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  1. Sean Harlow is a solid player. I think he's being slept on for sure. I also am pretty high on Elfein and Asiata.
  2. I agree I think Willis is our guy.
  3. Agreed man. Scheme did hurt him and he has all the tools you'd like, just needs to be coached up properly I wish we would bring him in. Seems like he has the things DQ looks for in an edge guy but we will see. I'd take him in the 2nd if he's there for sure.
  4. I'd say my favorites are Budda Baker, Marcus Williams, Marcus Maye, and Obi. As far as sleepers I like Tedric Thompson a ton.
  5. Quinn said Peppers is a good player and could play SS or FS for us.
  6. Daeshon Hall, Derek Rivers, Budda Baker, Tedric Thompson, Tanner Vallejo, Sean Harlow, Jermaine Eluemunor, Isaac Asiata, Tarell Basham, Justin Evans, Chris Wormley
  7. You keep saying Aspin but I think you mean Haplin
  8. Y'all need to watch some tape on Hall and understand the scheme he was in before you start pulling random BS out of your behind. He's a really good player even when he was not coached up. He won on raw ability and is a huge upside type of guy. He's not a flyer like some guy said. He's a solid player and for a man his size he gets low, maintains awesome leverage, and is quick and twitchy. He just lacks technique right now, but his raw ability is very impressive. Dominated senior bowl week. He will go between picks 25-64. Bank on it.
  9. Now you're bringing up a different subject. Don't make an excuse for what he did. He is a murderer and that's that. He made a decision and went through with it. It's not even close to a Seau case. Horrible for you to compare these two situations. Hernandez had every opportunity to get his life in order, but didn't.
  10. I'm warming up to Harris again. He didn't test great, but he improved at his pro day. He has incredible snap anticipation that's why he looks quicker than he is. I wouldn't be upset if he's our guy at 31. I'd rather have him than Willis at 31.
  11. I'd take Evans in the second but not the first. He took a step back this year in terms of being a solid tackler. He has some work to do.
  12. I like this guy a lot as an OL prospect. He's not the most agile ZBS guy (could be if he loses a little weight), but he has a ton of upside. I think he could be a beast at RG eventually. Still relatively new to the position. Jermaine Eluemunor, Texas A&M 6'4" - 332 pounds - 33 1/4" arms 5.22 - 40 yard dash 34 bench press reps RT #72 His hand technique isn't the best, but he's got a ton of tools to work with. Nimble for his size, strong hands, great build, tons of upside. Shows good lateral movement IMO. I think he will be a steal tbh.
  13. Lots of us really like him but he's in contention for the number 2 pick.
  14. People already hating on this pick up. Just wait and see.
  15. Really high on him. Incredible athlete and very sound in pass protection.