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  1. Dude just stfu already
  2. Put down the pipe son
  3. The real question is who are you hoping to get with your top ten pick next year?
  4. Ingram has to really be feeling the love from the Saints lol
  5. Double post
  6. Here comes the annual "WTF is a_______" pick.
  7. Don't forget they signed DJax this offseason. I don't think they need to go WR any time soon.
  8. Absolutely. If they can all stay relatively healthy, I think we are gonna wreck some QBs next year.
  9. I disagree. I don't think he will necessarily have a 10+ sack year, but when you have the group of him, Beasley, Grady, and Poe rushing the QB, who is going to garner the least amount of attention? Takk will. He is going to see a lot of one on one matchups and surely he can have some success with that.
  10. I think its pretty darn scary. Think about this... Beasley, Grady, Poe, Takk rushing the QB on obvious passing downs. Should certainly be fun to watch.
  11. I could definitely get on board with that!
  12. Good find. Its pretty obvious they were upset when we jumped ahead of them. They had Takk in their crosshairs and you could clearly see the frustration and panic in the room when we traded up. That was fun to watch.
  13. That mock is really all over the place with a lot of teams.
  14. Sure, TD is obviously known for his aggression in moving up. They even joked about it in the presser yesterday. I didn't hear the interview this morning and Bedwetter's article was written yesterday so I figured it was more speculation on his part than anything. Like many others have said though, this is the same song and dance every draft. Its clockwork at this point but I also wouldn't be surprised at all if we moved up.