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  1. I see the point here. We could have had Drew Brees and LT with those pics. TO me the worst picks were Peria Jerry over Clay Matthews, and Jamal Busterson over Ed Reed.
  2. LOL Harsh. If it wasn't for Mike Smith and Koetter I would've forgot the Buccs even play in our division.
  3. I am glad that TD had put an emphacis on the PR unlike smitty who didn't want any elite edge rushers. He realizes you need those to win.
  4. Without Turner, Ryan, Gonzo, and Julio that squad wouldn't be chit and you know it.
  5. Smitty had input on defense, that's where he shat the bed and flat out sucked azz. He had a baller defense in Tampa and still finished mid pack. It was TD who brought into Turner, and Gonzo, and MR2. Our 3 best players during that stretch.
  6. Let's not forget that it was TD who drafted MR2, Devonta, Julio, Shraeder, Matthews, Alford, Allen, And Trufant. Only some of our most important players.
  7. Reggie macknezie, Thompson, Elway, jones, Keim, and Colbert? The fugg.
  8. He got fired for not doing his job, and getting the best out of the players he had. There's no reason hageman didn't develop into a dominant DT, and Beasley was spinning like a ballerina before Freeney got here. Even then the line was kind of underwhelming if we are honest. They had 30 something sacks on a gargantuan amount of pass rush snaps.
  9. Same. I wanted Ryan badly after reading his draft profile in pro football weekly. I knew we HAD TO get QB.
  10. The Stains offense is better than the Steelers offense. Brees is better than Big Ben.
  11. Just need a qb. They should sign romo.
  12. I still don't get why people wanted to pass over a franchise QB several replies later for a stupid dt. All the pro sports mags were comparing Ryan to Manning lite. I was stoked to hear that we got him. We needed a QB so bad and Redman was not the answer.
  13. Can't from a cellphone bro.