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  1. No thanks. Have you heard of Injury? depth at DE is a really good thing.
  2. Personally I liked Bucky hodges. I think hes the real deal.
  3. Give me Jake Locker and call it a day. Peace!
  4. No he's not. He's 28. Still in his prime. Just came off a 4 int 13 pd season. I wouldn't mind swapping Trufant for him to be honest.
  5. In accordance with their impact on our overall success and value at theit positions: 1. Matt 2. Julio 3. Beasley 4. Freeman 5. Trufant
  6. No that's not my issue with your stupid post. My issue is how much you under rate and under sell Gabriel who is clearly our second best wr. His speed alone opens things up for everyone else. Not to mention he is deadly on screens, and end arounds. His lower production had to do with his playing less games, and being the third option after Julio and Devonta.
  7. Wes has had a chance to prove himself. He likely didn't show enough if we draft an RG. I'd be elated if this happens.
  8. You don't have the hands to slap yourself enough times for this insanely idiotic post. You should employ some of us, and then hang your head in shame once you've regained your senses.
  9. You already know how I feel about him KOG. Get this man, even if it means we trade up and move a few spots.
  10. Sign that fatty! Get it done TD.
  11. Bring him home TD, lang is a stud.
  12. Lol Good one goof troop. You'll be lucky if peppers has 6 sacks being the same age as shang tsung.
  13. Weems was a beast gunner. He just didn't made good decisions returning the ball. Hardy was even worse though, alot worse.
  14. How is this a bad move at all? If osweiller doesn't pan out, then can just cut him and draft his replacement. This is really good deal for the browns.