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  1. That was 2015 season. They have not revealed 2016's top 100 yet Never mind, I'm dumb too
  2. Sib Hashian - Drummer for "Boston" Dude died DURING a gig!!!!
  3. WOW! RIP - Thank you for the Bulls teams you built while I was in my high school years! It was a fun time to grow up in Chicago!
  4. But then again, No ONE ever saw Chuck Berry AND Chuck Barris in the same room together!?!?
  5. YOU JINXED HIM!!!!! He just died for real!
  6. "...and then the Doctor says "Rectum?? Damm near killed 'em!!!"
  7. Would you rather pay money to Dimarco and not be able to extend Freeman or lose Dimarco and have money for Free?
  8. You guys are right! My bad.
  9. That's a huge IF! The injury bug rarely stays away from an NFL team 2 years in a row!
  10. Maybe we'll be able to hold on and win this time!?!?!?
  11. The short answer is NO. A quick Google search for the NFL policy on uniform changes lead to this... Feel Free to simply read the bolded info. At the very least you need to give the league notice by March 1st of the year prior to which you want a uniform change and must then obtain approval by December 1st of the year prior to the change. Here is the procedure to change uniforms: NFL Constitution and Bylaws Article XIX 19.9 (D) No club shall have the right to make changes in its club colors and/or in the designs of its team helmets or uniforms except in accordance with the following provisions: (1) Absent specific extenuating circumstances as determined by the Commissioner, if a club desires to make any changes in club colors, uniform appearance, designs of team helmets, designs of team uniforms, trademarks, or trade names, it must give written notice and details thereof to the League on or before March 1 of the year prior to the year in which it wishes to change; must comply with the uniform change notification and approval timeline as established by the League office and amended from time to time; and further must obtain approval from the League pursuant to Section 19.9(D)(2) by December 1 of the year prior to the year in which it wishes to change; otherwise it shall have no right to make any change for the succeeding season. (2) Despite the provisions of the foregoing sub-paragraph (1) of this Section 19.9(D) and despite the fact that notice was given of the proposed change in the colors and/or designs of team helmet and uniforms as above set out, should such change, in the opinion of the Commissioner, result in any conflict with the club colors and/or helmet and uniform designs of any other club, and the clubs involved are unable to agree upon a method of solving such conflict, the Commissioner shall have the right to designate the club colors and/or the designs of the team helmet or uniforms to be used by the affected clubs in such season. 2002 Resolution G-3 Third, be it Further Resolved, that a Club may not change its regular home and away uniforms more than once every five NFL seasons, and may not change its third uniform design more than once every five NFL seasons, absent specific extenuating circumstances (e.g., Club ownership change or relocation) as determined by the Commissioner.
  12. Yeah, I realized, after I wrote it, that it sounded like I was bagging on you and your Panthers. Was aimed at the Saints fans. My bad. If there's two things that Falcons fans and Panthers fans can agree on it's 1) Saints suck & 2) Sam Mills was a monster - RIP
  13. Saints fans have been saying this for the past 5 years! 7-9, 7-9, 7-9
  14. In DQ & TD I trust!!!!