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  1. Ryan, Julio, Freeman, Beasley will all make it.
  2. Just my opinion. You both lose it a little too easily.
  3. Nobody on this message board gets more "worked up" than you and Shanghai.
  4. It may be corny to some, don't care. Even during the toughest times, we'll always have the Falcons
  5. I'm very sorry to hear that. Glad you're in a good place now. I can tell you're a good person just from this place alone. Rise up! #brotherhood
  6. For sure. Remember the thread I made after the road saints win with the Ryan meme pointing at YOU? Very fun
  7. I got respect for those who own what they say/their true opinion.
  8. To me, Ryan was a no brainer. In this league, you must have a quarterback to win consistently. We didn't have one. We didn't even have somebody who could be arguably a "game manager." I did not want to enter the next season with garbage at QB. Dorsey wouldn't have brought wins. A potential franchise QB would. Also, another reason is that Ryan was basically risk free. The team didn't have to trade the farm to get him. They didn't have to trade ANYTHING. Had Ryan been a bust, all the team loses is their 2008 first round pick. Again, no brainer
  9. Losing your first job at 57 is impressive, not embarrassing. And good point.
  10. You have to have a reason documented. You do NOT have to share the reason with the person you are firing.
  11. It's actually kind of like that in any line of work, not just NFL coaching. A reason is irrelevant, the person who's getting fired deep down knows why
  12. That's the first thing that jumped out to me too actually. Thompson isn't the 3rd best GM in the NFL. He's actually underachieved IMO for having an all time great QB
  13. Some people sure. But I really think it's 50-50 with non Steelers/Falcons fans. I have a feeling Julio beats Brown on the top 100 list this year
  14. When blank was interviewed during super bowl week: NFL network: what's the greatest decision you've ever made as an NFL owner? Arthur Blank: "Drafting Matt Ryan."