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  1. Sherm the worm for the bag of trash in Dimitroff's office right now, straight up.
  2. Here's my take on Poe, if he wants to get paid to be what appears to be an average three down lineman why not keep Grady and draft another one to go alongside him? He's good enough to be our number 1 guy and personally I think he has more the earned the opportunity to do so. Poe hasn't shown me anything except he can throw a TD from the 1 yard line on a fake play.
  3. Brady Ewing and Mike Cox.
  4. Yes! Hahahahaha
  5. Good move, cmon Browns.
  6. I like Rico and I hope they give at minimum another year as a starter. Not only did he play wel this year but look at his post SB interview. I think he's hungry and will work to get even better. He's got heart.
  7. I think our main focus should be DT. Jarrett needs some help in the interior line and Hageman was only decent every now and again.
  8. Google Josh Norman.
  9. I agree, they should know what they have in Weems and that's one of the worst return men in the league. The Falcons had more 99 yard drives than anyone in the league, because of Weems. A huge part of the Super Bowl loss is credited to Weems for his stupidity taking the ball out of the end zone. He has horrible decision making when it comes to letting the ball drop and roll or to take a fair catch, and he hasn't had a return of more than 10-15 yards in I can't tell you how long. I'm SO over him, he may not fumble but he does enough to put this team in bad spots and create opportunities for opposing teams. I'm so done with him. If there was ever a player that needs to be cut after an awful season it is him.
  10. I like it. I'm not a huge Jarvis Jones fan bit I could live with it. You can bank on us moving up in the draft. Our management loves to move up anyway and with our roster as good as it is they're looking for impact players now.
  11. Absolutely not. If they resign Weems I'm driving to Flowery Branch and punching everyone that works for the Falcons organization in the ball sack.
  12. Lmao my first thought as well.
  13. I can't even read what this is about because I had to post a pic of a superb owl.
  14. I didn't watch a single pregame show, snipet, video or what have you on the day of the game. I don't need to, I keep up with my team enough without watching the idiots on tv to know what's going on. ****, I keep up with football and sports in general to know enough about what's going on with pretty much everyone and every team that I don't have to watch the idiots on tv. The reason they say the things they do is to have folks talk about them and their opinion and look what we're doing. I have my own opinion and I don't need to watch their shows to get a different one. I know I'm going to either disagree with them or hear them say something I already know. I have the espn app on my phone and that's the ONLY thing I will give espn. I don't watch the network unless the Falcons, Braves or Hawks are playing.