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  1. I like the offensive changes, especially the ability to audible into a different play, but the RPO scares me with only 2 healthy QB's, neither of whom are runners. I'd like to see more of the Wild Dawg formation personally and more pistol formation.
  2. Wouldn't it be nice if someday, other schools were playing catchup to our facilities. I read today where a 2019 DE recruit from Kentucky was quoted as saying he couldn't believe how small our weight room is. Sadly, none of this will change until McCheapity is gone.
  3. Seems like Darnell Jeffries is trending toward Clemscum. We better not let the top DT go out of state again!
  4. I wish we would go after Buzz Williams at Va Tech. Doubt he would come, but I really like him. Get him at the right school and he could win big.
  5. I can't imagine us not offering the brother also.
  6. Yes, he has turned out to be an awful hire. Full disclosure though, when he was hired I thought he would be great. Checked all of the boxes as a hire for success, imo. With our overall athletic programs dismal performances, it points back to the Athletic Dept and a lack of support.
  7. Coaching makes a huge difference. You never hear of Fox coaching up his team to win a big game.
  8. Dawgs have 2 chances to beat UK today. Slim and None and Slim just left town on the 11:00 stage coach.
  9. Let mediocrity reign supreme!
  10. Will need to beat UT and UK to have a chance at the tourney. Not even sure they beat UT and for sure won't beat UK. Meanwhile, watch out for Auburn next season, Pearl is coming into Atlanta and convincing 5 star players to come to the Barn while we can't seem to do the same. It's gonna be tough watching Auburn win championships with Georgia kids, meanwhile we out of state to sign 2 and 3 star recruits. Pathetic
  11. Yeah, we are stuck with Fox for at least 1 more year. It kills me to think that Mike White wanted to come to Athens, but no one had the stones to fire Fox. Now, White will have the Turds in the Dance every year and become a power again
  12. Yeah, I hate to nitpick, but I thought the same thing about the video board. Of course, having one if not the smallest video boards in the conference in Sanford, I'm not surprised.
  13. Good for him. I think he is a good guy and a good db coach. DB coach is where his ceiling is, imo.
  14. There was a reason we didn't fight hard to keep him in-state.
  15. It would be so Fox-like to follow-up the hard-fought road win with a loss at home to an inferior opponent.