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  1. WooHoo...Draft Day! Let's go!!!!
  2. It's Miller time! Why stop a good thing...the Bravos continue to hit well and take the Brew Crew 2/3. Keep them brooms close though.... Chop on!
  3. Hopeful possibility for a double header tomorrow since we have an early game scheduled anyway.
  4. Agreed. We are in such a great position that there's no need to move up or down. We have a great team with the best core group in the league! Quinn has his list of names in his back pocket, he will get his players. One thing I do appreciate and respect about Quinn is his evaluation of talent. The man does his homework!
  5. I should have added that I prefer Willis over Taco, but I do think you are spot on with pick number 1
  6. No doubt in my mind DE is going to be our first pick. If we stay put, it will be either Willis or Charlton. If we move up or down, I trust that TD/DQ have a much better plan.
  7. I'll have the dimebag foster please....
  8. Agreed. Can't let the Mets or anybody for that fact get to our bullpen early. That's how they got us last series. Our starters need run support in a bad way.
  9. Hate Thursday is a midday game...gonna miss it.
  10. We should have a "Mock Madness"...kinda like how you fill out brackets for NCAA march madness. All in fun of coarse, but imagine hitting on every pick!
  11. Ok guys, simply put we've learned a lot about ourselves since we last played the Mets. Obviously there is work to do and plenty of room for improvement. I think we come out swinging aggressively and Julio puts us back in the win column. We squeak out 2/3 in Queens! Let's go Braves!!!
  12. This is what makes this game so great! Everyone makes great points. This wouldn't even be an issue if we would have executed. Looking back at a certain play or situation and trying to dissect or do things differently, won't necessarily guarantee you a different outcome. Baseball is a game of chance, opportunity, and circumstance. Either way, you must execute.
  13. I thought our hitting was going to be much better against the Nats. Honestly, I thought our hitting was going to be better thus far period. Kevin Seitzer has some work to do.
  14. This will be a good move.