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  1. Trent Richardson was a better college rb against much better competition than Cook
  2. We tend to use a variety of different people. One of them is usually Beasley though.
  3. Correct, in nickel you take lb out and replace with a db
  4. Gotta look at both in my opinion. Which ones are great athletes with the tape to back it up. That being said. You can turn a great athlete into a good player. Doesn't work the other way around.
  5. I'm all for Reddick. But getting him wouldn't keep us from playing nickel majority of the time. That's just today's game. I think everyone can agree we'd rather a dB cover a receiver rather than a lb. We could disguise things more with Reddick. Put him and Beasley on opposite sides and you don't know which ones rushing and which ones covering. Or both rushing.
  6. Or because the other teams personnel dictates it
  7. But we play nickel more than "base".
  8. He plays the SAM every once in awhile but mostly he's lined up at DE on 2nd and 3rd down.
  9. I'd say you're bad at this
  10. So Bradberry only covered julio 5 times the whole game? And gave up 1 completion and a pass interference in those 5 attempts? It was Julios first game back from injury..he didn't play much because he was still hurt. When he did play he only ran a straight line because he couldn't cut on his hurt foot. Then once we got a big enough lead he got pulled from the game completely
  11. Don't forget the pass interference call either.
  12. Still had 60 yds on one foot. Let me know when Bradberry starts following him around the field though
  13. As soon as yall lose one game Cam will get rattled.