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  1. Wow I am all in for this guy. I honestly believe he will be our starting FB.
  2. He will create more pressure. His job was to hold the point in KC defense. In DQ defense he gets to attack and disrupt the offense. He will be able to use his athleticism more. Remember we went from 19 sacks to 30+ with virtually the same players on the d line.
  3. But we did have injuries.....Trufant Spoon Clayborn Campbell Neal Tamme
  4. Maybe you forgot the *** whoppin panther go int the super bowl
  5. I like!
  6. Excellent point! Not to mention players we add after cuts are made. Some people over look signing our own players. That is very important.
  7. Babs was not a starter, Chester was our worst OL starter, and Dimarco only played like 30% of the snaps. Crawford will fill in for Tyson Jackson and Shelby will be back to fill in for Babs. Not the end of the world. Our core is in place.
  8. How are we clearly weaker? Trufant, Shelby, Ishmael back. Rookies second year in defense. Clayborn will be back. Please explain how we are weaker?
  9. Based off what? We have our young core players. No major holes. We are building for the long haul not just 2017.
  10. Really..... Campbell was a rookie. Smart player. He will be better year 2. Quinn knows better than PFF. Just sayin.
  11. I dont care.....we make our own history!
  12. Thank you....I don't understand why people still complaining after we saw the growth of this team. Quinn has done nothing but prove to us that he has a real system in place that works. He proved it all the way to the superbowl. Im just going to sit back and let them do what they do.
  13. How do you sneak up on teams all the way to the super bowl.
  14. This sums it up for me. I trust Quinn 100%. He came in and built a winning attitude. Listen to the players. They are hungrier than ever. Thats not an accident.
  15. Underestimated truth!