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  1. Very true..I like how physical he is kinda like a bully out there when he's playing..then gets on your face and let's you know about it. I was skeptical of his signing but he shut me up pretty quick definitely impressed with his play and yes definitely an unsung hero..he plays his part and plays it pretty **** well
  2. Lol guess Sanu really does start in the slot that's interesting
  3. Smh you can lead the horse to water but you can't make em drink.some people don't want one the fastest lb corps in the league on the field at the same of course riley came to take Campbell spot when he wasn't a liability to begin with
  4. This thread reeked of fail from the moment he had a thought to even type it or to think of this at all...its okay you just have to take it a day at a time like the drunks do.
  5. ^ this it's always like that..tired of the refs deciding these outcomes..
  6. Extremely short
  7. Lmaooo man I was super nervous about he first game with a new qb but excited..I knew alot of fans would resent matt because of Vick and what he meant and what matters being there implied.but I think now most fans now realize that Vick may have laid the foundation to being relevant again but matt build this house..I thought it was cool of Mike to publicly support matt and tell others that they basically should too..but to think all this because of a coin flip lol
  8. I still laugh at the ******** glad matt shut alot of ppl up last year..
  9. After that pass I knew we were gonna be all right...fate was like R.E.L.A.X. lol I'm giving u a gift for once shut up and enjoy it lol
  10. I've never understood why ppl hate Atlanta so much..
  11. I understand that..I don't any of us ever will like thinking about that game but it was a **** of a ride getting there that's how I look at that video just kinda celebrating that.
  12. And that's really ******..its always like that,doesn't matter how much good you do one bad event or situation takes it all away.anyone outside of our brotherhood can think what they want but at the end of the day we all know the truth..Matt had a year I always knew he was capable of and I think that's just the tip of the ice burg.
  13. I think at te we will be okay hoop showed progress toward the end of the year and lolo is solid the rest of the group only adds to that we will be fine.just got to get the safety depth situated and find out which our new rg will be and it's all good.
  14. Lmao congratulations :p the salt runneth over