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  1. IMO, the biggest take away is that our FO now actively uses smoke screens. In the Mike Smith days, you knew exactly who we were taking. Everyone knew we were taking Weatherspoon and Trufant and Jake Mathews. Now we cloud up the whole draft and it helps us get our guys.
  2. I see shoe-string sacks don't count so he rightfully left out Rodgers.
  3. The facemask one? Freeman had fumbled on the 1 yard line on the previous series and was determined to make up for it. It's too bad he doesnt run that hard every time. He said within the last week, that he wants to play harder this year and that he felt he left something on the field last year.
  4. Good Post OP. Im the exact same way. After being a fan from the 80's, that Super bowl loss nearly made me leave this team forever. I actually have a "second fav" team now just so I can have something to fall back on when the Falcons inevitably let us down yet again. We all know it is coming. My biggest struggle is looking at the history of this team. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". Look at what the Falcon teams of past have done after NFCCG games and it should lead you to be cautious about our future. Plus, 28-3 will never, ever go away. They have it on the calendar now as Falcon's day, march 28th. People running the boston marathon are greeted by a sign reading 28-3 2mins 3rd qtr. Sports writers will always use OUR super bowl as the marker for the worst collapse in SB history. I-85 and SB collapse jokes abound. It's who we are as a sports town in Atlanta, from College to pro sports, we are the bottom. It's hard. Always suffering and if you don't remember your history, well, don't say you weren't warned.
  5. Hags isn't that good. 2 sacks last year and 1 was a shoestring miracle and people want to claim "he came on late in the year". He's not. I know exactly why people don't get it. It's because for decades, the Falcons have held onto players with "potential". Players like Sidbury, Kerry Meir and James Stone that people swore up and down were going to be good one day. But THESE Falcons, DQs falcons, don't do "potential". You either have C/T or you get released. You gotta stop thinking that we are the team that hopes for players to become something and instead we are a tam that only fields players that are of known value. Hageman won't be resigned when his contract expires and some of us have been saying this for 2 years now.
  6. Spot on. Especially when our FS is listed at 186 on the official page. Jalen Collins looks quite big compared to a traditional outside corners and he is listed at 203. And there sits Poole at 209
  7. Nah Sammills is a pretty solid poster ...for a panthers fan
  8. That highlilght reel shows me he is a team guy. Captain emblem, rushes and contains as a team player not a guy looking for glory. Those are all positives. Looks like a Cliff Mathews clone is my first impression though. sorry
  9. I like it. Really hoping we bolster the D in a big way this draft. I just know we will pick players that will help and not pull some Mike Smith shish and draft 4 LBs in 1 draft who can't make it in the NFL.
  10. Enjoyed the post. Agree that DQ and TD are doing great together so lets let them pick and we just be happy since they know what they are doing. I like the breakdown of what should be seen as mandatory and upgrade positions. Your statement I've quoted is the reason why I feel this team should not go OG until the 3rd or 4th round. Our Defense was garbage last year too. I know I know, "but we got better". Fact is, We were ranked 27th and gave up 25 pts per game. That's not better enough and we see what happens when just one thing goes wrong with our offense (ie SB). We won mostly by shootout and the games we lost were by losing shootouts. Yes we dominated the lowly rams and the pathetic 9'ers, but a quick glance back at the 2016 scoreboard shows the Saints scoring 32 x2, the packers 32, chargers 33, Panthers 33, Cheifs 29, raiders and Bucs 28 and 31 respectively and 34 in the superbowl People are too hung up on the "run the ball in the superbowl" and think immediately we need a Guard. In reality we have a garbage D (look at those points) and we have to stop the bleeding or else we are putting way too many eggs in the offenses basket and expecting them to win games. Win games with a New OC no less.
  11. Look at his head. He never looks at his feet, that's the amazing thing. His head is up looking at the "play" in front of him all the while being able to have footwork like that.
  12. Look, to each their own. But you really paid 600 bucks per for those plastic butt-hurters?
  13. I like how people think it's "people on the boards don't like Rico." There are national media outlets talking about FS for us. We are also bringing in FS players pre-draft visits. That means the team is also interested in bringing in FS talent. So tell me again how its the board people who don't like Rico?
  14. So now using the information I provided you, use a little critical thinking. You don't automatically make it to the superbowl, There is a whole season that comes before it. For 18 game plus 3 quarters the Offense carried this team on its shoulders while rookies (jones neal Cambell) learned and scubs (Allen and Hags) slapped together a defense that got Richard Smith fired. Our Total Team D ranked 25th and gave up 25.4 points a game. Only FIVE teams gave up more points than we did. Do you know where the teams who gave up more points than us are drafting? #1 #2 #6 #7. It was our Offense that rolled up in the regular season and the playoffs and it shows what an imbalanced team we are. Unbalanced teams aren't built to last because if one part fails (see SB running ball) then the whole ball of wax falls apart because you put all your eggs in one basket. Common sense. OG isn't our biggest problem on this team. We can't stop anyone and it was proven NOT in the SB but in the regular season. The SB was just the cheery on top of a D that gives up too many points. To further the point, Chris Chester was the 2nd worst guard in the league at pass protection yet we still had a prolific offense. DQ has already said Wes is ready to be a starter with his run blocking, but needs to work on his pass prot. Can he really be worse than the 2nd worst in the league? Guys..common sense here.
  15. Wrong. Going off what the Superbowl taught us, we gave up a SB record 422 passing yards. Also gave up the most first down We will be picking a FS or a rush-end. Edit: Most completions, game, team: 43, New England Most passing yards, game, team: 422, New England Most first downs passing, game, team: 26, New England