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  1. No dude, I think you are wrong. Most people wanted neck, including myself, but were ok with Mathews
  2. Did you actually think clausen was going to be good?
  3. If you'd watch the plays where Willis is asked to rush the passer instead of reading the tackle and maintaining his gap you'd see he is an athletic pass rusher with good get off and good bend.
  4. There are alot of people who failed tests in college but do well in the pros. He hasn't had any issues in over a year and has been very open and honest about everything from what I can tell. The thing with Gregory is that he actually failed a test at the combine. That to me is a major red flag. You know you're going to be tested at the combine and still fail...not good
  5. Saban doesn't coach the offense...besides telling the oc to run the ball more and don't do dumb stuff he's hands off.
  6. Good cause Reuben is the one that will headbutt anyone in the face if they cause distractions. At least that's what he did at Alabama. If he somehow was there at our pick it's a no brainer. Fast and physical all day long.
  7. Foster is a leader on and off the field. He had one incident with a dude with a smart mouth. He didn't fall out of a window from smoking synthetic weed
  8. Yes, he instantly makes us the top 3 defense
  9. He's also super intense though. He was the guy that when younger players were getting too emotional or started talking too much trash to apposing players, he'd be the one to headbutt them in the face, tell em to shut up and get their head back in the game.
  10. What happened to our original 2nd rounder?
  11. Trent Richardson was a better college rb against much better competition than Cook
  12. We tend to use a variety of different people. One of them is usually Beasley though.
  13. Correct, in nickel you take lb out and replace with a db
  14. Gotta look at both in my opinion. Which ones are great athletes with the tape to back it up. That being said. You can turn a great athlete into a good player. Doesn't work the other way around.
  15. I'm all for Reddick. But getting him wouldn't keep us from playing nickel majority of the time. That's just today's game. I think everyone can agree we'd rather a dB cover a receiver rather than a lb. We could disguise things more with Reddick. Put him and Beasley on opposite sides and you don't know which ones rushing and which ones covering. Or both rushing.