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  1. Seattle is getting old. Didnt realize it.
  2. Man just go catch bricks with justin hardy he'll be alright
  3. I thougnt from the title farve was trash talking him lol. Good stuff. Keep training Rocky.
  4. Excellent info, has the season started yet?
  5. Politics........ stay away from it
  6. I know people get upset when this is said buy he is more dynamic than free. I feel he is just as good if not better than free. People said it was his fumbling issues I don't think the ball touched the ground once this year. They have to know where he is when he's on the field.
  7. He sucked in the super bowl, good riddance
  8. Why you say this?
  9. He was a beast gunner though. He made almost all the plays defensively on kicks, I think people fail to see that. The guy is a football player
  10. Great post brother. I can't believe the draft is so close. I haven't looked at anything football since the super bowl that might be the reason why. I'm excited for the season though, Quinn really knows what he's doing when it come to evaluating guys. I don't question the guys we bring in, well maybe Brooks reed but I think we just needed some players at some point. Couple more drafts and we will be scary if not already.
  11. He looks good man. People are hating on this signing but we will benefit from having him.
  12. Meh, you can't keep everyone. How often do you use a fb anyway?
  13. I agree Rico is a stop gap, we don't have to be overly aggressive this draft. I just feel the more horses we have up front the better the defense will be. I am not worried about corner as long as Quinn is here, he knows how to develop and what to look for. I agree don't over pay free. We are in good hands guys, promising future for this team.