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  1. All will be in dust....once we start piling up w
  2. Hugh gives a shyt!!!
  3. Shede is gonna shred everyone apart!!!
  4. Undefeated!!!!
  5. Ita all about money!! & we aint got what he needs....theres no room for greed on this roster!! We can and will find value in draft.....eff Poe!!
  6. He was playin Tom effin brady!! Fact that he got a pick 6 on him on a biggest stage .....makes him an elite CB!!
  7. He is.....we are just desperate!!
  8. We are still in hangover mode!! By signing up drunk O.C without any legit experience in NFl!! It was blatantly obvious
  9. I agree....these young clowns think they are big shyt!!! Eff him!!!
  10. You know walk away from a superbowl bound team...a legit contender! Especially, when you have tremendous value to a team in new year. And you still, dont sign up because of $$$$$ know what?!! Eff him!!!! We got there without him....and still can!! Mark my words guys this is good..for falcons!
  11. Nope not before,Trufant, Freeman & Ryans contracts are dealt with.1 year prove it deal is a smart move. Win - Win situation
  12. Thats official signing paper work meetings and to address media. Deal is done!! Welcome to Atlanta Poe!!!
  13. Feed the beast!!!
  14. EFF those Cheese heads!!! We will carve em yet again real nice!
  15. there are times things have to be done in formal way....which makes his agents position better. Poe knows in his mind where he has the best shot to get a ring.