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  1. We are gonna be okay..they all know what's at stake.just gives me so much hope going forward with the leadership of this team being as strong had it is.we will be back to the playoffs this year.
  2. Oh my God
  3. I really can see matt becoming Payton like in running this offense making checks and such
  4. Doesn't surprise me at all..we are going to be okay.hes going to win us one I have no doubt in my mind about that.
  5. I think it will be Watson but I also think that the Browns will trade back into the first and get a qb they like.the browns are set up to catch up quick with the amount of high picks they have for the next two seasons.they just have to hit on some of them and bam they have a foundation the Browns can build from.
  6. I'd hang out with Ishmael that man looks like a straight thug on instagram lol fun times I'd have with him
  7. I just don't want another Sam baker situation period
  8. I don't think he makes it to 31
  9. Donteri poe and rich mckay=championship
  10. Wasn't sure we would land him..took long enough I just wanna know the numbers of the contract..
  11. I agree I just don't want to test being without matt..I don't think us getting to the bowl this year isn't out the question,we are building depth and I think the lack of it came back and got us in the bowl..this isn't Madden where if your starter goes down you got one just as equal to plug in bit the guys we had did an awesome job..and I know this is an unpopular opinion but has the game went on and mack became less effective I would have rather put garland in a center..the middle was getting blown up and we couldn't run up the middle..but mack is a warrior nothing taken from him at all.i just hope Matthews bounces back because he had the worse game of his life..but honestly alot started in favor of the Falcons not winning and it started super week..between Freeman and shannahan and other Lil underlying things just bad juju to me.. The NFL if it's true by not having us play the Pats first isn't doing them any favors it's making Atlanta look worse..that's the first team I'd want and I hope DQ says something about that to whoever he needs to.