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  1. Nope. If the Falcons moved away from Atlanta, then they'd be dead to me, and should Atlanta get a new team, then I'd want the Falcons beaten badly every time they faced the new Atlanta team. However, I might not care what happened to the Falcons, because more than likely the NFL would be dead to me if the Falcons ever left. I think it is appalling when teams move to another state, and leave behind a loyal fanbase. The NFL makes far too much money (that they share amongst all owners), for stadium issues to make an owner want to move. The NFL, could easily step in and help fund new stadiums for many cities, and share in the revenue that they create even outside of football, but they'd rather someone else pay, and if that city does not pay then move to another city that will pay. Oakland moving to LV, is ridiculous to me. That's a very passionate fanbase there in Oakland, it's an iconic old franchise with tons of history, and the owner and NFL are going to piss on all of that with a move to Las Vegas. I hope the Raiders suck so bad there that the only fans who show up are ones of other teams looking to have a Vegas vacation and to see there team beat up on a terrible franchise.
  2. Yes, I wouldn't expect the Falcons to ever go back tot he old logo as a permanent replacement, and I don't even think they'd modify the current logo for new uniforms. I do believe we will see new uni's soon though, that will have some retro styling with red helmets. Jacksonville wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for that crazy looking paint scheme on the helmet. TB's uni have grown on me, and I think they're actually good. It' all subjective. Both of those uni's/brands are highly recognizable when seen on TV and through other media outlets, and that is really the idea behind Nike and NFL marketing efforts IMO.
  3. AP

    AP wants a significant salary from whom ever signs him. The Falcons are running out of cap space and will still need to sign the rookie class this season. Also, we have 2 good backs already, and we can pick up another in the draft for way less.
  4. The thing I like most about Freeman, is that he has improved every year. He's a good Falcon.
  5. I doubt Alford actually believes that Favre is the GOAT, more so he is just making a nice gesture to a one time great player.
  6. If you don't care, then why reply back?
  7. "If you squint a little, it looks a little like Roger Goddell"
  8. I'm saying that the Falcons could have petitioned the league for a change a while back. Just because you haven't heard anything, doesn't mean it didn't happen. Why would this be public information? Uniform changes are never made public until the change has already been approved, and the announcement is usually before the upcoming season. When was the last time you heard a team say "we are getting new uniforms in 3 years? You never heard that, because it doesn't work that way. It doesn't matter how many unsold jerseys are out there, and it is not like you know the number of unsold items to know if it actually effects the Nike business model. Nike is a multi-billion dollar empire, and their NFL products are manufactured overseas, and these products only cost a fraction of what you pay in the store for them, so they can easily eat the cost. Do you really think that Nike sells out everything they make before moving onto to a new product? They don't, and what doesn't get sold gets recycled, donated, whatever... The approval of 50 different people? BS. The commissioner approves the change, and it is done through whether or not a new design conforms to the NFL brand and safety guidelines. A team can only undergo a complete uniform change every 5 years, they have to apply for the change by March 1st, and then it goes to the commissioner where it is reviewed. Again, there is no reason why you or I would be privileged to hear of any plans involving a uniform change, until it was finalized. You're the one that needs to WAKE UP.
  9. One part of me believes the Falcons will get new uniforms this year. The current uni's have been worn for longer than any of the past uni's. I believe we will see a modern day version of the throwbacks, that will be highly marketable. However, the other part of me says that the current uni's have become a mainstay and have marketing success already, so the organization is not in a hurry to change them. I think we will hear something around May about a uniform change. There's nothing stating that the Falcon's have to go public with this sort of information. Meaning they could have petitioned the league without telling us. The Bucs did that very same thing, and unveiled their new uni's from out of nowhere, so did the Seahawks, and I'm sure a few others.
  10. Everything about this is true. Which is why I'm still so disappointed with the Super Bowl loss. It's not easy to have things go your way, to stay healthy, and for other teams to falter along the way. A golden opportunity was blown.
  11. I can't really speculate what the record will be until 4 or 5 games in. I can't even assume a playoff spot for the Falcons at this time. Simply too many questions to answer for this team to know how well they'll play, like: What's the mental stability of the team going forward after getting kicked off the mountain top? I'm bummed out as fan, imagine how the players feel. How well will the new OC fit in for the Falcons? Will the injury bug bit the Falcons? Certainly has before. I do think the Falcons D will take the next step and be a true force, so I'm excited about that.
  12. Football 101 in the second half could have won the game for the Falcons. Yes, the defense was gassed, and so was the Falcon OL. Yes, the Pats, made some great plays. However, play calling on the Falcons part was not what you do when you have a sizable lead. Twice the Falcons could have extended 2 drives on short run plays, and they opted to keep passing the ball and it led to points for the Pats. The Falcons did not go after the clock, and they had enough opportunities to do it. Not to mention the length of time that went on with last series of the first half and half time show, should have had the Falcons running the ball right out of the gate. I don't know why the coaching staff did not see the numbers in front of them. The Falcons were successfully running the ball. The defense had already been on the field for a long time. Just run the ball, and set up the pass by keeping the Pat defense in run protection. Our OC thought he was being aggressive, but instead became one dimensional, and hung a defense that had already played over its head, out to dry. I agree with having more depth on the OL to preserve some stamina, but coaches can't suddenly start making boneheaded decisions in a big game against a coach who is a mastermind at his profession. Just run the ball, kick the ball, and win he game. How do you not see your gassed out D on the sidelines. How the **** do you get into the shotgun on the 22 yard line for a pass attempt with the clock winding down. The Falcons Coaching Staff lost their focus in this game, and lost the game.
  13. I read the article the other day about "Could Seattle Possibly Want To Trade Sherman" on Fox sports (or MSN Sports), and it is purely speculation. Now, I could see this happening, maybe after next season so that Seattle could unload his massive contract, and should his play start to slip. It's the offseason, and this article is fake news/click bait.