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  1. reminds me so much of Wright, Wagner, Irvin....
  2. I think so. Campbell compares well to Irvin who played sam in Seattle. I think Riley is a much better player in space (in coverage and making one on one tackles) than Campbell. Riley and Jones in space in the sub packages, watch out!!!
  3. Y'all sound like last year when deion got picked. This dude WILL BE a stud. Our front 7 is set for the next 3 years at least except for Poe.
  4. I could see that
  5. Our defense is young and athletic at all 3 levels. I don't think anyone runs 4.6 or over except for our DTs
  6. So many good pass rushers left, double dip!!!
  7. WTF rivers and Willis
  8. Willis. We can double dip like 2013
  9. I love this guy already. Man hopefully him and Beasley can do some damage. Tak-Jarrett-Poe-Beasley Nasty combination...with clayborn, crawford, hagemann, Shelby off the
  10. A pass rusher and he's on a rookie deal. I like it. Charlton and Willis were a step down from Tak imo and we need someone to take freeneys snaps.
  11. Then a tough stretch of games weeks 7-11, 4 of 5 on the road. Could see us staying up in the northeast after the NE game like we stayed on the west coast last year.
  12. The Brotherhood is real. Let's get these guys locked up though lol
  13. I'd love that. We haven't had two first since we got Matt and baker
  14. Maybe we trade back and double dip at pass rusher rivers/Willis/bowser/kpass. That would be ideal IMO. They are all developmental and could still make an impact as situational guys this year. Clay is in the final year and while he's been a good solid vet, he's had injury history. Shelby is a question mark coming off of injury. We could use a young developmental fire breather or two to take freeneys reps.
  15. I was thinking the same thing. Budda baker could be a Poole replacement if poole takes over for Allen (assuming we cant resign him) but we'll see. If we keep Allen I don't see why we'd take a safety.