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  1. http://www.viralmoon.net/view/Bouncing-Boobs-Are-Lots-Of-Fun/?src=1&utm_source=vm_revc_desk&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=bouncing_boobes2&utm_content_id=142317&utm_boost_id=22364&utm_targeting=moms,%20babies%20and%20pets&utm_widget_id=9014
  2. FUUUUUUUUK Drew Brees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all.
  3. Bridgewater on block. Make an offer if interested.
  4. Hope Sandoval
  5. I'm always pretty heavily buzzed/inebriated by 9pm on Sunday's. I gotta re-watch although from the sound of it I didn't miss much.
  6. Has passing the inspection been mentioned yet? Pretty obvious but very key.
  7. Nothing is more annoying then when Jeff Buckley's version comes on while I'm trying to sell wine to a customer in the shop. It goes from real quiet to real loud too much and is crazy distracting
  8. RIP
  9. Aiight cool. Thanks
  10. Draft is Monday August 31st at 9:30 pm EST Y'all sign off on this date and time. Swift wants to know if this is good for everyone?
  11. works for me