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  1. We old time fans embrace the 98 team as the best team in franchise history and that team took a beat down in the super bowl, the 2016 team wasnt supposed to be there, we were a 10-6 team that was building our defense, we some how ended up 12-4 then some how had home field advantage and then some how kicked the **** out of the Patriots for 3qtrs.....After we BLEW 5 teams in a row out including 2 of the best teams in the NFC. Let the haters hate bc the Falcons is a team will be a force to reccon with for years to come, scary part is were only getting better.
  2. Why are you still here?
  3. I don't normally watch the whole thing but try to peak in to see what Falcons made the list, haven't seen any yet. Have any Falcons made it? I think Julio Jones, Matt Ryan, and Tom Brady will make the top 10 o think Julio deserves #1 but I bet Brady gets it.
  4. I get it too but I just come back later
  5. Over all it's a great idea, he is still loved in Atlanta and I know some of u closet haters were watching eagles games and rooting for Vick in secret.....U ain't gotta lie to kick it. Shoot maybe we sign him to a one year deal, let him back up Ryan, let him get some PT when we are blowing teams out of the water.
  6. He should named his dog fine-o as in fine me later
  7. Madden Curse! Dude already getting concussions and it ain't even preseason yet.
  8. I don't think the curse will hit Brady because his soul already belongs to Satan.
  9. "GOAT addition" gtfoh with that BS.
  10. Any chance we can put him on the PS if Hill beats him out?
  11. I wasn't sure if he was still on the active roster and with the addition of the rookie RB I see no mention of Ward. Ward is solid and always played well when given a chance, was jw do we still have him or did he get demoted to PS or what?
  12. I didn't know much about the guy prior to the draft and I was on the Peppers wagon as I don't watch very many UCLA games. So today I looked up some film and happened to come across some interviews of the guy. This kid was sleeping on the floor growing up, had almost threw away his college career and at a point said he was applying for jobs at McDonald's and Taco Bell. THAT is a guy u want on your team, this kid is hungry and he WILL beast for us, if he takes a year or 2 to develop that's ok. Hes no entitled Johnny Manzel type he's a hungry kid that's over come the odds to be here and he will make the most moment.
  13. Love the pick!!!!
  14. In not happy mcafery is a panther gonna a go from lloving to hating him
  15. How about the red Sea? In the playoffs last year I saw a lot of a red Sea of defenders atacking RBs behind the line, it's a swarming defense of red jersies and in order to score u have to get through the red Sea.