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  1. I like how people think it's "people on the boards don't like Rico." There are national media outlets talking about FS for us. We are also bringing in FS players pre-draft visits. That means the team is also interested in bringing in FS talent. So tell me again how its the board people who don't like Rico?
  2. So now using the information I provided you, use a little critical thinking. You don't automatically make it to the superbowl, There is a whole season that comes before it. For 18 game plus 3 quarters the Offense carried this team on its shoulders while rookies (jones neal Cambell) learned and scubs (Allen and Hags) slapped together a defense that got Richard Smith fired. Our Total Team D ranked 25th and gave up 25.4 points a game. Only FIVE teams gave up more points than we did. Do you know where the teams who gave up more points than us are drafting? #1 #2 #6 #7. It was our Offense that rolled up in the regular season and the playoffs and it shows what an imbalanced team we are. Unbalanced teams aren't built to last because if one part fails (see SB running ball) then the whole ball of wax falls apart because you put all your eggs in one basket. Common sense. OG isn't our biggest problem on this team. We can't stop anyone and it was proven NOT in the SB but in the regular season. The SB was just the cheery on top of a D that gives up too many points. To further the point, Chris Chester was the 2nd worst guard in the league at pass protection yet we still had a prolific offense. DQ has already said Wes is ready to be a starter with his run blocking, but needs to work on his pass prot. Can he really be worse than the 2nd worst in the league? Guys..common sense here.
  3. Wrong. Going off what the Superbowl taught us, we gave up a SB record 422 passing yards. Also gave up the most first down We will be picking a FS or a rush-end. Edit: Most completions, game, team: 43, New England Most passing yards, game, team: 422, New England Most first downs passing, game, team: 26, New England
  4. Based on walterfootball, Watt has visited 11 teams. Atlanta is not one of them.
  5. Anyone have break down of rushing on grass vs turf for these RBs? Few fellows and I saw last year that Tevin was a much better runner on natural grass than Devonta is. While Devonta excelled on turf more so than Tevin. Devonta's game is predicated on quick jukes and cuts, which are slowed in natural grass. IMO IMO.
  6. RandomFan is spot on about Hags. The C/T that the new scouts look for are not there for Hageman. 1 or 2 splash plays won't cut it under this regime. Here is the biggest thing to remember. This is Hagemans last year under contract and he will be a UFA in 2018. His base salary this year is $1,147,615. Quinn is a DL coach at heart and has had 2 years to get more out of Hageman and it's not clicking. You really think that DQ would resign a guy that is simply not getting it done? Or would DQ go get a rookie in the mold of Jarrett, who is hungry and teachable, not to mention on a rookie salary wage? Which sounds more realistic? I'm betting that Hags is a goner next year unless he has some magical season which is highly doubtful. Just gotta remember, these aren't the Falcons of yester-year. We aren't afraid to cut bait with players not getting it done. (Ie Roddy)
  7. Loved the preamble, thought it was going to lead to some great drafting. But for me, it didn't. Don't care for the WR in the 2nd.
  8. Still find it funny how the board is only now coming around to FS. There are those of us who have been banging the FS upgrade drum since camp last year. FS is THAT important in this system. Rico made some plays, but he made plenty of mistakes too. Being "average" won't cut it in this system and now we see the team kicking the tires on top FS talent. It's like people are opening their eyes for the first time and can't understand whats happening. Yes, FS is a need.
  9. No kidding. I had the same thing happen. Quinn sitting there with his play sheet and Im seeing him call plays yet no one will listen.
  10. Oh come on thats easy. All the mor0ns who went bonkers because kyle intercepted Matt Ryan. No one would listen, when it was clearly a teaching lesson to Hooper. Hooper had run his route too deep and kyle taught him what happens when you screw your QB by running a bad route.
  11. I dont want to trade Trufant. But agree with your conclusion. Trufant is not dangerous and does not create turnovers. Collins on the other hand, gets picks and also strips the ball.
  12. OP made me LOL
  13. You think you hear it still? Think about the team and the players. It may take a decade for the superbowl shadow to lift off this team
  14. I said 11 last year. 7-8 this year. History folks. Go look at how this team does historically after a NFCCG season. Add in the embarrassment of 3-28 which is never going away, difficult schedule, luck of last year not having major injuries, offensive change-over leading to offense regression and every team now giving us their best shot each week versus being about to "sneak up" on people last year. yeah 7 sounds about right.
  15. You're basing his value on 3 games versus the 16 in the regular season? Because his regular season was junk.