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  1. Good read, and I agree. That first ten yards is far more important than the rest when it comes to applying directly to the prospect's on field ability.
  2. One of the most well laid out points I've ever read. Respect.
  3. I like the Anderson pick. I haven't heard much about him yet tbh.
  4. I really like Kittle's aggressive blocking. His athletic profile is impressive too.
  5. Happy birthday!
  6. I like him too. The only thing they need to be careful with is thinking of him as JJ's brother. He needs to stand on his own merit, which I believe he can. His traits and skill set are absolutely worth considering for this defense.
  7. He's a decent fit overall for what Dan is building on defense. Not sure he's a can't miss guy, but we could do worse for sure. I like him.
  8. He's clearly a pro bowl caliber talent at minimum. The fact that he survived the season with the way he plays is very impressive in itself. Love this kid.
  9. I agree. As long as this man is willing to play I want him around
  10. Can Forrest run?
  11. As helpful as that was it was still unnecessary.
  12. This would make everything so much better.
  13. I actually view Dalvin Cook as the closer comp.
  14. Happy birthday KOG. Hope you and your family enjoy it.
  15. I 100021% agree. I think he had one of the absolute best games in Falcons history. He dang near doubled his career sack total that game. Tied the record. Etc... I think Jarrett is a legit threat to hit double digit sacks this coming season. Watching him play is so fun. Becoming hard not to lately. He's so incredibly hard to keep engaged in a block. If he can hit a big pro bowl year sure it's a breakout. I just don't think the league will be surprised.