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  1. Sorry man that's all I'm seeing - you barely hear anybody talking hand placement, power moves, finesse moves, etc. Whether the prospect had shown those skills or not is another story but the love around these parts is just what I said
  2. Potential + Athleticism - Just like most of the DE prospects this draft
  3. Didn't the post make reference to why the first step is slow?
  4. This is what I think of when I hear looking at the film. Whether he is right or wrong about Jordan Willis is another story, but I can't take anybody seriously who says "I looked at the film" and can't bring this kind of information to the table. You have to respect the depths he went in for this situation. Great post!
  5. That line is so overrated this draft season.
  6. Wasn't talking from a Falcons draft standpoint
  7. Who do you think is more of a sure thing? OJ or Solomon?
  8. The absolute only reason you pick a player's high potential over value is if it's guaranteed that he won't be there for your next pick. Is that the case for Daeshon Hall at pick #63? Otherwise you lose value regardless of if he pans out or not. Another factor is he could not pan out. So not only did you lose value by picking him early, but you lost out on another player in the process. The goal is to make EVERY draft pick count. The hardest thing about the draft isn't picking good players. That is already a forgiven deal for GMs. The hardest part of the draft is that thin line between being greedy amd being smart. If you could get a contributing player at #31 AND Daeshon Hall @ #63, then you have played the draft masterfully. That's what made last year so great. We picked a player early because he probably wouldn't have been available at our next pick, then traded back and got yet ANOTHER Boom pick. That is masterful!
  9. It confirmed things for me personally. Question this one scout talking for all the players or a different scout per player?
  10. Looks like the best fits would be Baker, Jackson, and Williams. All of them have problems. The question is how big of a problem is it and does Quinn and company think it could be coached up?
  11. Yea I wasn't counting Dalvin and some others....just talking edge rushers. You're right about both. I wouldn't mind Tim tbh and I think Basham is 3rd round projected right? I could be wrong.
  12. Lmao they didn't like any of these dudes. I said this before.....the edge rusher in this draft class is deep in potential, not deep in talent. I know it's only a few scouts but I agree. I wouldn't touch edge rusher until 3rd rounder personally hence why I would prefer a trade up. Not a popular opinion this ye.......well ever. Let me rephrase....I wouldn't get edge rusher unless it's somehow the ones of the top variety.
  13. That makes more sense. It's weird though given that he mentioned Ishmael moving to LB prior to the 3 safety comment.
  14. I think the bigger deal is the mention of Quinn wanting to run a defense with 3 safeties. Am I such a novice at defensive alignment in our scheme that I'm making this too big of a deal?
  15. Respect yours as well.