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  1. older and living in the past of reefer madness? or maybe older and learned to roll em decades before you were born.......
  2. the hype around him, some of the boards infatuation with him, the diluted drug test or D: all of the above?
  3. yes we are few and far between, surrounded by young grasshoppers............. wait, another old movie reference well, they still don't understand semi-geriatric humor though. Carry on
  4. after reading that article, I'm not sure I'd take any of them, LOL wait and see what shakes out for maybe a decent UDFA. Wes and Ben are looking better and better the more I read
  5. to click or not to click........ I think I'll click it, then come back later and unclick it, then come click it, then come back later and unclick it......... just to mess with ya wait, I just realized, I ain't gonna do that, if I can get 3 more, you'll have 1234 and I'll have 5678...... it HAS to be a sign!
  6. wow that's pretty telling indeed
  7. didn't a lot of folks say some if not just about all, of this about Neal last year?
  8. they asked him (mahomes) if he'd ever thrown a baseball with someone on the 'gun' he said his top fastball was 96..... I've googled big ben, and am not finding anything on him throwing with someone running the gun. Nice article about Logan Thomas throwing 60 and how it's rare for anyone to throw a football faster than that. Said he was the fastest in 7 years, but they didn't have speeds listed for Ben, Aaron, Matt Stafford, Cutler or Flacco......
  9. there was a clip I was watching the other day on the NFL page that had Mahomes and David Carr 'competing' against the radar gun. David Carr hit 56 MPH on the gun, Mahomes fastest was 62 MPH, a freaking football at 62 MPH? that's ridiculous.....
  10. I knew when I read the thread title who your first pick would be not too bad at all
  11. and he didn't even mention, hive dop sap, crop dusting, or cat down the mountain melting theatre butter.....
  12. I bet Halsey can't either and before some smart alek comes in and says "you can't either" I'll just go ahead and say there are days I have a hard time just getting out of a chair period, and I dang sure don't jump for nothin....too much waste of energy for an old man
  13. drunk or not, but you think HE has FRIENDS? pffffttttt..........