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  1. Family leaves heartwarming note for NFL player after flight By Kelly McCleary, CNN Updated 5:35 PM ET, Sat April 22, 2017 (CNN)After weeks of nightmare flight delays, battered passengers and near-brawls, a heartwarming story is descending from the friendly skies. Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu tweeted a photo of a note he received from fellow passengers on a recent flight. The family thanked Sanu for setting a positive example for their son. The note's author says the family's 10-year-old son sat behind Sanu while traveling to train for an elite hockey team. The boy took note of the professional athlete studying his playbook, making healthy food choices and being polite to everyone, the family wrote. The note's author thanks Sanu for being an inspiration to their athlete-in-training. "You are an inspiration to children and for that you should be proud!" the note reads. Sanu wrote on Twitter that the note "definitely put a smile on my face." The Atlanta Falcons weighed in on Twitter, calling Sanu "a role model both on and off the field."
  2. Who knew that Heath Evans is actually a Raiders fan!
  3. I've actually wondered this! Thanks for posting.
  4. Aaron Hernandez just hanged himself in his cell!
  5. Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter 11 minutes ago Aaron Hernandez committed suicide - statement from prison
  6. I predict that they trade out of the first round and pick up Rivers early in the second.
  7. Too bad Allen and Solomon will be Loooooong gone by the time we pick. (Regardless of where we pick. Both going early)
  8. The inner circles of the NFL know what's up!! Coach Quinn and crew are not messin around! Love the part when they remind us that Cam Newton said that he never watched tape of his Super Bowl 50 loss, while DQ has watched LI 10 times already!!
  9. Conspiracy Theorists Unite!!! This dude (might be a TATF'er) says that yesterday's I-85 collapse was a "ritual" for the Falcons and will propel them into Super Bowl 53! Coincidently (or not as it may be,) the collapse comes exactly 53 days AFTER our Super Bowl loss. This dude puts in some work!! I don't subscribe to this kind of thinking...but it does make ya wonder! So there you have it!!! Falcons will go to Super Bowl 53!! What do you guys think?!?!?!
  10. Love this team!! Love this Owner!! Reset!!! Move Forward!
  11. That was 2015 season. They have not revealed 2016's top 100 yet Never mind, I'm dumb too
  12. Sib Hashian - Drummer for "Boston" Dude died DURING a gig!!!!