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  1. Snippet of an article saying this, with the rest at the link: Donald Trump is extremely bad at making deals
  2. Once again, you set a shining example for the rest of us of how not to be rude and insulting on this message board. Carry on, you beacon of civility, and continue your good work of sharing media links to important news the media won't share with us.
  3. That was rad, both the in-David's-brain-he's-being-trash-compacted version, and the real-world-his-face-is-covered-in-blood version.
  4. Well, it probably is, though not the thing snake thinks it is, and ****ed if I'm going to put it in my browser to check.
  5. It's been renewed.
  6. She really has been fantastic. Her character has developed so much from the first episode, where you're kind of thinking, "she's really overplaying that whole junkie shtick," to it now just being part of a much more complex character. Also, David's meeting with his rational mind provided the best joke of the series so far: "And you're . . . British?" "Like I said, I'm your rational mind."
  7. Speculation ftw. But while we're playing that game: Other things Hillary wouldn't have done: Advocate to shut down PP. Direct her justice department to stop pursuing various civil rights claims related to restrictive voter laws. Have insulting, terrible meetings with several world leaders. Push the Wall. Spend every other weekend, at least, playing golf. Either of the travel/refugee bans. Even though she hates the media, declare the media the enemy of the American People. Hold a strategy session related to nuclear weapons in the dining room of a resort where many members of the public were present. attack the judiciary repeatedly on Twitter. Employ Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, Stephen Miller, or Jeff Sessions. Obsess about the size of her inauguration and pressure the Parks Department to conform to her lie that it was bigger than Obama's. Make accusations about 3 million illegal votes and threaten to start an investigation into it. Assert that we will pull out from the Paris Climate agreement. Insinuate via tweet that John Lewis' district is a war-torn ****hole. Put forward a hateful, god awful budget. Accuse the last president of a felony. Attack China via Twitter Skip intelligence meetings or insist on having her briefing reduced to a middle-school like one page with bullet points. Appoint Rick "I don't know what it is but I'd like to see it eliminated" Perry to head the Department of Energy, Ben "no, I'm actually a brain surgeon" Carson head of HUD, and Betsy "**** your children and **** public schools" Devos as head of the Department of Education. Use her position to push her own and her children's business interests. Waste time tweeting about a ******* Broadway show. But yeah, they're so similar, it really doesn't make a difference who's president.
  8. Impossible. I've been led to believe democrats are exactly the same as republicans. THEY'RE ALL JUST ONE BIG PARTY!
  9. So I realize I'm mostly just talking to myself at this point, but **** it, that's no different than my real life, so I'mma keep doing it. Episode 7 was ******* awesome. There are times when the show feels like it's doing things just for the sake of being artsy or innovative, but for the most part all of that creativity provides crucial support for the narrative. Episode 7 was no different. They tried many different things, the kind you don't see on TV, and they all worked. E.g., the giant, moving chalkboard used to illustrate David's past and the fight between Amahl Farouk and Professor X was brilliant. Or the silent movie/horror house sequence. Plot wise, I didn't think much was surprising - confirmation that the Devil was the Shadow King - but it was nice to have things set out so clearly for a change. And, we got Jemaine Clement again, which is always good.
  10. I've represented a few people on death row, pro bono. I couldn't do criminal (like drake, either prosecution or defense) for a career, but I'm **** glad there are people out there defending the rights of the worst of us in order to help protect the rights of the rest of us. I have several friends who do public defense, and that is some seriously underpaid, underappreciated ****.
  11. If you're a long time Atlanta resident, there was probably a time when L5P had a special place in your heart. Early 2000s Star Bar. IFOs (god rest its soul). Variety Playhouse. El Myr (surly, pretentious wait staff and all - good luck getting a burrito quickly if you lack visible tats or piercings). The Vortex. ******* Criminal Records and Wax n Facts. Yeah, y'all can just **** right off with the L5P hate, even if other parts of the city got cooler as the years went by.
  12. I'm late to the party on this, but the first few seasons of HIMYM were brilliant - really innovative TV. Friends doesn't really hold up that well, though I've seen every episode probably 30-ish times. Two and a Half Men, King of Queens, and Raymond can go straight to ****. But especially Two and a Half Men. That show was just ******* terrible. Most everything on Adult Swim around that time was great: Aqua Teen (at least for a couple seasons), Venture Bros., Boondocks, even going back to Space Ghost.
  13. One thing that would help the party suck less is if the far left, young people, and "independents" started getting involved with the party at the local level, to help ensure that their candidates and their ideas were actually becoming part of the platform and gaining momentum inside the party, instead of just whining about the party, telling everyone how much it sucks, and then voting independent or sitting out elections every few years because their perfect candidate didn't get nominated.
  14. With all due respect to the WSJ, Spicer deserves it more each day he slithers out there, willingly defending lies, lying himself, and bullying those who dare question the lies. In short, **** that guy.