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  1. This offseason - Patriots have added players who scored a combined 28 touchdowns from scrimmage last season -- Mike Gillislee (9), Brandin Cooks (8), Dwayne Allen (6), Andrew Hawkins (3) and Rex Burkhead (2) -- which is the most for any defending Super Bowl champion in the following offseason in the last 15 years. Also, on defense they retain Butler & added a veteran CB from Buffalo. Thats beyond sickening!!! How does league allow this year after year? They always have the ****tiest division record and get in to playoffs mostly with home field advantage. And now with above lethal signings.....we have our hands full. 2 big weapons we lost were Aldrige & Tamme both had ZERO drops in entire season. We added Poe & Takk on it but, on paper still we dont have the strength on defensive side to stop them. I EFFIN LOATHE PATRIOTS!!!!!!
  2. Only thing I liked about was that, how they are locked in our divsion foes. Period!! Nothing beyond that matters at this point. Win division......& light em all in playoffs.
  3. Overall, if hes on field theres NO way opponnents don't have a game plan for him. Even at this age, he can be disruptive on rotational plays.
  4. Absolutely! We need him as mentor for sure...Takk can definitely benefit & Beasley can go wild !!
  5. So what??!!
  6. 4 are home sweating here!!!
  7. Sanu will be Top 3 WR in NFL. Will take any wager!
  8. #beastmode He will be TOP 3 WR this year...
  9. Pot is legalized. I get it.
  10. Dont forget Crawford , Jarett & Clayborn.....Takk still needs time.
  11. Who cares as long as our entire WR corp is getting production. Julio is the last person to look at all these # Also, nobody gets covered more than Julio in red zone...its a fact. So, Matty Ice has to find whoever is open and make opponents pay!
  12. Not just run at 4.5 but, actually make situational instinctive game changing plays. Thats the key...theres plenty of speed and size in NFL. But, no one can surpass the Grit our team has.
  13. This guy will be a starter in 2017. Yes, I called it first.
  14. Where were Freeman & Grady picked in draft?? Trust DQ & TD ....we got the guys we were hoping and planned to get. Simple! They might not be flashiest characters but, they fit our teams C.T scan level and fit the system. Now its up to coaches how to best place them in situations so they can excel with whatever skill sets they possess.
  15. If Crawford & Clayborn raise their out!!!