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  1. man the jokes in there that would be an instaban.........MUST BACK AWAY FROM KEYBOARD
  2. I've said from the beginning that's what it looked like, and for the next 30 years or so, atlanta will be known as the city with the robotic sphincter
  3. didn't he get hurt in the same game Carr got hurt in? that was kinda the point, the 3rd stringer is really only 2 plays away from being the starter, right?
  4. he probably wants to look like her because she handles balls better than he does
  5. well you know, first you break a small rule, and get away with it. Like you know, the rules don't apply to ya. Next time it's something a little stronger, but the thrill of it all is just too good. Then, why then, ya might make it all the way up to human trafficing or murdering someone...... so basically I'm just trying to keep the dude from evolving into a serious life of crime. But you? ohhhhhh, 'no you go ahead and break the rules, then when you become a gangster, I'll just join in the rest of the people who sit back and say, what's this world coming to!" and just to show how long you HAVEN'T been coming around, I'm really surprised that by the time I posted that, there weren't already at least half a dozen "TATF" posts
  6. raiders fans from last year concur
  7. but, in case you didn't notice, this is Talk About The Falcons, the "around the nfl" forum is over yonder
  8. it will either need constant application of KY Jelly or Preparation H, they just won't know which until they get to the point of opening and closing several time to see which one
  9. he has that place in a lot of hearts around here, and most likely for the same (or very very close) reasons
  10. kind of a nice problem to have though isn't it?
  11. nice! too bad 2 of those are gone, although I'm not sure we'll really miss either of them production wise
  12. definitely trolling
  13. yeah I totally agree that everyone having the same vision or at least an understanding of it is key here