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  1. Happy just means matt has more protection and the offense stays right on schedule..not one bit disappointed I've been pounding the table for lamp anyway
  2. I mean I can't blame him at all and did Rico sign his too??
  3. So what happens now that he didn't sign? So he a free agent or what some one plz explain
  4. All solid points I've been pounding the table for lamp just due to past scars from our OLine being terrible watching matt get rushed as soon had he gets the ball or smashed soon after was never fun for me..very infuriating that u pay all this money to your franchise and u can't build a competent line to protect him..I also have said we needed a Julio or two on the defense because of the lack of play makers on that side of the ball..but now I'd just like upgrades just due to DQ being able to coach the **** outta the guys..but I get what yours saying though . We know the needs I just want them addressed ad wouldn't be mad If they went either way
  5. The schedule is ******** but whatever diamonds are made under pressure...and we shine brighter than we ever have..nothing but faith in that
  6. Dummy yeah!!!!!
  7. Just tells me lamp will be the pick or what guard happens to fall to 31
  8. Watch teams follow what we did with Neal last year and he goes in the first mid first I'll call it
  9. Probably so I hope it's not the second round thst we lose
  10. I agree just very dark times we live in
  11. Decorum...that's a funny word for social media..there is none and you know this,unfortunately you can't police other grown ppl from saying ignorant things..its just a sad situation for alot of ppl and your gonna see stuff like this everywhere for the next few days..might as well accept that
  12. I'm sorry man you'll definitely be in prayers and thoughts today.
  13. Can't reason with ignorance man..folks with pitch forks and torches can't be reasoned with.