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  1. KOG my brother, I'm not willing to bet I can do the Sunday paper!
  2. I can do and I'm old! Wait, did you say centimeters? lol
  3. This is why I have never done or liked mocks and projections. One unseen early choice could change the draft. I choose to wait and see what the FO drafts and discuss later.
  4. All of these mocks are projections and do not mean one thing to me. Many posters like to post mock draft guesses and that is fine. For me I will let the staff make their picks and then I will evaluate them.
  5. Well, At least you have a string going.
  6. When some posters question Poe's health, please remember he had back surgery after the 2015 season and played in all games in 2016. He is a tough man!
  7. Gazoo did not say the Falcons out played the Patriots just that Ryan outplayed Brady.
  8. Heath Evans was the best player on injured reserve to get a ring with the Saints. He earned it!
  9. We get D at 31! Agreed!
  10. Happy Birthday KOG!!!!!
  11. Tony Luginski, og, 6.5 40 and 6 reps. Bad tryout and did not make the practice squad. PE teacher in NJ and is on workers comp after the 6th grade class. Poor guy.
  12. The Bucs killed us last year so I hope we make a better showing in 2017! j/k
  13. Sir, I did not see anything I could remotely understand. Let's wait for the pros to post.
  14. Happy birthday to all of my Falcons brothers!!!!!!!
  15. No to Mixon.