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  1. Don't forget Crawford, Collins, CJ, and Upshaw
  2. Obi- WEAKNESSES Leggy and gets feet bundled up when asked to turn and sprint. Lacks desired instincts and will play with slow eyes at times. Has to see ball in the air before charging over to help on deep throws. Inconsistent with coverage responsibilities from high safety. Takes time to diagnose play-action. Rub routes found him near goal line. Can take inefficient paths to the ball that get him there a step too late. Would benefit from high-pointing rather than waiting on throws.
  3. Obi measurables are off the charts but his tape is pedestrian. Quinn weighs tape more than past coaches. That is why Taco may be valued higher than many would think here (including myself). Taco (like Neal) is quicker than many realize having a very good 10 yard split. Also Taco is projected to go in the 20s. I would prefer Reddick of course but just saying since we are using the Seahawk template, don't be surprised.
  4. And could have got Keanu Neal in the fifth (Chancellor).
  5. Bennett went undrafted. Similar physical attributes. Taco a little bigger. The theory would be consistent to why we got Keanu Neal = Kam Chancellor who went in the fifth round.
  6. Taco Charlton = Michael Bennett Or Haason Reddick if he were to fall Otherwise we can stay put and get what we want (Willis or Rivers). What's your opinion?
  7. I have been wanting him at FS for a long time. Moving Alford to the slot with Trufant's return. He has the instincts of a FS. Don't underestimate Neasman though. He had a misreported 40 time that allowed him to come to us as a UDFA. The dude is like Ricardo Allen on steroids.
  8. I started this because the Falcoholic was trying to predict why the Falcons could take a step back (although not like Carolina). What people forget is that the Falcons should have been at least 14-2 last season. Unlike Carolina, who should have been 11-5 in their Superbowl run.
  9. Surprised no one has mentioned that Trufant is probably better than Sherman given where they currently are in their careers.
  10. Double-edged sword because they played the Superbowl barely able to move.
  11. Trufant, Tamme, Spoon, Clayborn, Shelby, Ishmael, Robinson. Significant time from Julio, Campbell, Collins (suspension), Coleman. What the Falcons proved is that they now have depth. Not that they were "lucky".
  12. Knees alone is why I eliminated him. Get Obi.
  13. Prescott Line is better. Can probably get him with a 6th or 7th. A real fullback. Not a re-packaged runningback.
  14. Dude is like a mini Michael Turner that catches the ball well. The Falcons like versatility and this guy can play a dual role for us.