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  1. Honestly Sanu has a great personality about himself. Very warm person. As a man I look to him with great admiration for his ability to connect and come across genuine to those around him.
  2. He can be listed at 206 but he was at least 10 lbs bigger during the season. And he played well at LB for us.
  3. So the off season is moving along great and we're looking solid on both sides of the ball. I'm curious however how we see ourselves at LB as we enter the draft. Obviously Deion Jones is the alpha in that group heading in to next season. He is a star in the making. My question is what about the vets Wheeler, Spoon and Reynolds. Do they have a role with us going forward or can we upgrade them in the draft? Also, Devondra Campbell, he flashed a lot in the off season and preseason and was solid during the regular season for sure. He was a 4th rounder so I don't place a ton of pressure on him to become a pro bowler or anything but does he have what it takes to man that WLB for us for years to come. Do yal expect him to make leaps to his game or maintain his solid yet not flashy play? Lastly, what linebackers (not edge players but true backers) do yal see in this draft that we may be interested in that can make an impact early for us?
  4. And based on that we only have 4 true backers in Jones, Campbell, Reynolds and Keyes (who I know nothing about). I will say this, Reynolds played some really good ball for us this year. I was really surprised by him as I was just waiting for him to be cut in preseason but he earned his spot for sure. We could definitely used a couple more athletes at that position especially to use on Special Teams now that Jones will be a vet and we don't need him getting hurt. I'm thinking maybe add another Vet a la Wheeler/Spoon who are versatile at all spots and then add another young gun to boost the overall speed of the unit. One thing is for sure, guys are going to miss games at that position so we will definitely need more depth to get through the season
  5. Agree wholeheartedly. There is no validation in losing a game that you dominated for 3 quarters. That's the same mentality as"10 yards away" that set the team back 3 seasons. As much as I hate the Pats, they have the ability to reset year after year and continue to be in the hunt for a title. BB knows how to keep his guys focused on the game a head of them and not the ones behind them or off in the distant future. Falcons fans, the playoffs are not garunteed let alone another trip to the SB. We are going in to next season with the same record as the Cleveland Browns and 49ers. 0-0. It's a long fight and each year has its own story. The 2017 Falcons team's legacy will not be defined by how well they played in Super Bowl LI. That book has closed. Next year is about can we improve our defense? Can we find success under a new offensive coordinator? Can coach Quinn improve his critical moment decision making? We are starting from square one, no consolation prizes and no leg up on the competition. 31 other teams are looking to improve themselves too and get to the SB. It's not our manifest destiny any more than it is theirs.
  6. I feel like Jones is going to be a star and the SB was a big coming out party for him. The thing about Jones is that he consistently created plays out of nowhere. Strips, ints, TFLs. He made a impact every game. With Campbell he was solid to me. He made the plays that he was supposed to which is what you ask for but I can't remember him creating any. He is solid and will probably be a consistent starter for us. He can still improve though which means he has plenty of upside
  7. So I didnt include Vic because even tho he is listed as LB on the depth chart he is almost always playing with his hand in the dirt and rushing the passer. The edge guys in our system are rarely asked to cover TEs or play between the tackles
  8. The OP has a good point that cannot be overlooked. Everything about age and poor drafts is true BUT so is the fact that our mindset was "we were only 10 yards away" and that we didn't need much to get past those 10 yards. That mindset is what led to the bad signings and draft picks because we felt that we had a lot more room for error to back to where we were. Fast forward to now. The biggest reason all Super Bowl losers tend to fail to succeed the following season is that there is a false sense that they are closer to the ultimate prize than they are. We are no different. As great as we were this year we had just the right amount of luck to get us over the hump. If Arizona loses to Sea and we end up with the 3 seed instead of the 2 then a lot of things may have worked out differently. That an extra playoff game and only 1 home game instead of the bye week and 2 home games we had. I mean you just don't know. It is incredibly hard to make let alone win a Super Bowl. But you have to position yourself as best as possible which means not having let downs during the regular season. Winning enough games to have decent playoff seeding and still having to scrap and fight in the playoffs to win. None of that is garunteed. You have to stay hungry and understand that you are starting all over from scratch. There is no just tweak this or that. That's what leads to the hangover. You have to have the mindset that that you have everything to prove and you haven't accomplished anything yet. After as much work as they put in last year, its going to be so tough to get all 53 guys back on the same page. To take their games to the next level. As young as we are there are also going to players that regress next season, that get injured, that get suspended. We have to maintain depth and development. Players have to perform. Balls have to bounce our way. Seeding has to work out in our favor. And guys have to stay hungry and healthy Can we do it? Yes. And Quinn is the kind of coach I can believe in. But history is not on our side and we are going to have to work like **** to change it.
  9. Thanks for posting. He was great. I want our guys to get love but I also want them to stay hungry until we accomplish the ultimate goal.
  10. That's funny. I've always wondered about that too, my pops (black) told me that he always hated the Cetics because they discriminated against black players back in the day. And then my good friend (white) is from up there and she says some of the most ignorant ish ever about race, which is crazy since she dates a black dude. I've always been interested to know how a northern city can be racist you know, it's weird.
  11. I didn't realize how many Pats fans joined our boards this week. Wow. Welcome everyone, sorry to disappoint you but none of us here really think the Pats are immortal like you do.
  12. I'm so glad we don't face a mobile quarterback anymore after playing our last 5 games against elusive QBs. In fact Brady might be the least mobile QB in the league. That dual threat really strains the defense and leaves windows open all over the field. You're about to see the cover 3 really shine in 2 weeks, especially if we decide to attack Brady
  13. From what I hear MB Stadium won't be ready in time unless they really figure that roof out
  14. It's the NFCG. Ain't nobody trash still sticking around. These guys are a really good football team. Nobody is talking about how disruptive their DLine was against us week 8. That can ruin an entire offense. Yal keep sleeping on these dudes man like they're just going to let us score because we are the Falcons. I'm telling ya they're gonna come to play. If we aren't on our stuff we could quickly fall behind which is what happened to the Cowboys. When it's all said and done, there are 4 teams still standing, ain't nothing going to be easy going forward. You won't see us win comfortably if we do win. We are going to be in for a fight even if we play our A+ game because that's just what time of year it is. If you think for one second we are just on a whole 'nother level than these dudes by merit of regular season numbers then you are kidding yourself. It's sudden death right now, win or go home. They have been in that mindset now for 2 months. They have the killer instinct that Seattle lacked all year long. They are not about to lay down for us. I think we have a chance for sure. But this ain't like last week. These are 2 completely different animals. We're about to face a rabid pit bull on Saturday. They coming to f*ck sh*t up. We have to be ready for a dogfight
  15. Rush 4 wth an attacking spy. The pocket will collapse and once escapes initial pressure the spy needs to be chasing after him. If he decides to stay home the spy needs to be like a free safety but in the hooks and just flow with his eyes.
  16. The best Sanu video is still from training camp when he juked the DB and called him stupid at the same time lmao. Talk about insult to injury. I love playing pick up games against guys like that cuz even though they give you so much crap when they beat you, you know that they will give you props if you do your thing in return and it's all respect at the end of the day.
  17. G** D*mnit I love Molly Q!!! She has been defending us all season long man. I remember when TI went in First Take and Stephen A tried to bait him in to predicting a Super Bowl or bust type deal for us and TI was too smart to fall for it, Molly was like finally someone says something smart in this show. She has always been fair when it comes to us. Max gave props which is cool and Stephen A does what we expect him to do. Now that the Cowboys are out we are his last target of hate and angression so be ready. But that Molly.... I freaking love that woman. Why did Jalen Rose have to get with her lol
  18. His personality is a great compliment to Julio. Standing next to each other they look like twins but Julio is quiet and probably the best athlete on the field at all times yet he takes so much punishment and little nicks that add up and nag him. Sanu is mad vocal and physically he is looking to dish out punishment which keeps guys from punishing him as much. Its like the bash brothers from Mighty Ducks. Julio is Fulton, quiet but everybody is afraid of him and Sanu is Portman, loud proud and ready to mix it up lol
  19. I don't know about you guys but I don't care about acknowledgement from anyone. I'm a Falcons fan because I love my city and this is our team and I get pure joy and excitement seeing us succeed. Anything anyone says about us good or bad doesn't change my experience as a fan. I don't need other people to like us just so I can feel better about liking us myself. You get what I'm saying? The fact is whether we go the distance or not we have had a historical season that is in the books and can't be erased. The only thing popularity gets you is pro bowls and a bunch of press awards that mean nothing outside of MVP. But at the end of the day what's an MVP matter if you don't win the big one? What I'm saying is, we could go out and win a thousand super bowls and people would still find a reason to hate. So don't even feed into it. Be confident in your fandom. Don't let anyone steal your joy.
  20. I feel you on that being the way it's probably going to play out. But I am really pulling for KC, I just like them as a team and I really REALLY want to see new blood in the Super Bowl. So sick of NE/PIT/and Peyton every single year. I love fresh faces. Imagine how pissed everyone would be to see a KC and Atlanta in the Super Bowl. I can see the media firestorm claiming that it was such a down year in the NFL and this matchup is the worst of all time blah blah blah lol Im so anti-sports establishment it's not even funny.
  21. If we're going to be that technical.... we are talking about numbers and not kids ages. 11 and 12 may not be teenagers but they certainly are teens. The etymology of the words eleven and twelve are derived from older cultures that used a base 12 numerical system. But modern day society and Americans count on a base ten system which means numbers repeat at 10. So all double digit numbers that start with a 1 which represents the number 10 ( so numbers 10-19) are all considered teens. The confusion many have is because the word teenager was coined much later in society to describe youth in the midst of puberty so 13 and up were called teenagers and ages 10-12 were considered pre-teens but make no mistake, from a strictly mathematical and/or counting definition, 11 and 12 are in fact teens. And if it makes it easier to remember just ignore the word "teen" and just think "ten" or "over ten". I.e. 1 over 10 = 11, 2 over 10 equals 12. The etymology is different but the math doesn't lie.
  22. Maybe it's just me fellow Falcons fans, but the moment Arizona kicked that field goal to beat the Seahawks I said to myself, "this is starting to feel like destiny." I mean just look at the what's happened to the field: Dallas, dependent on rookies and now Gregory suspended for the entire year GB, Nelson takes a nasty shot that will effect his mobility going forward if he plays NY, WRs go to Miami and OBJ has terrible game with 4 drops DET, Staffords injures finger and they lose 4 straight SEA, lost home field advantage and now lost Earl Thomas Then in the AFC, Oakland loses Carr and can't win a game without him, should've been the 2 seed and met NE in AFC Championship Houston, backed into playoffs thanks to Mariottas injury Miami, lost Tanehill Pittsburgh, Ben in walking boot, and coach Porter getting arrested for fighting at a bar after the game. For me, when Mariotta, Tanehill and Carr went down and I started thinking just how easy it is for something bad to happen to wash all of those dreams away. We've been very lucky with injuries so far, aside from losing Tamme and Trufant, and we're heading into the playoffs at near full strength. Then you look around the league and see the incidents popping up in NY and Dallas and now Pittsburgh. It brings back memories of Eugene Robinson and all of a sudden you start to think, we are one of the few teams left with no inside or outside drama, and with all of our relative health intact. We've got the seed we needed and now the 2 best opponents left in the NFC have to face each other before we do. The stars seem to be aligning for us. The only thing that can stop us is us. We just have to handle our business and do what we do. We don't need any lucky breaks, we aren't depending on anyone else, we just have to go out and do it. That my friends is all you could ask for. It's a strange place to be in as an Atlanta fan. To look out at the competition and be able to say and feel that you could beat anyone that's left and to really believe it. This is different. This could very well be our year. More and more it's starting to feel that way.
  23. I feel you but whether it's the Falcons or anyone else, to make it ALL the way to a title requires a little bit of luck. There is just so much that goes into winning and sometimes it comes down to a few inches here and a few there. Think about it. If Arizona misses that kick and loses to Seattle then they're the ones sitting at home getting healthy and we're the ones who just played and have to make the West coast trip and maybe we lose a guy to injury in the wildcard. There are so many variables that have to go your way. Some teams are so good and mentally tough that they can win despite anything and maybe that's us this year too. The fact remains though that everything that could go right down the stretch HAS. We're healthy, rested, still have our edge because we played hard down the stretch, no locker room drama or distractions, no pressure from high expectations and the brackets are in our favor. The rest is up to us. If we just handle our business and play the way we have been playing, we can beat anyone that's left. We don't need our A+++++ game because we've proven ourselves to be resilient enough without being perfect. A game yes, but nothing beyond that. Maintain balance on offense, don't lose the turnover battle, and get stops on defense. We do that and we are in good shape.
  24. I completely understand your thought process as I too tend to lay low and err on the side of caution. Low expectations = less disappointment. But there is something in the air. I still remember walking out the dome after the Carolina victory and hearing Panthers fans say "Yal going to the Suberbowl" it was so early in the year that I just smiled at the idea of it, but here we are. We have a real chance, as good as any we have ever had. And after the way our last playoff run ended in 2012 I can't help but think Mattyice is going to give us something else he has never shown before. I'm not scared, I'm not nervous. All the excuses for us to lose have been said for years. They don't matter anymore. We are that team that has nothing to lose cause we never had respect to begin with. But we are far from underdogs. We are a dangerous bunch and we have an edge unlike ever before. We may not be the biggest or baddest, but we are focused, united and hungry as ****. And that makes us very scary
  25. This would be awesome if we were able to bring a Lombardi home to the new stadium.