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  1. Love that this staff is willing to look anywhere for talent.
  2. 19-0 Gonna be a special year. 85 Bearsesque. Gonna knock the 72 Dolphins off the Throne!!!
  3. Congrats to all of em'. They all earned it.
  4. Yeah I believe we put him (Colin Mooney)on IR just before final cuts. He played well during preseason. I would assume that he would be invited back to OTA's and training camp.
  5. Hightower will not be franchised by Pats. Would probably take a Von Miller deal.
  6. I would imagine that Bradley wanted to go to a team with an offensive mind so he could be autonomous on the defensive side . Which is what happened. He signed with Chargers who had signed an offensive head coach in Anthony Lynn. Plus Q could have felt a little challenged or not. I dunno, I think it's going to work out for the best just as it has played out.
  7. It's better but still not completely gone for me The video to lift the Falcons fan in your life. You be the judge http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000785519/article/the-video-to-lift-up-the-falcons-fan-in-your-life
  8. I don't care what that SOB does. He didn't finish his job here.
  9. I agree, in fact I believe we could be poised for a season like the 85 Bears but with an offense as well as a defense. Like you said as long as the injury bug stays at a reasonable bay...
  10. Sounds about right.
  11. This is the reason I wondered. I'm figuring that AB is bringing heat to have the first game to be in his Taj Mahal in Atlanta in a prime spot. Either Thursday night, Sunday or Monday night. But I know the NFL likes to have the Superbowl rematch if at all possible.
  12. I was wondering what you guys take is on 1st game of 2017? Will we play Patriots in Foxborough or someone else in our new stadium? Knowing the NFL, I figured that it'll be Thursday night in Foxborough and AB's debut in new stadium will be put off till week two.
  13. Yours like ours goes as our QBs go. I have no confidence in Cams health and it's going to get worse with the pounding he takes.
  14. Next dam year. Defense will be top ten. Matty Ice will have more control over play calling. Of course injuries can have a major impact but as long as injuries are reasonable then I truly believe that we'll be right back in it.
  15. They were just insinuating that Floyd is in Belichek's doghouse.