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  1. Happy Birthday KOG!!!!!
  2. Tony Luginski, og, 6.5 40 and 6 reps. Bad tryout and did not make the practice squad. PE teacher in NJ and is on workers comp after the 6th grade class. Poor guy.
  3. The Bucs killed us last year so I hope we make a better showing in 2017! j/k
  4. Sir, I did not see anything I could remotely understand. Let's wait for the pros to post.
  5. Happy birthday to all of my Falcons brothers!!!!!!!
  6. No to Mixon.
  7. Remember, this is your birthday month! You deserve it until April!!!
  8. If we get players in FA like last year and have a comparable draft, we are there. However, I will wait to see.
  9. Happy Birthday!!!!
  10. Me too! Still drinking. I will not be an acceptable liver organ donor. However I may be in a study!!
  11. What a dumb question!
  12. I have lost dogs and cats and they are still in my heart. This loss which I believe could have been won easily will be in my heart as well.
  13. If only Ryan could have played defense too!
  14. Great to see a positive football discussion!
  15. I have a great doctor and his advice is "You cannot have a hangover until you stop drinking. "