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  1. I don't particularly think he was all that fond of James Stone either......
  2. yes I did know that, and I'm sitting here wondering why that was relevant to me poking fun at a completely different guy? But as for Brett, I remember watching him play in some college games, and thinking it would be nice to draft him. talk about excited when we did! only to have Glanville abuse him and him turn into the party animal. I know his career (and maybe his life) was saved by getting him out of the ATL
  3. this was EXACTLY the first thought that I had as well. Or, he could just wait until the Raiders move to vegas next year and try out for them......
  4. yep, I was all ready to type something about brett's sexting pics probably not as big as ALF's and he was jealous and giving him a 'hard' (cough cough) time about it
  5. I hope to see this on the OL this year Gazoo, at least I've made it known already this is how I'd like to see us continue to build it
  6. surely Hugh didn't? Hugh must be joking......
  7. I love that they're doing this! I really think this was a key factor in last years success, and hope to see it again this year
  8. have you noticed the highlights for some of these "I want this guy" seem to be a high percentage of games against shall I say, less than 'stellar' opponents? Now I'm not saying a small school guy never has a chance to be a star, because we all know that's not true. But really, his game against memphis is the game to watch to see how great he is and why we should give up anything to trade up to get him?
  9. I think the addition of Poe will certainly give reason for others around him to have better years
  10. Happy Birthday KOG! hope this is a day that sees you blessed beyond comprehension!
  11. nothing in life better. I've heard some say they wish they'd have had the grandkids first, but I wouldn't, cause then there's no one to send them home to after you fill em full of sugar and spoil them rotten
  12. yep, they do that. My oldest is 34, will be 35 this year. She has 2 kids, the youngest will have her first later....
  13. LOL my baby girl just turned 31...... so yeah I'm old! and yeah, I feel it too... congrats! we just found out the youngest is blessing us with another grand child in Sept, so that will be 2 born this year