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  1. Edited: Ten Worst Falcon First Round Draft Picks 10. 1990 - 20th - Steve Broussard - RB - 16 starts in 4 years. Less than 2000 total yards. Waste 9. 1995 - 26th - Devin Bush - FS/SS - 3 picks and under 200 tackles in 36 starts over 4 years. Oh boy 8. 1970 - 12th - John Small - DT - 18 starts in 3 years. 270 pound DT. Total ghost 7. 2008 - 21st - Sam Baker - OT - 7 years of Sackmaking. Spent 2-2nds and a 4th on him. Stole millions 6. 1992 - 19th - Tony Smith - RB - 350 yards and 2 TDs on 3 seasons. Pick we took for Favre. ? 5. 1997 - 11th - Michael Booker - CB - 10 starts over 3 years. Got lit up on the regular 4. 1988 - 1st - Aundray Bruce - DE/LB - 16 sacks in 4 seasons. Not enough for a 1st overall pick 3. 2007 - 8th - Jamaal Anderson - DE - less than 5 sacks over 4 years as a starter. Good lawd 2. 1971 - 7th - Joe Profit - RB - 3 starts in 3 years. Less than 250 total yards from scrimmage. Jeez 1. 1991 - 3rd - Bruce Pickens - CB - 8 starts in 3 years. Racked up a whoppin 2 INTs. Criminal Honorable Mention - Peria Jerry, Shawn Collins, Wilson Faumina and Bubba Bean
  2. The high powered offense was held to 21 points and the defense bled a historical 31 points in 22 minutes. That's troubling.
  3. Where the hail is all this melodrama coming from? Dude wasn't even here for a decade. He was here for six years in which he went 38-28-1 as a starter. That was the franchise winningest record as a starter after its first 41 seasons. With no Oline and Brian Finneran as a #1 WR. Four other Falcon QBs combined for a 9-20 record on the same six squads. He led two teams to the playoffs and went 2-2 in the postseason while reaching an NFCCG. During that time he was voted to three Pro Bowls and made the franchise relevant internationally, garnering numerous prime time games, bringing in millions in merchandise and selling out six straight Domes. How exactly is that setting a franchise back for a decade? Yall boys better get ready for Vick to be a Falcon for a day. I guarantee you Blank is gonna do it. He already had him in the Dome riding on the back of convertibles with Roddy White. Make no mistake about it, Arthur Blank loves him some Michael Vick. He is not suffering from the Vick issues most of TATF suffers from. Trust me.
  4. He really set the franchise BACK FOR A FEW YEARS!
  5. How? When he went to prison we went 56-24, had our fiirst franchise back to back, won two division championships and went to the playoffs in four out of five seasons, including an NFCCG game. WTF you talkin bout Willis?
  6. IP bans work. They banned my home router. They tried everything they could to unban it and can't.
  7. Please stop with the gassed bush it. We got gashed. It started on the last drive of the first half when NE drove down the field at will and kicked a FG after they got a holding penalty on our 15. We forced one punt after that. We couldn't get off the field long before the snap count got high and got worked for 31 points in 22 minutes. I bet NE's offensive players had some high snap counts too. They weren't gassed.
  8. Not sure if it was mentioned yet but McKay said they've opened and closed the roof twice already.
  9. Sorry bro. Thread reset: Hoop was the first player I ever mocked that Dimi actually drafted. There's that. Carry on.
  10. And me. By the way Realist is starting to sound a whole lot like Swift to me. But he just can't be because Gazoo or Falconidae would have had him banned after his second post. These boys don't like realists around these parts. Not worth a dam. Just blind loyalism, lollipops, cute puppies, warm fuzzies and kumbya.
  11. No doubt in my mind Reeves would have taken that 2004 team to a Bowl. I believe he and Wade would have beaten that PHI team. Would have in 2002 if Claridge hadn't been caught holding.
  12. Those guys helped us go 56-24, got our first back to back, won two division titles, went to the playoffs four out of five seasons and made an NFCCG appearance. That's a little more than squat.
  13. I know.
  14. Dimi inherited Roddy, Abe, Grimes, Ovie, Clabo, Mud Duck, Babineaux, Weiner, Dahl, Blalock, Weems, Snelling, Jenk, Nic, Brooking, Boley, Milloy, Grady, Chauncey, Fin and more. Take them away and 2008-2010 probably doesn't happen. When Dimi replaced those guys with the likes of Jelly, Dead President, King Konz, Puddin, Featherspoon, Reynolds Wrap, DaCloud, Ray Ray, RobbinUs and the rest of the merry men he got stripped of his duties. Blank had had enough.