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  1. I agree....we need to beef up offensive line. POE signing on defense sums up this move.
  2. Yap...that was really bonehead play by Freeman I mean comeon man wtf you are assigned to do on pass play....who the eff are you blocking??!!! Anyway, hiring of Sarkisian means 2 main things 1) Matt Ryan is THE BOSS on offense just like Peyton Manning did. 2) Dan Quinn him will have overall total control on defense from day 1 Barring major injuries, not sure how many teams wants to face us in playoffs.
  3. Agree! As much is on Shanny .....the blame goes all around including Freeman, Jake Matthews , Matt Ryan for making bonehead mistakes at pivotal game changing moments.
  4. You are not alone....he will be the best in next 3 years!! His overall IQ & passion for football is unmatched.
  5. If Im Dimitroff & D.Q .......we will move up and get Jonathan Allen. Theres NO effin way we should pass on him!! This trade will mirror exactly like Julio Jones move. Flame me away now! Lol!!
  6. I was there behind falcons bench and it happened right after Colemans injury....they started stacking up the box to make us one dimensional....and him & Freeman were really frustrated.
  7. All will be in dust....once we start piling up w
  8. Hugh gives a shyt!!!
  9. Shede is gonna shred everyone apart!!!
  10. Undefeated!!!!
  11. Ita all about money!! & we aint got what he needs....theres no room for greed on this roster!! We can and will find value in draft.....eff Poe!!
  12. He was playin Tom effin brady!! Fact that he got a pick 6 on him on a biggest stage .....makes him an elite CB!!
  13. He is.....we are just desperate!!
  14. We are still in hangover mode!! By signing up drunk O.C without any legit experience in NFl!! It was blatantly obvious
  15. I agree....these young clowns think they are big shyt!!! Eff him!!!