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  1. HBD brother! Enjoy!!!
  2. Honestly, there are too many to keep track of.
  3. HBD...Enjoy!
  4. Absolutely. But looking at the big picture, The Falcons are in a sweet position to go in a few directions and stay competitive. Possibly save some $$$ too.
  5. I think whatever direction we go with this, may determine our 1st pick in the draft. Should be interesting.
  6. Understood. I'm looking at the hit our dline took with Babs, Jackson, and possibly whoever else will not be with us next season. Quinn did say he wants this dline to take the next step, and that step is right in front of us. Sacrifices!
  7. I totally understand your point. But just to throw this out there...the more productive of your 2 corners was given an extension last season and you have an up and coming younger corner who did have much better production after coming back from suspension. Is resigning Tru to a large contract worth it right now?
  8. A man named Dontari Poe paid a visit recently. This is why I think things may have stalled. Would any of you be willing to let Tru walk for Poe? Tough decision, but I would take that chance.
  9. This is textbook Falcons. I touched on this in another thread. The Falcons will not go top dollar, splurge, and will not get into a bidding war for incoming FA's. What they present to you is take it or leave it. We've missed out on numerous talented FA's in the past because of this and I'm not mad about it one bit. This mindset is what keeps this franchise alive believe it or not. I'd love to have Poe here, he would take this dline to another level. it is what it is...next.
  10. I've got faith he can get the job done. who knows, we may even break some of our own records from last season.
  11. You're touching on some points that I'm making. I'll leave it at that.
  12. Keep reading my next post brother
  13. Like the mock... I think Poe comes out with a 2/3 yr deal though.
  14. History has a story to tell. The Falcons are one of the best teams to manage their own. They have been burned bad in the past, and never have I seen them get into a bidding war...especially with an incoming FA. They are very good at what they do and that is putting an offer on the table to suit their needs and letting it sit. Which is not a bad thing.