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  1. This I agree with. I'm not celebrating his death by any means nor am I making jokes. But I definitely won't defend him from fools who WILL make jokes because he isn't worth fighting for, at all.
  2. I get your point. But Hernandez shot someone in the face and took his life. There is zero justification or excuse for that behavior. Sick, influenced, whatever, he deserves to be judged at the very least
  3. Influence goes both ways. People can be great examples or horrible warnings. When somebody does something wrong, and they KNOW it's wrong, they are responsible for their own actions. Would you excuse a kid for shooting another kid dead if he stated Grand Theft Auto as the idea of where he got it?
  4. We are SHAKING
  5. We'll kick their ***** again
  6. You and I had a discussion about it and it looks like you'll be right
  7. Freeman might WANT a fat contract though since his agent directly said "he should be paid like the elite back he is." The one thing Freeman doesn't have though is leverage and that's because the Falcons have Coleman
  8. I actually am not part of that crew. I've said for months now that I don't think Freeman is worth top 5 back money. I'm ok with the team resigning him if that's what they choose to do. The point of my post earlier was that I just admire Freeman's effort was all. But, I like Coleman and have pointed out in other threads that if Freeman gets signed to a fat contract that Coleman almost definitely hits the open market when his rookie contract is up and he almost certainly will take a bigger contract from another team
  9. Freeman is a 5'6 back with very good vision. His success comes from his HARD running on every play. Like @g-dawg pointed out, it's not about questioning colemans effort as it is praising Freeman. Freeman just brings a special type effort that is only in a few NFL players
  10. Great post. Coleman is better physically in almost every way. But Freeman has that determination and relentlessness that you just have to admire
  11. It depends how many spots back we go. Most likely a 4th. I'm all for getting Willis, I just don't think there is any way he goes into the 3rd
  12. Roddy was not always like you're claiming. He did not just "go back to the huddle" all the time. Roddy got in shoving matches and was a HUGE trash talker. His mouth was sometimes his worst enemy. He had a few idiotic moments on twitter throughout his career
  13. Jordan Willis in the 3rd??? That's a great dream
  14. 1st round: Rivers or Willis 2nd round: Eddie Jackson