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  1. A few weeks ago, I thought we'd see a uni change, but now that the draft has come and gone, I'm think there will be no uniform changes this year, except for the alternate throwbacks for 2 games.
  2. I myself will not rehash or relive Super Bowl 51. However, I will always, and I mean always see it as the huge missed opportunity for this organization to have its first Championship. That game was not about luck for either team to me. That game was about the final 4 minutes, and how it still could have been won by the Falcons. It was in those final 4 minutes the coaching staff lost it's grip on doing the very basic things they needed to do. I could live with the loss easier had their of been player error (there was some) in those final 4 minutes that decided the game for the Falcons, but it instead came down to coaching IMO, but I'm not going to rehash the details.
  3. I don't believe that Whaley had much to do with their draft this year, and the firing was imminent with the hiring of McDermott from what I've read. I also read that McDermott was the one in the war room doing all the picking.
  4. Actually, he had very little to do with their draft this year. Sean McDermott was spearheading it from what I read the other day.
  5. I'd be good with OL in the first, especially if it is Lamp. TD and Pioli have done well as of late, and I used to (stupidly) criticize the both them. I think, this tandem has really got their acts together, so if they go OL in the first, then so be it. I think it is important to keep building the OL to be the best it can be. I know that many are saying that this years class is the terrible for OL, but there will be some who prove the experts wrong. I think the DL still needs a guy, but we've got several coming back from injury, we just got Poe, and Jarrett and Hageman may be ready to take the next step. I actually think the first pick for the Falcons will be a complete surprise to many of us. I'm looking forward to seeing who it is.
  6. I said 10-6 last year and we went 11-5. So this year I'm saying 15-1.
  7. I don't work there, but I have several friends that do, and two of them sent me video of the testing. Others have posted video of the testing to FaceBook as well. The hole in the roof is a lot larger than I expected, and the digital board space that is inside the ring is much larger in height than I thought too.
  8. I know they were testing the roof today, and as far as I know the test went well.
  9. We don't need AP. He is also not going to come cheap. Why do so many on here think that a (albeit aging) high profile player is suddenly going to y say "I'll play for whatever you want to pay me". AP may wnst to play for a contender, but he also wants to get paid like a premier player. We don't need AP, because we already have two very capable RB's, that combined won't cost as much as AP would this year. Also, how do you carry on the "Brotherhood" mantra if you are willing to take playing time away from one of the more recognizable faces of the terminology? AP needs to go where there is a true need for his services, and that is not Atlanta.
  10. Glavine was the clutch guy in the 1-0 shut out in Game 6. I'm not saying Smoltz wasn't a top performer, just that his health was in question throughout the his mid and late career.
  11. When I think of the Braves, and there title run, and who was most productive I think of Glavine and Maddux. Chipper didn't play on the championship team, and was really more apart of the choking that followed after that. Smoltz was solid but, injuries kept him from being able to get the team over the top. Then there were a lot of roll players that did good things too.
  12. I do know that this week is pivotal on the roof construction. I have a couple of friends that are close to the project, and both have told me that there is a lot at stake over the next few days with the roof install. Neither went into detail. On separate occasions, both have told me that everything is going well, but that everything is of such a custom nature, that planning is tough when there are unforeseen circumstances slowing down areas that effect other areas. It's a major project, so it was never going to be easy.
  13. I don't think Sherman is overrated. He is a playmaker. However, last year he was reportedly injured to the point of not being able to cover like he would normally. I think he is a great corner, but I also think his salary is too much for the Seahawks to want to pay anymore. The Seahawks have some great defensive players, and Sherman's contract may be a source of problems with the front office and other teammates who want similar deals. The Hawks need to reload, and they could possibly haul in some nice picks by trading Sherman away. All theory on my part of course.
  14. Yes, it doesn't seem right that we have to go back to Seattle so soon. It always seems to be that way though.
  15. According to the experts on officiating, the game was called near perfect. I however, saw 2 OPI's on the Patriots 2 two point conversions. I saw blatant holding from the Patriot OL that allowed Brady to slowly move out of the pocket and eventually hit a receiver for a significant gain on 2 occasions as well. Then there were the 3 DPI's on Atlanta, with only one of them looking to be worthy of the call. The refs did play a part in the "Miraculous" Patriot comeback. While I'm sure the Falcons got away with a few, none were as momentum changing as what the refs allowed NE to get away with. Don't get me wrong, the Falcons lost that game on their own mistakes, but NE got nudged in all the right places for it to happen. As for when The Falcons play the Pats again, it doesn't matter to me. It's a regular season game, in Foxboro, where the Pats seemingly get to play all their tougher games. I'd certainly like to see the Falcons win, but if they don't, then it won't be a defining moment in the season.