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  1. Surprised Dorian Johnson is still on the board.
  2. If Dorian Johnson or Dion Dawkins are on the board we gotta go one of them. I doubt they'll be around that late in the round though.
  3. Debo is a ******* monster.
  4. Losing a 3rd to move up almost 10 spots doesn't sound horrible. I'd rather trade back and snag a couple more guys in the 2nd. But if we still have our 2nd round pick after trading up in the 1st and all it costs is the 3rd round pick, I'm all for that if they're confident in the pick.
  5. This is definitely a fair deal for the team and Tru. Glad he's going to be a falcon for a long, long time. Seriously a big F you to all the idiots still thinking we'll ever trade Tru. ******* idiots. This is real life, not madden.
  6. It should be like it is in college football. More exciting, more scoring. Just overall better.
  7. We'll get a little boost from Jackson being cut post June 1st
  8. Keanu should've been on the list.
  9. That's so **** hard to answer. I'd be thrilled to hang out with any of these: Bosher, Ryan, Sanu, Julio, Beas, Jalen, Keanu, Tru.
  10. We might need to restructure a few people to make room for Trufant and Freeman's extensions.
  11. Just buy a Neal one.
  12. Lamp. unless McKinley is there.... If Lamp and McKinley are both on the board at 31 idk how you choose. I'm assuming our FO would want Lamp though. There are plenty of OLB pass rushing guys who could fall to us in the 2nd round. Dorian Johnson is really the only fallback option for us in the 2nd at RG. And I'd be surprised if he was still around by the end of the 2nd.
  13. Poe instantly makes everyone around him better in this defense. The guys next to him, the LB's, pass rushers, DBs covering, Keanu, everyone.
  14. That pretty much sums it up then. I was worried maybe they hit a snag in negations after Bouye's contract was so high. Good to know Dimitroff is cooking something. Maybe we'll see a few more restructures like Schraeder's.
  15. If we signed a new starting RG that would allow us to mainly focus on D this year. Maybe grab a TE if a good one falls to the 2nd round. There are a ton of good speedy OLB's we can add in the draft on day 3.