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  1. George Kittle is a good tight end. He is probably the best blocker in this class and is very underrated as a pass catcher. He was banged up most last year so that hurt his production and also Iowa sucks. Trust me I watch them every Saturday. Kittle is really good in the red zone
  2. Cause people were way too scared to throw at him his senior year. They just avoided his side all together. So basically he had half the field locked down. Why give that up?
  3. People have no idea how good king is. Trust me I've watched every game he's ever played. He is a stud. Ball hawk, return man, sure tackler. I think we have bigger needs, but I wouldn't be made if we took king there.
  4. I'm not mad at it at all. Would be very happy
  5. Knowing this is a "different take" on a mock I think it's fine. Like the 2nd and 3rd round guys. Not sure we need another corner. I think Rico is fine and getting better so it's hard to get excited about a safety for me. However I definitely want a pass rusher in the first. I actually want to double dip at pass rusher. I don't expect anything from Shelby at all after the injury. Thought he was just okay before. Same thing for Clayborn (even though I love him from his Iowa days) I just want to get younger and faster. Keep adding pieces to pair with Beasley
  6. AP

    We have no money and we have a better running back than him. (At this point in his career)
  7. I really think we have to go pass rusher round 1
  8. I think we can do much better
  9. I usually don't get too worried about the money either. However I think we are going to be in a bit of trouble coming up in the next couple years. When you think about it we really do not having any major contracts expiring in the next 2 years except Poe. We got big money tied up right now in Ryan, Mack, Sanu, Julio. Schraeder, and Alford. We currently have basically little to no cap space. The team wants to lock up Trufant, Freeman, Matthews, and then you have to keep in mind Beasley will coming due after that and I promise you that isn't going to be cheap. I know that we have been in good cap standing the past few years. But now some of our draft products are ready to be paid. It's just something to think about
  10. That's a real good start KOG. I can't imagine the damage that Reddick and Beasley could do on stunts together on passing downs.
  11. I said in the original post that I think TD will end up signing him. I don't dispute that. My point, and the entire point of the post was simply posing the question of is Jake Matthews worth a big time contract? Again I will reitterate that I think he is a solid average NFL starter. I just don't think he is a top 5 stud player at his position. However despite what many of you think he is going to want to get paid like he is. (See what Kalil just got) On top of that I will state again that there is only so much money to go around on a team. We have many large contracts and more players to sign such as Matthews, Ryan, Trufant, and Freeman. All 3 of those players are far more valuable to me than Jake Matthews. I think Matthews could be replaced in a normal draft (not this year) by a rookie Left tackle. I do not hate Jake Matthews. I just simply do not think he is that great. If he signs a deal like an average Left Tackle in the league I will be thrilled. I just don't see it happening. Lastly people need to stop with the "Why discuss something we have no control over?" garbage. In case any of you are not aware NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON on this board has any control over what happens with this team. That is why it is called a message board. For fans like us to talk about situations and scenarios with the team. I mean using this logic we need not discuss Free Agency, the draft, or literally anything else.