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  1. I been calling for him for months. This dude would be nuts in our offense. I don't mind spending a first or second on him at all.
  2. And we're going to pay him in monopoly money?
  3. I am all for it. If we have learned anything a dominant OL is pretty much a prerequisite for success in the playoffs.
  4. We got Jones, Campbell, Reynolds, and Keyes at the spot. Reed and Ishmael could also play LBer in a pinch. We will probably draft one or two Lbers as well.
  5. ****, how he's going mid first.
  6. We should troll the saints in July with 7-9
  7. Could've got the same production from a third rounder like cotcherry for example.
  8. 1. Jamaal busterson: this one takes the cake. He was a top10 pick guarantwed to start. He had a good highlight tape in college. He came in and literally didn't do jack chyt but cost us in penalties on the field and had a bad attitude. He was LOVED by gazoo and other Homers. 2. Sack maker: He was given a huge albatross contract which hurt us for years after a disappointing first 4 years. 3. Ed hurtwell: Was supposed to be a star lber. Spent most of his time on IR. 4. D-robbery: Dunta Robinson was supposed to be a good cover corner who we paid bug bucks. He was horrible in coverage. 5. Michael Junkins: for a first round pick he had nominal talent.
  9. I think Watson as well.
  10. Honestly out of Devonta and Coleman I rather keep Devonta. He's more durable, shifty, and more complete.
  11. None will be cut. DQ is not stupid, especially with some of these guys coming off injury and able to play lber. I got a starting 4 of Clayborn/ Poe/ Jarret/ Beasley.
  12. No thanks. Have you heard of Injury? depth at DE is a really good thing.
  13. Personally I liked Bucky hodges. I think hes the real deal.
  14. Give me Jake Locker and call it a day. Peace!
  15. No he's not. He's 28. Still in his prime. Just came off a 4 int 13 pd season. I wouldn't mind swapping Trufant for him to be honest.