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  1. Big settlement upcoming between the doctor and United.
  2. That and producing terrorists.
  3. Romo only gets the attention because of who he played for, not because of who he is.
  4. That is because Trump's method of "crisis handling" is to post on Twitter.
  5. Actually, it is.... Rally, Tweet, Maralago, Tweet, Rally, Tweet, Maralago. Repeat.
  6. In a couple of days, King will be walking back his words. Most likely he will say he was "taken out of context" and will blame the media.
  7. Paranoia
  8. Unfortunately, everything in this article is the cold (Antarctica variety) truth.
  9. I agrew with this post. I too have seen this way too many times. The only difference being that this collapse probably ranks at or near the top in sports history.
  10. This ranks right up there with Greg Norman choking away the Masters and Bill Buckner's fielding error in the World Series.
  11. Well, for me, the 1980 demon is gone and has now been replaced with the SB 51 demon.
  12. This is a "PSL sales killing" loss.
  13. Show him the tape of that missed block, look him in the eyes, and say REALLY!!??
  14. Falcons win 38-28
  15. "Fixed fortifications are monuments to man's stupidity." - George S. Patton