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  1. I really enjoyed watching Ed play football. He was tough as nails.
  2. Not sure why everyone is so eager to get rid of Reed. I thought he played great last year and showed a high motor and a lot of fire and passion. I think he is very underrated by a lot of Falcons fans and I want to see him stick around.
  3. Because he claims to have friends in the league doesn't mean anything to this particular situation. So yes, it's speculation.
  4. Unless either of you have personally spoken to Dontari, neither of you know anything definitive and you are merely speculating like everyone else. Watching both of you pounding your chests for the past couple days like you are in the know is pretty comical.
  5. I really don't think he will rebound. All of Cam's previous success as a passer (he has had some) came as a direct result of the dual threat of him running. Two factors are slowly taking that dual threat away. 1. All the hits are taking a toll, forcing him to adjust his game 2. The coaches calling WAY less designed in an attempt to try to preserve him. You saw a real change in the way Carolina used him last year and that is what led to his down year. They called significantly less designed runs for him which took away a lot of the designed option/pass looks and allowed the defenses to treat him like a passer. We all saw the end result last year. With reports already this offseason that they want Cam to run EVEN LESS, its going to be another long year for Cam Newton.
  6. Now why would I give him an opportunity to do something he does on the reg already?
  7. Deal. Whats the amount we are betting?
  8. You sound pretty confident..... I smell the first wager of the 2017 season. What do you say buddy?
  9. Your D aint shyt, your O aint shyt, Cam sucks and yet you continue your homerisms to the fullest. That's cool man.
  10. Isnt that "scariest defense in the division" the one that Matt threw for over 500 yards against and Julio had 300 against?
  11. I really cant believe you are still on this board bro. Why are you hear? And why does every single post about Poe have a little dig line in it like "a shell of his former self" or "whether he can.... remains to be seen." Just shut up already and let us enjoy this while you enjoy Peppers and Khalil
  12. It sure has been a long time since we entered a season feeling good about our DL. I must say, its a welcomed feeling!
  13. Forgive me if I don't think a group with the likes of Diggs, Thielen, Wright, and Treadwell qualifies as a deep group. You are delusional like always. What trade did I miss exactly?
  14. So the Vikings have more depth at WR than ATL? Did I miss a trade or something?
  15. Continue hurling insults pal. Brings me back to my middle school days. I like Gabriel a lot and value him greatly. I was merely giving my perspective on how his performance relates to Thielen and am basically saying Gabe wont get that kind of contract. Now, why don't you go out to recess and play hopscotch with the other children?