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  1. I know. I may have to watch the entire next season on MUTE.
  2. Hahah. Oh PLEASE let that happen.
  3. "I went to Atlanta to cover Jones' big day, and I blew it worse than the Falcons. The Falcons, of course, lost the Super Bowl a few months ago to the Patriots in a way that made all of Atlanta take a walk into the shame cave. Atlanta lost the big game like no other team has lost it, allowing the Patriots to engineer the greatest Super Bowl comeback anyone has ever seen." Sigh. While I've moved on with life, I don't think I will ever, EVER be able to think about Super Bowl 51, see a highlight, or read something like the above without having some feelings. At least those feelings now are just agitation and frustration and longing for what could have / should have been, rather than pure rage and depression like right after the game. Progress.
  4. We closed the old Dome's regular season by beating the Saints. I would be perfectly content to open the new one in the same fashion.
  5. I've watched the NFCCG numerous times. As far as I and my mental health are concerned, that's the end of the season. There was confetti, there was a trophy. Yup. Ended there.
  6. I see what ya did there.
  7. DiMarco's comments are fine imo. He didn't say anything disparaging about the Falcons. But **** if it hasn't ALREADY gotten old to read "epic meltdown" in any article connected to anything about our team.
  8. It's been a month and I feel exactly like Quinn said he feels at the combine - "I'm past it, I'm not over it, probably never will be." I've moved past it. My job has had some great things happening, I just had an incredible weekend at a family wedding being a bridesmaid for my cousin/best friend ... I've got some travels coming up this month. Life is good. I'm not over it and never will be. Any time I've dreamed of a Falcons Super Bowl, I dreamed of beating the Patriots and shutting up all the arrogant fans in Boston I have to live around. For 3 quarters, that dream was coming true. It seriously felt magical. Then it got spectacularly blown up and now the Pats fans around me are even more arrogant and unbearable. As a fan, I'm not going to get over that, even when we win one. But ...... I can look at and wear all my Falcons gear again without feeling any pangs, I am excited for the April schedule release (my mom now lives in Atlanta so definitely planning on some trips down for some games) and for the draft. I can even think back on what we accomplished last season with a smile. It ended in the most devastating fashion imaginable, but if you had told me at the beginning of the year that we'd be the defending conference champions, have the NFL MVP, and would be in overtime in the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots, I would have told you to get your head checked out. It was a **** of a season and I think great things are ahead. Life goes on!
  9. Quinn got us to the Super Bowl and dominated Brady for 3 quarters until the defense was simply too gassed to keep up any longer. I blame Quinn for not overriding Shanny. I sure don't blame him for our post-bye week defense.
  10. Quinn would never say, "Our new defensive coordinator isn't going to call our defense." Expect him to be HEAVILY involved.
  11. Perfectly said. I knew, KNEW we were going to win this particular game. I have never felt that way about any other Falcons game ever, not even the ones against supposedly "lesser" teams (not because I don't believe in our guys, just because any given Sunday). But this time, I knew. It was the last game in OUR house. And winning it meant closing the house as conference champions for only the second time in franchise history. And there was never a doubt in my mind. The total destruction of Green Bay (something I had NOT anticipated) was just the proverbial icing on the cake. What followed was utterly devastating, but it doesn't eclipse or ruin this memory for me. It was the PERFECT close to the Georgia Dome and I'm with you - the only memory that can now beat it is winning it all.
  12. Actually the irony is, if Smitty could have stepped in to be our coach for JUST the fourth quarter, we'd be holding some hardware. No way in **** that dude passes on 2nd and 11 at the 23.
  13. Agreed. There were many board members whose rants were more colorful and funny.
  14. We win the division and then lose away in the first round? That's a trick.
  15. Oh I remember that well. 'Twas a glorious evening.