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  1. Yeah that was probably my favorite scene. "Somebody is gonna get screwed."
  2. There have been 1st overall picks that busted harder. Busterson was a #8 pick. He disappointed me more than Bruce. Busterson - 4 seasons, 60 games, 105 tackles, 7.5 sacks, 2 FFs, 1 FR, 1 INT Bruce - 4 seasons, 62 games, 176 tackles, 16.0 sacks, 8 FFs, 1 FR, 3 INT
  3. What Quinn players move the meter more than Ryan, Julio, Free, Tru and Matthews?
  4. Drafting Busterson was dubious but buddy added Abraham, Rod Coleman, Grady, Babineaux, Chauncey, Boley and Demo to the front seven, plus Clabo, Dahl and Blaylock on the Oline. Also brought in DHall, Grimes, Schaub, Nic, Snelling, Osi, Weems, Jenkins, etc. Not bad for four years. Still think we might have won a Lombardi with him and Reeves paired up as HC and GM.
  5. Bruce was drafted way before 93. You're right though, he was way better than Busterson. He had some decent years at ROLB.
  6. Last ten years? King Konz, Sackmaker, Jelly and Busterson. We passed on Clay Matthews, Patrick Willis, Marshawyn Lynch, Darelle Revis, Chris Johnson, Lavonte David, Duane Brown, Vontae Davis and Keleche Osemele to take them. Criminal.
  7. LMAO at Shanny being a great play caller after blowing several play calls in a historic SB loss. Was buddy a great playcaller in 2015? Hail naw. Never has been. He capitalized on an $80M offense with good health. We'll soon see how good of a playcaller he is in SF.
  8. In every round.
  9. I've watched that game at least six times now. Live, All 22, Classics, Game of The Week, Patriot Slobber Fest, you name it. Part of our history now. Embrace it. At least we got back to a Bowl. Almost got some rest. Went to both Dome games. Incredible. Watch those. They'll help you through the second half of 51.
  10. Yall Mocker Fockers happy now?
  11. Left with no deal. Headed to a meeting with the Dolphins. If they sign him he will immediately become the most overrated, overweight, declining, injury prone meat slug in the NFL here on TATF. Trust me.
  12. Love Ish but his cover skills are just about as bad as Neal, Jones, Allen, Collins and Campbell's were.
  13. After Dimi replaced the players he inherited from McKay and Reeves with his guys, we went 18-30 and he had to relinquish some control. My view is when he lost Snead and Caldwell, he whiffed until he got help from Pioli, Quinn and the GM squad.
  14. You could do better than Julio, Konz and Puddin bro.