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  1. What shocked me was finding out that Alex Jones and I are the same age. That dude has been living hard.
  2. ESPN could just do live sporting events and 30 for 30 reruns and get no complaints from me. The rest is garbage.
  3. Of course they did. And we meddle in their affairs regularly as well. This is the geo-political game we've been playing for the last century. How many elections have we meddled in around the world over the years? How many dictators and strongmen have we propped up? Putin just played us this time. Now we know how the rest of the world feels.
  4. Neither is competition, which is why this happens so often now.
  5. Why? Fulton county was one of those awful, circular multi-purpose stadiums built in the 60's. If the stadium is only made for baseball, there's no reason to limit the sight lines with a circular design.
  6. I'm going with the latter. Most of these guys have to be dragged from their congressional seats with their teeth marks still on it.
  7. The mere fact that it came down to a choice between Hillary and Trump is Exhibit A in our failure as an electorate. Hyperpartisanship has taken us to the point where we accept the awful from ourselves as long as it means sticking it to the other side. When the postmortem is done on the Republic in the next hundred years or so, I have no doubt that hyperpartisanship will be listed as the cause of death.
  8. I have always said that our media and our leadership are a direct reflection of us. Both are sh*tty because that's how we wanted it. We have the leadership that we deserve.
  9. On the serious tip, Gorsuch was a much better SCOTUS nominee than Garland. That's about all I have to this point.
  10. That's just not true. I'll let someone else look up the posts, I don't have that kind of time, but you were very explicit in your wish for the poor to be denied the vote. Several people challenged you on that and you doubled down. It's ok to say that was just a bad idea you once had and rebuke it. But don't pretend that you never said that. It's too obvious of a lie.
  11. So the guy advocating the vote being taken away from poor people a month ago is now a champion of free speech. Interesting. Cable news is a cess pit. Designed to lead partisans on both side by the nose to the exact same slaughterhouse. Just look how moist they got at the mere idea of another middle eastern war.
  12. savage.
  13. I have no problem with the park other than the Braves should have payed for it their **** selves.
  14. Sees no problem with taxpayers paying for a corporation's plaything, but goes apoplectic if those same taxpayers pay for a child's education or healthcare. Welcome to modern "conservatism".
  15. It is, but they don't really have a way of delivering their nukes. They don't have ICBMs or any navy to speak of. They could deliver one to S. Korea or maybe Japan but that's about it.