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  1. Jarrett and Clayborn are probably our best interior rushers, but I expect it will be a rotation. Takk and Beasley on the edge, with a bit of Reed sprinkled in.
  2. Glenn Dorsey had one of the worst combines in memory. There was no chance he was ever going to be the next Sapp: 40 Yrd Dash: 5.12 20 Yrd Dash: 2.98 10 Yrd Dash: 1.74 225 Lb. Bench Reps: 27 Vertical Jump: 25 1/2 Broad Jump: 08'04" 20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.80 3-Cone Drill: 7.52
  3. I never got the Dorsey love, I was Matt Ryan all the way. I would have taken either of the Long's over Dorsey as well.
  4. He was great value where they got him, but I was never a fan.
  5. He's 32, where has that time gone?
  6. It makes sense, although Beasley was listed as an OLB, he essentially only played LDE in nickel. Philip Wheeler played 20 plus snaps a game at SAM in our base package. Those will now go to Campbell. I expect there will be a competition between Campbell and Riley to see who plays alongside Debo at ILB in nickel. They'll both probably see snaps there depending on sub package.
  7. With upcoming FA contracts for Matthews, Freeman, Beasley, Coleman etc., I just don't see how we have the money to re-sign Poe long term. We would be entitled to a comp pick in 2019 should he sign elsewhere and next year's draft is loaded with talented NT's: It'll be interesting to see how Kazee develops throughout the year and if he can really step up and challenge Rico. As of now it still looks like FS is an upgradable spot. One thing you forgot to mention is that Rico is a FA next year and Im not convinced he's a guy you pay big money to. Agree WR will be a need. Jones isn't getting any younger, Gabriel is a FA and Sanu is essentially signed to a 3 year deal. The only spot I would add is another Interior lineman. Levitres contract is expendable after this year and we might what to start thinking about a long term successor to Mack, who will be 33 in the 2018 season.
  8. To be honest, we only had 6 picks, the only team I can think of who had fewer were the Pats. We then overpayed slightly to trade up for a player, some (albeit wrongly) think may have fallen to 31. I can understand why some will be dubious. The reality is DQ has a vision on defense, second to none (IMO) in the league. The players he targets fit specific roles within his sub packages, so in all likelihood this draft class will be looked at very differently at the end of this season.
  9. I actually think all 4 teams have strong groups at RB. Based on last year you'd have to have the Falcons at 1. Some interesting additions at RB in the division McCaffrey, AP, Hill - it'll be fun to see how they all play out
  10. To me that's not a counter move that's about having pass rush variety.
  11. Well that's the crux isn't it. A counter move to me is a counter to a move that hasn't worked in the same play. Setting up a pass rush based on a previous play is a set up move and something different entirely. I do agree you need another pass rush move to take advantage of those situations, but it's that go to move that puts you in that situation. In Vic's case that's his speed and will cause tackles to overset to the outside.
  12. Quote from Chuck Smith " All the right moves Smith is also big believer in developing a signature move and using it over and over again. That, he said, is what all the great pass rushers do. That’s what he makes his players do. “Everyone uses signature moves, and they buy into that,” Smith said “Then you teach them how to do to the moves, and when to use the move. Then you teach down and distance into it and take it to another level. If you have the athletic ability and speed, and you are smart, you become a Reggie White. You become a legend. A Michael Strahan. Was Michael Strahan a dog when he came into the league? He learned how to rush the passer. The good ones today use the moves the old guys used, whether it’s Von Miller using the L.T. spin or Carlos Dunlap using the Leslie O’Neal long-arm stab. Once you have a move you like, use it.” There are some coaches who teach counter moves within a play. But Smith says it’s best to just use one move on a play, which he explained to his three-man group when they mentioned a counter. “You don’t have a Microsoft brain,” he said. “You don’t have time to think like that.”
  13. Counter moves are overrated. The best guys in this league have a go to pass rush move and have perfected it year on year (Freeney's spin, Von Millers bend and rip etc). If you're having to use a counter move, you've already lost and balls probably already gone.