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  1. Who could have possibly seen this coming?
  2. That guy is doing some serious gut sucking. You can see it on his face. And his gut. I think I've mentioned this before, but the first time I heard of him was his scene in Waking Life. I **shudders** thought it was good. I SWEAR I DIDN'T KNOW THE EXTENT OF HIS CRAZY!
  3. FOXNews didn't ruin the country. That's ridiculous. It just contributed to a decline in the level of political discourse and political journalism in this country, while giving rise to the vacuous and pernicious echo chambers that have steadily eroded the importance of truth in our society. That is, it's ruining our country.
  4. Fantastic news! Congrats, my friend.
  5. Look, nerd, we're not all mathemagicians like you. All I know is 1,000 is 1,000.
  6. Yes. It was glorious.
  7. Maybe he is insinuating that. But I'm definitely saying that Jesus Christ couldn't hit a curveball.
  8. That was more in reference to Manchester (which despite their taking credit for, I'm not sure how clear ISIS's involvement was at this point) and everything else ISIS does. For my folk on here, that poem is not meant to condone, ignore, or handwash the role of the United States and the West in creating extremist terrorism through our actions. Rather, it's simply to say **** ISIS with a big, sweaty, hedonistic and heathenistic metal pole, right up its stupid, hateful ***.
  9. Can we all take a step back, take a breath, and agree on the following? **** ISIS. I even wrote a poem about it: **** ISIS. **** it up, and **** it down. **** it sideways and all around. **** ISIS now, and tomorrow too. **** ISIS black,and **** ISIS blue. **** its dumb retrogressive beliefs. **** its soldiers and **** its chiefs. **** its sinister online presence. **** it right down to its dumb ******* essence. **** its hatred, **** its war. **** ISIS now, then **** it some more.
  10. Haha, religion is stupid.
  11. Glad to hear it. Hope it all goes well.
  12. The fact that he said it at all is obviously the worst part of this, but ******** it, why do we have a president that talks like a ******* moron (emphasis mine)? WHAT TRUMP AND DUTERTE SAID PRIVATELY ABOUT THE NORTH KOREAN NUCLEAR THREAT