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  1. He's on 680 today promoting his new book, but this just sounds like a longer episode of Driven.. lol
  2. Just Bud being Bud, probably.
  3. Not a uga die hard, but too bad they can't get a run like the gamecoccs, oh well grats to USC, those are my neighbors in my area.
  4. New falcon carries a sickle and wears a black hoodie. I kinda thought he just saw the Barris news early.
  5. That's a mess of a team.
  6. I hope as well he's around for several years, move up the franchise lists.
  7. Not even a big or casual soccer guy, but it's cool for those who are.
  8. A loss coming,. No need to watch.
  9. I haven't been watching too much of soccer to notice, I just see other sports have visitors first.
  10. Too crazy, the new Vikings stadium is done, and they're outside, lol
  11. I see ATL on the right of the score bug, usually whoever's on the right is home.
  12. Thanks,...
  13. Are they on tv?
  14. No Howard tonight as he's on rest, no word on who gets the call to start.