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  1. Good read, and I agree. That first ten yards is far more important than the rest when it comes to applying directly to the prospect's on field ability.
  2. One of the most well laid out points I've ever read. Respect.
  3. I like the Anderson pick. I haven't heard much about him yet tbh.
  4. I really like Kittle's aggressive blocking. His athletic profile is impressive too.
  5. Happy birthday!
  6. I like him too. The only thing they need to be careful with is thinking of him as JJ's brother. He needs to stand on his own merit, which I believe he can. His traits and skill set are absolutely worth considering for this defense.
  7. He's a decent fit overall for what Dan is building on defense. Not sure he's a can't miss guy, but we could do worse for sure. I like him.
  8. He's clearly a pro bowl caliber talent at minimum. The fact that he survived the season with the way he plays is very impressive in itself. Love this kid.
  9. I agree. As long as this man is willing to play I want him around
  10. Can Forrest run?
  11. As helpful as that was it was still unnecessary.
  12. This would make everything so much better.
  13. I actually view Dalvin Cook as the closer comp.
  14. Happy birthday KOG. Hope you and your family enjoy it.
  15. I 100021% agree. I think he had one of the absolute best games in Falcons history. He dang near doubled his career sack total that game. Tied the record. Etc... I think Jarrett is a legit threat to hit double digit sacks this coming season. Watching him play is so fun. Becoming hard not to lately. He's so incredibly hard to keep engaged in a block. If he can hit a big pro bowl year sure it's a breakout. I just don't think the league will be surprised.
  16. It's all about context for me. Great athleticism certainly correlates with a players potential. It just doesn't guaruntee it singlehandedly. Great athletes can come with very poor work ethics. In fact I'm pretty confident there's a correlation there as well. Just like practically everything else in life it comes down to moderation. Moderation and context.
  17. Happy birthday!
  18. Sounds about right. I remember my 2nd Easter Sunday here in Colorado and there was a brief moment when there was bright beautiful sunshine with perfect snow flakes falling while it's not even below freezing outside. The weather out here really can have it's moments.
  19. Visiting the family? I think you came when we had some nice weather. Unless you were in a windy area because dang does it get windy here.
  20. Ok everybody, for some reason the forum settings got all screwed up. As we can see very clearly guest members were temporarily able to post here in the hawks forum. Unfortunately it didn't take long before somebody decided it was worth devoting all their time to creating multiple logins. Lol.... either way it shouldn't be a problem now. Please let me know if it happens again. Sidenote: thank you to everybody who didn't allow the trolling to lure you into an ugly scene. I appreciate that.
  21. EVERYBODY needs to stop the personal attacks and insults. It doesn't matter who you are or who it is that you're insulting. It's got to stop. Regardless of what the topic is. Whether it's about football, politics or care bears. Insulting somebody because of an opposing opinion is the absolute WORST way to get your point across. The second people start flinging mud any chance at progress in dialogue comes to an abrupt halt. I know that I'm not saying anything you guys don't already know. So let's just avoid the need for further moderation in a good forum. I just really don't want to be forced into policing petty back and forth petulance. If somebody chooses to utilize offensive or demeaning language please don't validate it by returning the favor.
  22. I'm pretty confident the nfc South was already thinking oh crap well before Poe joined.
  23. Short is a good player sure, but he is in no way shape or form deserving of being put side by side with Aaron Donald. Donald and JJ Watt..... then comes everybody else. Heck I'd take a few others ahead of Short too. Of course Tampa, New Orleans and Carolina don't like this at all. Even without Poe they were certainly playing scared last year. It just got a lot more difficult for nfc south o lineman to get a hat on our linebackers. Call it what you want, they've got their hands full. They still haven't even caught up to the pre Poe Falcons.
  24. I give a lot of that credit to the scheme. Both his father Mike and Kubiak have been running those same exact concepts for years. That said I still agree that Kyle is a gifted play caller. I think he was great overall play calling wise. Certainly not without flaws, but it's pretty silly to not give him that much credit.
  25. Yea in the end his decision to play here is in his best interest. Even if he were to hypothetically make a lot less here on a one year deal it's still more financially beneficial for him. Playing time, coaching and everything else he's going to be much better off this time next year.