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  1. I like the old helmet and facemask.
  2. Stanford Cardinal not Cardinals. Leave it to Fox to get one thing wrong.
  3. Haha. You guys are so funny. It's a French Bulldog puppy? Watch out everyone.
  4. Campbell got better as the year went on. I can't even imagine what this D will be like year.
  5. I'm always amazed someone has these stats at hand. Cam had a rough year last year.
  6. I don't know. Sounds like he was disrespected by the coaching staff on 3rd and 1 in the 4th quarter of the biggest game of his career.
  7. I'd like to see Cams numbers...
  8. So it's all Shanahan right?
  9. Quinn managed Seattle's D for two years. The Falcon's D he is building in the image he wants.
  10. Imagine if Rodgers has a top 5 defense he would win a super bowl. Oh wait he did once.
  11. Put up 31 unanswered on the Packers and they're #2. Aaron Rodgers the king of big game disappearing acts.
  12. A healthy Truffant, Neal with another year under his belt and Alford playing with a chip on his shoulder, he played a heck of a super bowl. That secondary will help our front 4 out immensely.
  13. I hate how the season ended but I am glad Shanahan is gone. Good luck to him. No one knows what to expect from this offense this season, but they are not going to change much other than everyone will be way more comfortable and confident. Over nine years as an OC, Shanny had just three years where had a top 15 scoring offense. The rest were all pretty bad. You can point to personnel or Cleveland but he never repeated his success a second time anywhere. All those plays and toys that he had are in the hands of Sark. Matt has turned each of his OCs in to highly paid head coaches. It might be possible that the OCs are not what made the offense great.
  14. The team is planning for all the extensions they want. No one actually thinks that TD just makes this up as he goes along. He has a spreadsheet and schedule showing the growth in the cap crossed with the players they want to keep and how much it will take. Why do you think negotiations are so easy for this team? TD has a plan and Blank has the checkbook.