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  1. Lol
  2. There it is.
  3. Can you explain what you mean by him helping us be versitile? I know he can go sideline to sideline but will he also help rush?
  4. How can people complain after last years draft?
  5. I think i saw him do a little in the playoffs or at least the superbowl
  6. Holy **** finally. It only took you an entire season lol.
  7. Why do you say this? Campbell wasnt amazing. Had some flash plays. All about depth
  8. I think they are using the mindset of playing ahead a lot. Our guard might already be on thr roster
  9. Go pass rush again!!! Cant have to many fire breathers!!
  10. Lol, that kid is going to kill someone. Make sure he knows what the ref jersey means on practice lol.
  11. I wish i could be a fly on the wall during their conversations lol. From two different worlds.
  12. Lol well sounds about right from what we've been reading. They workout who they like. Not many smoke screens
  13. I think we lost due to or pass rush dying. We are good at corner we need more horses up front
  14. That is fast bro. When i think of Sanu i dont think of foot work. I think power and physicality. Guess i should add it in lol
  15. Lol my roommates in college were IT. Different bread.
  16. Congrats bro, our paths are a little different I've been teaching for about 6 years in georgia and i feel its time for a change. I took the postal service exam last week and i have two interviews next week. Military has benefited me i suppose been in the national guard for 16 years. Good luck brother.
  17. Kid is truly a beast. Should have gone in the 1st. We are lucky to have him. We got him and neal last year. Heck of a draft.
  18. If thats who you want go get em. We have depth. We need to win now
  19. Seattle is getting old. Didnt realize it.
  20. Man just go catch bricks with justin hardy he'll be alright
  21. I thougnt from the title farve was trash talking him lol. Good stuff. Keep training Rocky.
  22. Excellent info, has the season started yet?
  23. Politics........ stay away from it