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  1. Why even go there op?
  2. That's basically where my mind went right after seeing us draft Duke Riley. I especially love the idea of having Campbell lining up over the tight end where he can be used to jam/ press/re-route etc giving our defense the ability to disrupt the timing of the offense as much as possible. Then as you pointed out, having the option to pass the tight end off to Jones is going to be very fun to watch. Campbell just might end up becoming a far more important asset than a lot of people realize.
  3. How do you feel about Campbell playing some at slb?
  4. This is why I actually buy it when Quinn mentions that he doesn't ever regret us being aggressive minded. Heck that is what got them to that point on the first place. The problem is that regardless of how aggressive your philosophies are there's never any excuse to not take context into account. Situational football. Mike Smith would've made **** sure that we kick a fg in that situation. The problem is that he just would've never gotten us far enough to be in that situation to begin with. Dan Quinn will adapt. It's what he does.
  5. Which is how life works I guess. It's naive to think money is going to be any less important for the players but I care about what's on the field the most. My guess is chemistry is a positive trait to have. We shall see.
  6. In general money is the overriding factor and that's obvious. Still, creating a positive culture that resonates and putting together a locker room with players that develop real chemistry can only benefit the on field product. That's pretty tough to argue with. If a player moves on to another team, that doesn't automatically mean they can't still be brothers in REAL life.
  7. I'm not very excited about the idea. The guy just got done getting paid to not play for too long.
  8. There are just too many ways for these types of deals to be structured. If there's mutual interest I think it'll get done.
  9. Lol The very end of that is funny.
  10. The entire unit improved collectively. Dan Quinn certainly knew the right buttons to push calling the plays, but there was a massive growth spurt throughout the defense at that point too. It all goes hand in hand imo.
  11. This is a big part of why I'm so glad they brought Poe in. I'm glad that as the Falcons went further and further Hageman played better. The question is was that an epiphany for his career? Or was it him playing at a level we could/should have seen much more of by now? The changes in coaching might help some in finding out.
  12. The only position I could see them prioritizing enough to make a move is right guard. I'm not even sure that'll happen though. Other than that I don't think they need to be very active other than churning the back end of the roster for camp purposes and due diligence.
  13. Everybody needs to lose the name calling.
  14. For me looking forward is the only thing that helps.
  15. The only problem I have with this is that it seems imply that Matt can't be an important piece to that subversive play calling. Those patterns that are established to set the defense up aren't necessarily ruined or less effective when Matt calls audibles at the line. I would hope they'd have those concepts built into the audible gamelan when the offense was installed. Heck that concept is pretty much what the entire zone scheme/ bootleg offense is predicated on. They better have it in mind.
  16. I can see both sides of the coin with this discussion. I have no fear when it comes to the cowboys defense. That said, I do think Caponine has a valid point as well. With the cowboys offense as capable as they are at controlling the clock and protecting their own defense from over exposure, the thought of them adding a successful pass rusher who relentlessly pursues the ball is certainly not a great one. Not for opposing teams at least.
  17. What if the decision to not run the ball was doing just that? What if the injuries were exactly why he didn't run the ball? I'm not implying I know one way or another. It's just a thought.
  18. The sooner the better. That's how it's done.
  19. I actually love the idea of using him at slb. That would provide so many options when defending tight ends and sending occasional blitzes. I also think Campbell is an ideal candidate to reroute and disrupt tight ends at the line of scrimmage. His length should allow him to effectively jam tight ends when needed.
  20. Great post and I agree. The term "fast and physical" isn't even close to being a motto or cliche. It's engrained into this team's dna at this point. It shows up on the field and in the front office. Those ct scores are important too. It's also pretty clear that the coaching staff's philosophy is heavily influenced by this. They appear to have done a great job at getting these players to be free and instinctive when it matters. That's a lot easier said than done.
  21. More than Mike Smith.
  22. Welcome soccer fans and Atlanta fans alike. Here's to a very direct and quick path to hoisting the Cup!
  23. Don't take the bait Nuck.
  24. It's no surprise that the fan base is emotional and/or overreacting. The part I don't get is how some seem to be missing the main factors that make this guy a wonderful fit. I felt going into the off season that our team needed more crazy. I didn't necessarily think it had to be a stud or first round pick. I just felt like if we could inject our roster with even just a few uber passionate players who resonate with and embody Quinn's message on the field it would upgrade the entire roster across the board. In more ways than one too. This guy is going to be a source of energy and motivation for a long time for our young talented defense. I also think combining Takk's crazy *** relentless energy and Quinn's ability to develop and inspire players will result in a selection that has a relatively low chance to bust. This was a very safe pick that still comes with great upside. Yet again, people who can't help but react emotionally will be humbled before long. Jmo