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  1. 11 wins seems realistic
  2. Tax Free: he will sign with Miami.
  3. How about a visit from Kelsey Conway? Consider a formal invitation to the pants party extended...
  4. Would you want to bring Elvis in the building? I remember being SO pissed that we didn't sign him after the Bronco/Fax fiasco, but I haven't really paid much attention to his game lately. Anything left in him?
  5. https://youtu.be/wut2cb2dGqA
  6. With all the trade Free talk going on, it got me thinking about what if this got ugly (personally I don't think he's going anywhere) and it actually happened. We all know we can't count on Coleman to play a full season. I don't think Mixon will fall anywhere near as far as some people do, but if he happened to fall to us in the 3rd rd, would you consider taking him and trading Free? Would you draft Mixon under any circumstance?
  7. #brotherhood Buy in! ...um... please buy in? Good luck selling the rah rah this year. Everyone knows it's all about business.
  8. Joe Mixon?
  9. I hear that Burrito Sparlenburg guy is pretty good... Haven't watched much film on him though...
  10. I hear VY's making a comeback. Kick the tires?...
  11. How many sacks/pressures/QB hits did he have in the Super Bowl?
  12. Trust me, we do NOT want to play the first game in the new Dome against the Pats. Now the Panthers, that'd start us off at 1-0.
  13. Nah... I do wonder what Quinn could squeeze out of Jordan though...
  14. I think you forgot about featuringTM our players and attacking the footballTM ... We did a great job of featuring Matt Bryant in the Super Bowl, didn't we?
  15. Soooo.... the Patriots are cheaters?...