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  1. I like all of the picks a lot. My only knock on Marcus Williams is he isn't very physical versus the run and I get a little worried he's the last line of defense. But as a pure ballhawk is incredible. I think he could be coached to become more into the run game. Blair Brown is so underrated as well.
  2. Can't please everyone. But I actually really like this and think it's realistic. I don't care for the 3rd round pick but I wouldn't complain.
  3. Says the one who said James Stone was the next best thing. I'll take what you say with a grain of salt.
  4. I feel you but I asked about their game. What you don't like about those two players games.
  5. Kai Nucua, S BYU This ballhawk could be a massive steal. Watched a couple of his games and he's a really strong player. He's great at reading the QB and breaking on the ball. Physical as well.
  6. That or he's trying to figure out what fans say about him with google search haha.
  7. I don't want a guard at 31, but I don't want to not draft a guard all together either though.
  8. There are some good ones in this draft I don't understand the hate. I just hate relying on unknowns in Thornton and Wes. They could be good, but we also had that mindset with Mike freaking Persons. I just want a quality guy there and I think there is quite a few good guard prospects. I want to know why they don't think they are good, not the same old regurgitated stuff.
  9. I have to disagree here. Taylor Moton and Dion Dawkins could be great rd 2 guards.
  10. I have a couple theories for next episode. Obviously, I think that was Dwight at the end there and he's probably going to ask Rosita to take him to the group to turn on Negan. After that I think Sasha gets captured and Negan tries to recruit her instead of killing her. He will probably like her badass attempt similar to Carls. Now this is where I think Eugene comes into play. Those pills he made to kill Negan, I actually think those will be used for Sasha because she will most likely want to end her life there. Next up Rick and the group head up to Oceanside to recruit them but most importantly to get their weapons. While he gains potential soldiers from Oceanside, I have a feeling the garbage pale kids (I forget their names) turn on Rick and his group. I feel like they may go to Negan and say what Ricks plan is. I just don't trust them whatsoever. Or Gregory rats them out. Either way I think Negan finds out somehow. I don't see much happening other than that. This has been a pretty boring filler season and we probably won't see battles until the finale. I would love to see some skirmishes, but I definitely think we will see a kill at some point, just not all out war just yet. I want some freaking action though.
  11. Yeah I really like Mathis. He's had some lingering injuries but should be there around the 3rd round. Excellent pass rusher, strong initial punch, quick. My only concerns are durability and scheme fit. He doesn't like to play with his hands in the dirt.
  12. I'll stick with Colorado. This guy is really intriguing in Jimmie Gilbert, EDGE Colorado He's really athletic but somewhat thin. Would be a fantastic project to take a flier on. I love some of his tape because he flashes but other games he doesn't do much. Check the Tedric Thompson tape to watch him. #98
  13. A guy I am really liking a lot lately as a mid round pick is Tedric Thompson, FS Colorado. This guy is a ball hawk and PBU machine. Love his anticipation and ability to quickly diagnose the play. He always makes great plays on the ball and is IMO one of the best if not the best coverage safety in this class. I don't follow PFF much but he's got the best coverage grade from them I believe. Negatives: not the best against the run and didn't test great (did okay but not great). I think he could be a steal and give Rico a run for his money. He's a better at playing the ball than Rico and he's also a little lengthier than him as well. Has incredible incredible instincts. Full game that is really impressive. Only bad game I've seen from him is Michigan.