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  1. Your right. The Panthers are awesome. Cam is such a stud. Carolina will win it all.
  2. Wow. Someone really wrote this. Man you just can't fix stupid... Hahaha. How you doing swift?
  3. Wow, you're an idiot. You spend more time on this board than you do over at the panties board I'm sure. I'm beginning to believe you are just another apparition of swift. Peppers is done. It would not be surprising to see him retire before training camp is over. The panties are going to need a new DE and MLB before the year is over and that is to go along with that horrid secondary. Not to mention you have no running game, terrible receivers and a QB who refuses to try and get better. I know, I know Cam has an MVP too. Yeah, that goes along with this only two winning seasons since he has been in the league.
  4. Explains why he wants a new contract four years before we really have to give him one. Just play hard one more year free and you will get yours. And maybe not a whole year.
  5. And don't forget Neal coming down into the box. Top 10 D is here and we might be pushing top 5 if we stay healthy. Think about that for a second. Top two passing attack, top five rushing attack, top 5 defense.... goodness, I'm happy!!!
  6. He is that guy that did that thing.... you know that thing! With those people... you know those people! It will be on CNN later. They will have all the info, you know 100% the truth.
  7. I would look at him in the third if he is still there. I don't get it with people against him though. He screwed up by not calling the Police after he clocked her and waiting until they came to arrest her. Video and eye witness all showed that she was cussing, threatening and calling him racially derogative names, then she hit him. Yes, he could have walked away, I guess. He was within his rights to strike her. I don't believe in hitting other people unless there is no other alternative, but when any human being intentionally threatens physical harm and then strikes another person, they are no longer male or female, they are a threat.
  8. A FB that sees about 12 snaps a game and on average touches the ball less than one time a game when we run an outside zone running game is not a priority. I'm surprised we kept him last year to be honest. Not about the money and more about the roster spot.
  9. I am not that familiar with the comp picks rules, but aren't we going to get comp picks for our FA we lose like Worrell and Dimarco? They will be next year correct? Since dimarco was a starter won't we get a third and a fifth or sixth for Worrell
  10. He was only in 11 or 12 offensive snaps a year. One rush in five years. Less than one reception a game. Unless you are running a power running game with big mauling O linemen than a FB is not an asset. Our running game does not need a FB. IMO it was a waste of a roster spot. We need a guy who can at least get two receptions a game and be a good pass blocker. Maybe get one or two rushes a game for a few yards. This is a good move and a positive progression for our Oline. We can add a real weapon instead of a guy who might just be in for 12 snaps a game.
  11. sorry, I'm pulling a Patriots move here. I'm trading freeman. There are a number of reasons why, but ultimately TDWIII misses several points. From a production stand point Freeman is not worth top 5 money. He just didn't put up enough numbers compared to top backs. This is mainly because the Falcon's don't have to lean on Freeman to carry and excessive role. Yes, he is dangerous and yes, he can come out of the backfield, but he cannot carry a full RB load. Second, Freeman is not robust enough to carry a larger role. He just isn't built for it. Third, a huge portion of Freeman's success has been the scheme he has been put in. Not saying he isn't a really good back, but he is no where near top 5 material. Fourth, his agents behavior at the superbowl. Agents are almost always lawyers. They understand what happens if they speak out without explicit permission from their clients. Free's agent might have suggested it was a good time to bring up a contract during the biggest stage of the football year, but Freeman endorsed it. Finally, we might be able to get a second for Freeman, definitely a third round pick. Sorry, Freeman's replacement above average is not high enough to warrant 10 million a year, or nine, or eight. He might be worth 6 or 7 million a year if the contract has a lot of bonuses based on performance.
  12. okay, you're delusional. Oher couldn't stay on the Ravens team as he was the fifth best tackle on a bad line. Everyone in Charlotte has been screaming about how bad the Oline is, but okay I guess you know more than everyone. Everything else you said is complete homerism at it's best. Please go spew that crap over at your pathetic message board. No one wants to hear it here.
  13. But you know. Maybe Cam will learn a new dance and wear plaid pants in a post game or something. That seems to be why everyone talks about him. It sure isn't because he wins a lot. Check out his win loss record if you think it is.
  14. Matt had six back to back seasons. How many has Cam had. Ummm, zero. Please bring up playoff record. Want to review QB playoff performance while your at it. Oh, yeah Ryan has the third best QBR in the playoffs.... Ever. How does Scam compare. You really think that getting Oher back is going to help. He was picked off the scrape heap by the panties. Dude is not good. You don't have an O-line. you have one running back who might not be in Carolina next year and he is at the end of his career anyway due to mileage. Your WR's suck, you TE is getting old. Cam has had two winning seasons and pretty much has shown he is not reliable. You have no secondary. your LB's are going to be in bad shape considering you have one that is one head shot away from, retirement and another that is old and is going to take a step back any day now. Your Dline is good, but underperforming. You really want to tell us why you think your team is any good? Yeah, you had a 15 - 1 record when everyone else was down, but who was the team that beat you then? You drinking some serious cool-aid dude.
  15. I love other team trolls. Makes you realize that we really do have a special team. Especially when the troll is from the panthers. That is the team with two winning seasons in the last 8 years. That's the team that has a QB that would rather pout and floss his teeth on the sideline than be a good team mate. That is the team that will probably lose their best player this year (and it's not Cam) as soon as he gets another concussion and retires. Do you realize that you guys might win seven games this year. If you are lucky. We embarrassed the panties last year, twice. Your offense couldn't even score 25 points in the super bowl. hahaha