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  1. Don't take the bait Nuck.
  2. It's no surprise that the fan base is emotional and/or overreacting. The part I don't get is how some seem to be missing the main factors that make this guy a wonderful fit. I felt going into the off season that our team needed more crazy. I didn't necessarily think it had to be a stud or first round pick. I just felt like if we could inject our roster with even just a few uber passionate players who resonate with and embody Quinn's message on the field it would upgrade the entire roster across the board. In more ways than one too. This guy is going to be a source of energy and motivation for a long time for our young talented defense. I also think combining Takk's crazy *** relentless energy and Quinn's ability to develop and inspire players will result in a selection that has a relatively low chance to bust. This was a very safe pick that still comes with great upside. Yet again, people who can't help but react emotionally will be humbled before long. Jmo
  3. While i do think Quinn has a good eye for talent I honestly believe that is secondary to his coaching and philosophical approach. His ability to connect with the players on multiple levels seems to be insulating these picks on the d line especially. I bring up the philosophical side of it because that is a HUGE part of this equation. The way Quinn and the front office collaborate is night and day compared to how it used to be. There's a very clear plan that places a premium on athleticism and toughness. That toughness is important though because it includes perseverance and coacability in my eyes. Players can have rough edges and weaknesses. As long as they have plus athleticism and a rock solid football mentality Quinn will take care of the rest.
  4. If there's a way to accomplish that get it done. One of the most exciting parts about drafting another edge guy is knowing Quinn will be there to actually develop and coach. I will be happy if Baker is the pick. I like him as a prospect on multiple levels. Sill... at the end of the day if Quinn is confident that we can have an explosive pass rushing duo for the foreseeable future you get it done. That's just my opinion. The way I see it, if things go well enough for us going forward we're probably not going to get a real shot at a stud pass rusher for a while.
  5. That's the same exact response I had initially.
  6. He's pretty hard to evaluate for me.
  7. I don't know enough about the kid. What parts about his game do you not like?
  8. I was looking for this response. Assuming the actual deal would be a little less than that, it's still very far from free. I also think that would be an unnecessary risk to the current flow with Freeman and Coleman. It's not like we're talking about taking carries and snaps away from your typical nfl running backs either. Free and Coleman could both easily start for a large percentage of teams in the league. Sometimes the best moves are the ones you don't make.
  9. That's actually kinda interesting. Just taking your word for it here, but that's impressive.
  10. Did you ever come across what the average is for playoff teams? I'm just curious. I'm assuming there's a relatively solid correlation between playoff success and staying healthy.
  11. Isn't it amazing how fast people forget this as soon as it doesn't fit a narrative? Going into the season that's all the negative Nancys could talk about.
  12. Fair enough. That's totally possible. I'd have to take a look at who hits the market next year. I know with Bouye getting nearly 14 million you could already argue Trufant as a relative bargain considering Bouye has really only had one season of legit top tier play. I love what I saw from Bouye too. One of my favorites at the position without a doubt, but Trufant has proven his meddle ever since he walked into the building.
  13. A year from now the deal will already look like a relatively low cost contract. Just like Ryan's deal and Julio's deal. These guys are also the type of players who won't go awol as soon as they get their big pay day.
  14. Alford has shown that he can play inside when called upon. This is a good problem to have. Sometimes I feel like it's easy to over complicate these things. Trufant is a great, young, proven homegrown talent. This team should be focused on keeping and hoarding these types of talents. Not trading them away. Sometimes it really is that simple.
  15. I'm a big meat and potatoes kinda guy.