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  1. Still lookin for backers. Sad.
  2. The NFL RB is coming back. Don't sleep. We did on Murray, Bell and Gurley. Could have been way ahead of the curve.
  3. Wish I had known this when I went to the Hawks game Saturday. Would have checked it out. Maybe it was placed today or yesterday though. Looks great.
  4. Go do your homework. I'm not doing it for you. Don't try a falconidae tactic on me.
  5. He got his as handed to him in plenty games son.
  6. These boys need their media love. Always have, always will. Fk the media.
  7. Still not ready to anoint Collins. Go look at that Super Bowl game. He got his as beat like a drum.
  8. Troffed.
  9. Had we been drafting BPA the previous seven years we wouldn't have needed an edge rusher.
  10. The fact that we're drafting to fill starter roles is disappointing. Almost out of the Dimi chasm but not quite. I say go BPA, every year, every round. Fill holes with veterans. That's how you build a kick as roster.
  11. Bye week predictions are so overrated. Watch us have some injuries and need it. Mods can yall please unban my router so I can post up my mock? Please?
  12. Lest not forget we worked out Clay Matthews before the 2009 draft. When we were on the clock in the first Dimi pulled his card looked at it and shouted, nah gimme some a dat Jelly.
  13. Apparently the building has settled, creating a shift of several inches in the roof. That's from the AMB president so if some jackas comes on here and says it's speculation or something tell him to pull up the clip. Buildings settle so you'd think there should have been plans for this. Apparently not.
  14. In before TATF says Chester sucked, it's just a guard, Mack will protect him, trust the process, Dimi is a master roster builder, Brotherhood.