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  1. BUMP!!!
  2. Yeah, you're right about the Seattle refs. Sherman's mugging of Julio on that non-call on an all important pass he was about to catch!!! Whatttt?
  3. What a JOKE! Take Football Outsiders with a grain of salt. Take them as an "also ran" sports sight. they are "meh". Yawn...
  4. I second the motion to build a DQ statue and displayed in a special place in the Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium in his honor!
  5. I watched Dave Archer in person beat the Saints back in 1985.
  6. Oh yes he will!
  7. Except to more throughly prepare and to improve our team to a point where "it" all boils down to coaching, execution and leaving it all on the field! I mean total and absolute completeness of effort on the field!
  8. Riley is an up and coming SUPERSTAR!
  9. I could care less. I want a Lombardi before my time is up!!!
  10. Regardless of who "we" liked, we still don't know how they "will" work out in the NFL and we should wait and see how the people the Falcons selected (more knowledge on them than us) work out. We need to give them a chance! Many famous NFL stars were from small schools.
  11. You've been an NFL coach for how long now?
  12. How (seriously) do you "know" about all of these guys and how are you keeping track of all of them? I'm impressed! I haven't even heard of him.