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  1. Idk man. The way DQ was talking about him on GMFB seems to say otherwise that it is much higher on that list than you think. He wasn't forced to bring and the conversation really didn't have anything to do with Schaub but he made it a point to bring it up. For a straight shooter like DQ that speaks volumes to me.
  2. Even if he gets it down that type of stuff leads to further injury. Smh.
  3. Let's win 7 straight and beat that record that was just set. Man wouldn't that be sweet?!?!?! The way we lost and then to turn it around and get 7 straight without the cheating background a certain other team has.
  4. No lol. It is generally legally irresponsible to not provide a reason behind somebody getting fired whether the person knows deep down or not.
  5. I get it but I disagree. At the end of the day it's a job and a business. If I was fired, then I would have liked a reason. I do want to express that I'm not saying it's a huge deal. Just that I think anybody getting fired from a job is owed a reason for a firing.
  6. I disagree. Maybe we will see that this year because of the age but if I'm choosing who I want to throw a deep ball between Cam and Brees as of right now, 1 shot to complete it for a million bucks, then give me Brees.
  7. This is where I'm getting at. Last year Ryan was #1 amd Brees was #3 at deep ball passing. I don't think his arm is stronger than Cam but I trust Brees a heck of a lot more than Cam throwing the ball deep, especially with that backfoot crapola that Cam throws out more often than not.
  8. Even if Brees' arm has degraded it hasn't really been that noticeable. Brees is still one of the best deep ball throwers in the NFL. If I'm not mistaken he was top 3-5 last year. Where are you getting that idea from if I may ask?
  9. I'm not afraid of DJax but I agree Bucs have ths top receiving corp. Falcons are a close second. The way I see it is not DJax as an individual piece but as a complimentary piece to Evans and Howard amd Brate. They will hit all parts of the field with that group. As a unit I see them as being the top in our division and I'm a huge Falcons homer btw.
  10. Wait you don't think Brees can use Ginn as a deep threat like Cam can? What?!?!?! I agree with them being 4th btw but was just thrown off by that statement. Could you elaborate?
  11. I put quotations around for that reason. He wasn't playbook savvy is what I was talking about. Don't take it so seriously my man.
  12. Nah I think right now is too soon that's why I said 2018 but it's already been said that Poole was to play backup FS anyway.
  13. I can understand that. I get what you're saying now. Need is a strong word but I am on the upgrade Rico train and I feel like he would be a better fit if he can learn the process. A few of Poole's strengths coming out of college was centered around his ability to intellectually read coverages and route progressions. I don't think he is Justin Hardy/DeVondre Campbell "dumb."
  14. I see. I guess I'm saying that I believe you can give him more over time but not immediately. Right now what you're saying is true, but with more intelligence he could thrive. It's like right now he knows Calculus 1. In another year it will calculus 2, then calculus 3, etc. He just needs class time.
  15. Lol! Let's go for midseason then....fair?