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  1. Possibly but I'm not so sure... Ward looked pretty good last year in spot duty and there were some promising RBs last season.
  2. Practice squad unless the Falcons keep 4 RBs on the active roster
  3. Williams?
  4. NOpe Bengals ....
  5. A 3rd Andrea and 2 5s
  6. Did we get the 11th pick in the third?
  7. What did we get?
  8. Willis still out there?
  9. Do we go guard?
  10. Probably agents of the player letting teams know there's interest from other teams and if they want him they need to move up. 1. Higher draft position for their client 2. Agent keeps a good relationship with teams because he let them know the truth
  11. Desmond Trufant Robert Alford Vic Beasley Grady Jarrett Jalen Colins Keanu Neal Dion Jones So based on those names alone would you think this front office and coaching staff deserve the benefit of the doubt?
  12. Just look at the bright side... postgame interviews should be really fun
  13. This is like when we signed Steven Jackson... old RBs at the end of their career don't do much. As a Falcon fan I love this move. I hope AP can squeeze as much cap room out of them as possible. Another classic Loomis move.