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  1. This is great news! He played great when he filled in at LB, creatine cycles this summer and he could be a pro bowler.
  2. Living in Texas now I get asked alot "why I'm not a titans fan" bc I grew up in Chattanooga which has been falcons country long before the oilers made their way from Houston to Memphis. I don't see a whole lot of die hard Texans fans around here (but it is cowboy country) so I do wonder how the old houston oilers felt about that move, I know the chargers and Raiders are losing a lot of fans now. Slow day? Yes. Only NFL news i have seen lately is Raiders make it official and Colin Kaperdick.
  3. Just curious with the Chargers and Raiders moving, if the falcons moved to say Oregon would u still be a falcon fan? (This is hypothetical. I KNOW that with a new stadium were going no where)
  4. People saying that the mind set had nothing to do with it.....Read Smitty's book.
  5. This
  6. Cowboys appear to be in full rebuild mode, focus on stopping their run and make Dak stay in the pocket and we beat them handily
  7. We were 10 yards away from a SB under MS that we spent the next 2 seasons so focused on the playoffs we forgot how to get there, I hope Quinn has moved passed the Super Bowl and we prepare for winning in the regular season first before we even worry about the playoffs. 1 game at a time.
  8. I'll take them too, MR will have a field day with their all rookie secondary
  9. Will overstreet coulda been great but due to injury he never played
  10. The 98 team did have a better wins and losses record than the 16 team. Head to head the 98 team was the type of team built to beat teams like the 16 team. Good defense, strong running game.
  11. Our team would have been built completely different with Reeves. Woulda been Smitty like but with a better D
  12. We have not beat the Patriots since Tom Brady has been there starter have we?
  13. The 2004 Falcons had the potential to be the best interest team in franchise history. Good defense, good RBs, super star QB. I think receiver and DB were the weak links on that team but if that QB would have applied his self more that team would have won it all. Even with the mobility of today's QB they will never compare to Vick's god given but wasted talent.
  14. What? I thought we played in foxboro last time.