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  1. Yeah and good for him. Im so happy to see him trying to make good investments rather than blow his money on cars, women & shoes. Granted they are fun things but when you think about it the return on the investment is usually pretty low. Ive said it once and I'll say it again. Worth every penny and pick...
  2. Trufant goes to the top of the CB list & Beasley probably will too. Those are expensive positions. Ryan too because that's just what happens when starting QBs get resigned If Jones, Jarrett, & Neal stay on the same trajectory they'll be expensive. If Poe has the year we want him to he'll be pricey as well. Freeman will get paid but not crazy money. When it comes down to it the Falcons won't resign everyone. My guess is Collins or Alford end up getting traded a year or two from now. Coleman probably hits FA
  3. Why? You probably have a better chance of a guard coming in and making an immediate positive impact than on the dline. I'd rather see the team pick up a DT in FA and take a pass rusher with the 1st pick but we all know how important blocking is. I also recall hearing Dan Quinn say the infamous sack on 2nd down was a missed assignment. I want to say it was Chester but I have no proof to back that up... not that it matters.
  4. How is waiting on a 34 year old guard clearly on the downside of his career a good thing?
  5. It's tough when you go into FA coming off a season injury.
  6. Its definitely hard not to like him when you read something like this. I hope he has developed a good relationship with Warrick Dunn. Dunn could provide valuable insight on many things for Freeman including being smart with your money. If Freeman plays his cards right he can still have many opportunities that most don't have in Atlanta regardless of how his career in football turns out. Just keep working hard and stay humble and with press like this.... he'll be just fine.
  7. Just wait until United Airlines sponsors a team....
  8. 1. Trufants agent probably held up negotiations so they could use the FA deals as leverage. Good move by him. 2. The offense wasn't going to be the same without Shanahan. This is just further proof of that. 3. When you jump in the first day of free agency you drastically overpay for the upper tier guys. Everybody's drooling over the Pats moves but I bet all of those guys aren't on their roster in 3 years. Falcons will take their time unless they decide to address it in the draft. 5. It will be interesting to see how they manage the cap. My guess is either Trufant, Alford, or Collins will eventually be traded. Just like we didn't have good enough players to be in cap trouble we didn't have enough to trade away either. Now we do but it will be a year or two before they need to do something like that.
  9. You get paid but I think it's not necessarily guaranteed and I think we're talking about different levels of pay. i mentioned the part about a vested vet base salary being guarenteed if they're on the roster the first week. Players get paid every week during the season. 'Game checks' Just like when you hear 5 year 100 million dollar contracts that's what it could potentially be worth but it's doubtful the player sees all 5 years and 100 million. For example you hear injured players getting 'injury settlements.' Unless they have something in their contract about it being guarenteed in the case of injury they still get paid when injured but it's less than they would have made otherwise. Im sure most contracts have all kinds of stuff about different levels of pay if they're on the active roster vs being inactive.
  10. For higher end guys yes but most of the time a one year deal favors the team. It also all depends on how it's structured. Correct me if I'm wrong but for vested vets their base salary is guaranteed if they're on the roster for the first week/game of the season. Thats why teams do dirty **** like cut a player the 1st week and then resign him week 2
  11. Dr DOOMerville?
  12. 1 year deals don't necessarily benefit the player. The guaranteed money is less and people don't realize this but players get paid on a per game basis. The get paid as they play. They get injured... they don't get all the money They get cut... they don't get all the money One year deals are cheaper for the team. Thats why players want multiyear deals with the big guarenteed money. It gives them more money up front to hedge against being injured or cut. Thats why they say 5 year deals are essentially 2-3 year deals and all that matters is the guaranteed money.
  13. My lasting memory of him will be 57 seconds left on the clock in the Superbowl. The kickoff is going into the endzone and he catches it at the edge of the endzone and brings it out to the 11 and takes time off the clock doing so.... instead of letting it be a touchback and saving time. If he had been averaging 30-40 yards a return then I might understand trying to bring it out.... but he wasn't. Oh well.... just one more screw up to add to the list...
  14. I guess this is a desperation move to try and protect Cam. Good for them they finally figured out having Cam getting blasted nearly every snap is a bad thing.
  15. You know how they do it. Spend it all now so they can lead the league in dead money next off season.