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  1. HeII yes I would if they went to Oregon because I live there!!
  2. Are you saying TD has been....good before Quinn??
  3. If all the good edge rushers are gone at at 31, then I'd be down to trade back. Otherwise, the best one available
  4. Last year about 90% of draft boards had the team picking Darron Lee or Shaq Lawson. And, draft boards gave us one of the worst grades after taking Neal and Jones. In other words, they don't know jack
  5. Haha very good point. My point is that we should give it a chance even if we don't like it at first. An example, I wasn't a fan of the Austin Hooper pick. But, he pleasently surprised the heII out of me. And I'm not convinced we are going G in the 1st just because that's a position of need. Our roster is actually in very good shape where taking BPA makes the most sense
  6. Trust the process man. The last 2 drafts convince me that Quinn and TD know what they're doing HeII
  7. draftcountdown.com has us taking Lamp as well. I personally would like to see more defensive line depth. But, I can see why draft talking heads would have us taking a guard. We don't have much depth there. If we take any O-lineman in the draft period, I hope it's a center that can play guard for a while and replace Mack when it's his time.
  8. Do you really not like Forrest Lamp the player? Or do you not like Forrest Lamp the pick?
  9. Ryan easily. I am always fascinated by different peoples leadership styles, preparation, and approach to things. I would want to learn from him.
  10. It is very possible. The competition in the AFC is pretty sad at the moment.
  11. Maybe they're lovers. You never know
  12. There's a sense of uncertainty with the Patriots. EVERY athlete eventually hits that wall. And it usually happens suddenly and unexpectedly. It will happen to Brady. Sooner or later.
  13. Well, we're about to play them in the regular season, which means if we meet them in the super bowl again, it'll be round 3 in a 12 month period
  14. Eh, talking heads can bring it. Ryan and Julio have been through this before. They've experienced falling just short and the aftermath of it. None of us will ever forget the disappointing 2013 season. I see that as an advantage. I don't think either one of them will let 2013 happen again. They are both leaders and veterans now. They will keep the young guys focused and accountable. I'm very confident in the upcoming season. Defense is going to be something else, watch.
  15. Yep. The way I look at it is that we are the NFC champs...and everyone in the conference is going to want a piece of us. And I dig it. I have so much confidence in our coaching staff that I'm not afraid of anyone in the league.