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  1. It's a DK and Mike Smith team. That means they will come out and do exactly what they did the week before the bye, no changes, no improvements, nothing. The only thing it will be good for them is that they can heal a little.
  2. Here is the really sick part of it all. For years the Falcon's had some of the tools, but there were always holes. There were always injuries. There was always a coaching staff that quite didn't have the boys ready to go for it. And the biggest thing, we didn't know how to win. You saw that in the playoffs and in some tough games we lost. Well guess what. Our team is young and fast and talented. We have the coaches that are now coaching the boys up to play and have an attitude of brotherhood. But the scariest part, for the rest of the league... This team knows how to win. We excised those demons with the trashing of the Seahawks and Green Bay in the playoffs. For three quarters we demolished the "empire" of New England. We made Brady look like a novice and our offense picked apart the #1 defense in the league. Yeah, we lost the super bowl, but in doing so the Patriots wakened a sleeping giant. The warlord is going to take this team over and by sheer will and the brotherhood the Falcon's are going to dismantle the NFL next year.
  3. trading for Sherman might be one of the most self-destructive the Falcon's could do. Evan's just wishes we would do it because he knows we are going to own the south for the foreseeable future. Why would we want another high profile contract at a position were we are loaded with young talent and good veterans. What possible advantage could getting Sherman give us?
  4. they said the same garbage when they had freeman at QB. See how far that got them. They have some nice pieces. This is the year they take a step back.
  5. The Falcons won't fold like the panties did for a couple of reason. Reason one is that DQ is ten times the coach of Rivera. Second it's because Matt Ryan will improve. He's already in the lab on the west coast and next he will be hosting a player only party in South Florida soon. Cam was picking out shoes for his post game fashion show, learning a new dance, buying a year supply of dental floss and harassing models on twitter after his superbowl meltdown. Third, we have more talent than they do. Fourth our defense is improving every year as the rooks get experience, DQ trains them up and we get a few more pieces. Dare I say will have the best defense in the NFC south this year. And fifth, the panthers really aren't that good.
  6. No he is not. I don't know where you are getting your info from but the last week or so of the season and a few times during the playoffs there was serious discussion regarding Kuechly and his concussion history. They even had mick mixon (the panthers play by play guy) on the radio at least once a week. Basically, Luke has had some serious concussions and not just the one last year. No one has stated anything but there is a general feeling that if Kuechly gets another bad concussion like what he had last year he will retire. He is concerned about his long term health and it was agreed last year that he would not play after he got hurt to reduce the risk of another concussion so quickly. If you are not completed healed, and you can pass the neurological exam and still not be 100%, it greatly increases the risk of concussion and increases the severity. I haven't heard anything since right before the superbowl, but that's because there is no football talk just march madness right now.
  7. Your right. The Panthers are awesome. Cam is such a stud. Carolina will win it all.
  8. Wow. Someone really wrote this. Man you just can't fix stupid... Hahaha. How you doing swift?
  9. Wow, you're an idiot. You spend more time on this board than you do over at the panties board I'm sure. I'm beginning to believe you are just another apparition of swift. Peppers is done. It would not be surprising to see him retire before training camp is over. The panties are going to need a new DE and MLB before the year is over and that is to go along with that horrid secondary. Not to mention you have no running game, terrible receivers and a QB who refuses to try and get better. I know, I know Cam has an MVP too. Yeah, that goes along with this only two winning seasons since he has been in the league.
  10. Explains why he wants a new contract four years before we really have to give him one. Just play hard one more year free and you will get yours. And maybe not a whole year.
  11. And don't forget Neal coming down into the box. Top 10 D is here and we might be pushing top 5 if we stay healthy. Think about that for a second. Top two passing attack, top five rushing attack, top 5 defense.... goodness, I'm happy!!!
  12. He is that guy that did that thing.... you know that thing! With those people... you know those people! It will be on CNN later. They will have all the info, you know 100% the truth.
  13. I would look at him in the third if he is still there. I don't get it with people against him though. He screwed up by not calling the Police after he clocked her and waiting until they came to arrest her. Video and eye witness all showed that she was cussing, threatening and calling him racially derogative names, then she hit him. Yes, he could have walked away, I guess. He was within his rights to strike her. I don't believe in hitting other people unless there is no other alternative, but when any human being intentionally threatens physical harm and then strikes another person, they are no longer male or female, they are a threat.
  14. A FB that sees about 12 snaps a game and on average touches the ball less than one time a game when we run an outside zone running game is not a priority. I'm surprised we kept him last year to be honest. Not about the money and more about the roster spot.