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  1. "They had a chance to land the edge rusher their beleaguered defense so desperately needed, and they allowed the hated Atlanta Falcons to beat them to the punch." "Yet, instead of going to get him, the Saints sat on their hands and watched their archrivals snatch him from under their noses." I seriously am beaming from ear to ear reading that article. Man I hate the Saints. Don't worry, Brees, you'll still have a chance to get real up close and personal with Takk.
  2. Ha. I wouldn't have complained at all if we had the 32nd (and equivalent) picks. But as it is? Yup, it sucks.
  3. I had every intention of watching our draft pick. I watched the draft through Pick 20 and then woke up like an hour later on my couch. (It's been one **** of a work week, though I still can't believe I fell asleep that close to our pick.) When I heard that our draft pick had "gone off" and was cursing on live TV, I was not at all happy and wondering what the front office had gotten us into. Then I actually WATCHED the clip ... And I got fired up. Yeah, he was going off. About how he'd fulfilled a promise. About how he's going to go hunting for some opposing quarterbacks. About how he'd achieved his dream. You can teach media presence. You can't teach love for family or raw passion for the game. I'm likin' this guy already. And amazing post, Tandy. Getting all teary over here.
  4. Love DQ starting at :53. He is HYPED for this pick.
  5. I still believe this is the guy who's going to bring the Falcons their first ring.
  6. I've GOT to find a way to let go of the fact that we basically already had that ring in hand and do what the team is doing, focus on what's ahead. Because I agree with you. This is a team that can win it all.
  7. Not quite that cool. My mom and I have both been huge sports fans our whole lives - she actually ran the Baltimore Orioles spring training in Fort Lauderdale for most of my childhood. But somehow neither of us ever had an NFL team. So when I came to live at home after graduating BC (and we'd both spent years watching Ryan there), we decided to buy NFL Sunday Ticket and see how his rookie year went. But neither of us can go halfway with sports and we both knew the entire team by the end of that rookie year. We bought The Ticket again for my second year at home and were hooked. Then I moved back to Boston and ever since it's our Sunday tradition to text each other incessantly throughout games. It's actually the best way we stay in touch. So not quite as cool as your scenario, but still pretty **** awesome.
  8. He already did! Saw a bunch of tweets about it awhile back. Man, I was in South Florida last week. Missed 'em by mere days. I would have done some serious team stalking. My mom (another huge Falcons fan) went to the South Florida workout last year (which was held at my high school of all places) and had one-on-one chats, pictures, and autographs with Matt, Julio, and several others. My jealousy was intense.
  9. Wish he could have gone out with a ring. Say what you will about any weak links, our offensive line as a cohesive unit was a huge key (arguably THE key) to our run. Wish ya the best, Chester.
  10. FWIW, I don't think that's crazy. We were obliterating teams near the end of last season. We obliterated our NFC play-off opponents. H*ll, we were obliterating the mighty Patriots until the most unlikely series of events in the history of football unfolded. It's an incredible long shot, like it always is. I highly, highly doubt it will happen, just too many variables involved. But I don't think it's crazy. And that alone is a massive upgrade from where my thinking was last post-season.
  11. That was an excellent read. I don't know how he watched that game 10 times. I haven't watched it once and I still feel absolutely gut punched when I even read an article like that about it. Nevertheless, thanks for the post. All we can do is move forward. And Quinn is doing that. Glad we have him. If anyone can get us back there and WIN it this time, I believe it's DQ.
  12. It's literally ALL a competitor can do at this point - pick himself up off the ground and find the right attitude that is going to fuel the fight to get back there and win it all next time. That's what Quinn is doing, that's what players are doing based on other statements and interviews, and it's all I can realistically ask for. Good article.
  13. Any word about how Kuechly is doing? Worried about that guy - he was always a really great and upstanding player at BC, and it seems like he's doing some serious permanent damage to himself with these severe concussions.
  14. Ha! I said WITHIN 3 years. The next one is obviously my preference.
  15. Me too. And we'll keep commending him ... because he's going to be answering them ad nauseam until he wins a Super Bowl (and after it ... "How does this feel after your crushing defeat the last time?").