and whilst we might not have a massive need at TE, you can get quality guys with starter potential as late as the 5th round.
  11. Out of all the big backs in this class he is probably my favorite. I've seen him rated as high as the 2nd round in places.
  12. I like TJ. I'm tired of hearing people say if his last name wasn't Watt, he wouldn't be as hyped. He's a completely different player from his brother, put up better numbers at the combine (albeit weighing 40lbs less) and was more productive that his brother in his final year in college (both declared after their junior years). People should ignore the name and just review the player. He's a top 40 player in this draft, and a guy who has the potential to put up multiple 10+ sacks seasons in the NFL.
  13. I really don't see it. We're only in our base (4-3 under) around 40% of the time, we already have Shelby, Crawford, Hageman and Upshaw that can play that base end (4/5 tech). In nickel we bring Beasley in at LDE, and we either slide one of the former inside (less likely with Poe now on the team) or substitute them out entirely. Really we need someone who can compete at LEO and can be that edge rusher opposite Beasley in nickel.
  14. I try to keep an open mind when writing and reviewing mocks. I think there are a number of different ways we can go, and as long as the players fit the DQ mold (fast, physical, competitive, tough etc) and you can see where they will fit in our rotations then I have no issue. To your point about trading up, I think it's about as likely as us trading down at this point. If the right player is there, someone we have been targeting (Solomon Thomas, Haasen Reddick) and the value we need to give up is worth it, then I can see it happening. If we think that there is a going to be a lot of talent around in the top to middle of the 2nd round, which looks like it might be the case, then I can equally see us trading down with a QB needy team. What I think will happen, is TD and DQ will target a player at #31, even if on paper it might appear to be a reach - I think that player might be Derek Rivers. Instead of pinpointing a specific player at each pick, I prefer to post a short list of players that might be there when we pick and who I think we might be targeting. Here is a link to this years one and here is a link to one I did last year. Try it out KOG, it's a lot of fun and is a better representation of how the FO's prepare for the draft.