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  1. So does anyone else think Campbell will break out like a monster this year?
  2. We've seen two years of Winston in this offense and his numbers are pretty much identical in both. If they want to go far with him they need to pad that defense not their offense.
  3. That and the one man wrecking crew Gerald McCoy. A better RG neutralizes that threat.
  4. It felt like after Quinn took over the defense, granted we didn't know this until well after it happened, that they played with more fire up front. That D line got the Falcons to the Super Bowl, even depleted as they were.
  5. Wait a sec, a few years ago the division was labeled the worst and some pundits said it would never get better. Now it's the best. Why does everyone forget that the Bucs are a Koetter/Smith team. Let us not forget how throughly destroyed they were by Falcons on a Thursday night game that was so boring the announcers stopped paying attention at half time.
  6. Jarrett on rushing downs and Hages against the run. I wonder if they will still try and put Hages at LDE on some downs to stack the line against the run.
  7. The old Rich Stadium, before they rehabbed it, had metal bleachers. So you sat on a frozen piece of metal for the whole game. Remember A Christmas Story. Instead of Flick's tongue, it was your butt. The tradition was to bring a garbage bag to sit on.
  8. In the past it would have felt like the team spent a lot of money on a need but it you expect to be let down by the results. Under Quinn it feels like this is going to be huge.
  9. I was at that game. That was nasty. Still the coldest I have ever been in my entire life.
  10. Funny some of those interested teams had him and cut him already. Brian Kelly saying, "We have expectations for our student-athletes and when those are not met, there are consequences." He loaded Notre Dame with a bunch of players who can't meet the expectations of that college and most of the team was on academic probation before the start of the season last year. Magically they all came off it, then the team sucked. A losing season seems to be only consequence anymore.
  11. Yes please. A coin toss should not determine the super bowl. Same rules but if the first team scores a TD the other team gets a chance to match. After that it's next score wins.
  12. I am hopeful that Marquand can continue that success and Quinn can focus on the big decisions when coaching, like running on 3rd and 1, and not delegate that control.
  13. Yea. I guess winning cures all, huh. Funny when you look at that graphic then look at the message rolling by at the bottom of the screen. Right there, Freeney signing, that changed the dynamic of the team and scrubbed all you see above it.
  14. There's a confidence we can feel that is being injected by this great coach, but man I hope it works out this year.