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  1. Me too. I think hearing of a Mack injury throws a scare in to the Falcons whole deal! I also like the Mixon RB pick!
  2. I concur!!!
  3. Yes he is! I'm a big fan of the man! He's got pure talent!
  4. So, he was rated as one of the best fullbacks but a rookie can easily replace him? I looked it up. Your assessment is incorrect.
  5. DiMarco was very important in his blocking during run plays. Check it out if you don't believe me.
  6. Personally, I really like Matt Sims! The kid throws lasers, is mobile and showed me a lot in 2016 Pre-Season! Go back and watch the games that he played in and you will see what I mean. I think it is important for the Falcons to keep him on the Practice squad until such time they let Matt Schaub go.
  7. So, is it just me or are any other Falcons fans out there concerned about (except for Weems) "the leakage" of really good outgoing Falcons players e.g. Patrick DiMarco and Aldrick Robinson etc.?
  8. Yeah, I agree with you! Last night when I read this, it really got me PO'd!!! He is top shelf all the way! The Falcons and us fans will both miss him and what he brought to the table! You don't just easily replace a Patrick DiMarco! Thank you for everything you did for us Patrick!
  9. Very nicely said! Any Falcon fans that are not familiar with the 80's Falcons should check it out and compare! I lived it! Falcons fan since 1966 thru the bad, very bad and the good!
  10. Steve Bartkowski - Very nice, big man and fantastic speaker Chris Miller - Nice, easy to talk to and very down to earth Michael Haynes - Very polite Tim Green - Very sociable and intelligent man
  11. Butt, he's an O lineman not a D.
  12. You are half right! "Last season is done" is true. "Dwelling on it is pointless" is not entirely true. The Falcons have to analyze exactly where they made specific mistakes and make exacting plans and personnel moves to become the complete team! That is the only "winning way" to leave it in the past and move on to a better future!
  13. I like it dude! Looks like you definitely were thinking outside "the cube"! It all makes a lot of sense but...I would also like the addition of a "beast RB"!