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  1. I have re-watched games from 2016 and almost every time Hooper caught a pass Sanu was in the frame blocking somebody!
  2. Well, any poster should not pay a dime over 7 mil to sign Freeman. any more than that, Mr. Blank can pick up the rest!
  3. We will not let young top talent get away. We will sign Devonta Freeman.
  4. So is a honeymoon!
  5. Happy Birthday falconidae! Great poster!
  6. Prof, I am glad Takk is not one who loves one another! Bring it my man! Show me what you've got!
  7. Great interview with McKinley. He says he wants to earn his place in the Brotherhood. It's not their place to show me respect, I have to earn their respect! That's the impression he gave.
  8. I watched today's slideshow and the eyes on McKinley and Kazee stood out to me. Both were totally focused and portrayed a violent nature and I love it! McKinley in helmets and "underwear" looks badazz!
  9. Sanu is a great part of this team and a fantastic pickup in Fa!
  10. Sometimes I am baffled by posters, I speak 3 languages and still do not understand. Like debo, where in Deion Jones is there a "b"?
  11. Unfortunately, injuries are always a part of the game.
  12. If anyone thinks Sean Harlow is not a bad azz, go speak to him about it! He will need a year to study with Mack and the O-line scheme but I like his mindset.
  13. There is no way of knowing until the season is 6 weeks in. Who knows?
  14. All of mine are burned. Sorry.