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  1. Would the Jets have to eat some of the salary?
  2. Exactly what we need after losing the 3rd Rd pick. Hope TD and DQ aren't too lost in the draft process to miss this opportunity.
  3. why would you make it about religion and a specific one?
  4. With interior rush.Don't look now but the D line is coming together real well.
  5. Those who doubt this man's intentions or integrity; watch this video.
  6. "If a good coach gets his hands on him" who better than DQ?
  7. Offers more than speed, weighs more than a bag of potato chips, is still quick off the snap, and wouldn't need as much draft capital to go up and get him.
  8. Who are our DE's again? Injury prone Claborn and Shelby off a torn achilles? Lol
  9. This defense needs Charles Harris more than it needs reddick.
  10. Here's to another draft since 1993 where the panthers dont find their Franchise Quarterback.
  11. Hope that if we move up, we move up for Charles Harris. Dude will be a top NFL DE for years to come.
  12. Lemme guess, he was also 'dehydrated' and chugged too much water right before the test? :/ /s
  13. Lol not sure about that. People were ripping apart Mack here, talking about how he played against inferior competition at a smaller school.