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  1. Agree with all the above. Strictly LOL-worthy, nothing more.
  2. Yeah, I could live with these two guys being our top picks and be able to sleep at night.
  3. I like it, love Budda Baker, Walker and Hall. Good job.
  4. I understand where you're coming from, but if I were a team mate of his I'd want him there in crunch time, even if that meant he was not physically able to go through the early work-outs. I thought it was all about getting back to and winning the team's first Lombardi Trophy. I didn't realize that team bonding and preserving the hallowed Brotherhood mantra took precedence. My bad.
  5. I'm not at all sure that's "reasonable" for someone near 40. I would think it more reasonable were Quinn to be focused on conserving and preserving him for meaningful snaps than seeing if he can survive the rigors of a full boot-camp style off-season program.
  6. If he hasn't thought it yet this off-season, there will come that moment when he'll be thinking, "If I go back I'm gonna be able to go out with another SB ring. I gotta go for it!"
  7. Now wait a minute. It was on the Internet, so IT HAS TO BE TRUE. Would be nice though. Not exactly the next Breezus.
  8. LOL. Exactly bro. New unis would quadruple sales at a minimum. If they don't have new, really cool new unis to go into the new dome AB will have missed an enormous chance to make some coin, get the team all geeked up, and generate great free PR as a bonus. I see this (new unis) as a virtual certainty.
  9. Then allow me to offer hearty congratulaions to Ghost of Gritz and deepest condolences to Ms. Gritz! I kid, I kid!
  10. lmao. I hear ya! Me neither, not that I'm ever going to be in that situation. lol
  11. Happy Birthday, brother! I hope it's a good one and the first of many, many dozens more. Instead of having a happy birthday thread, we should be having TATF KOG Month or something, as befitting heads-of-state and other high-level dignitaries when celebrating momentous occasions.
  12. What can you do? You're almost a hostage to the possibility his replacement will suck and any money you saved not paying Matthews will only cost you the cohesion and consistency you're getting from the OL right now. Doubt the FO is going to feel like taking the gamble.
  13. Agree. Should be getting an OG before a TE, but this is a very good mock.
  14. I'm as bullish on this team as anybody on this board. Now did I go to The Dark Side post Super Bowl? Absolutely, but the anguish of that horrific collapse was mitigated in large part by the fact we weren't even supposed to get to the SB yet and here we were. Also the knowledge the team would make even more roster upgrades and this young D would have a year of experience in the league and playing together. The great feeling of knowing we have about the best offense in the league and everybody will be back this year and for the next few years. As for Poe and Hageman wreaking havoc this coming season on opposing QB's, yeah I can picture that happening with no strain of the imagination at all: Hageman, Poe, Beastley and Jarrett, the Four Horsemen ~ make that the Four Dirty Birds ~ of the Apocalypse.
  15. Agree. Smith's defenses are not rooted on the concept of achieving superiority over an opposing offense; it's rooted in playing mistake-free, giving up ground in a measured way and hoping the opposing offense will self-destruct on its way to a TD. That doesn't sound like a very good formula, but in a mediocre league like the NFL where only six or seven teams out of 32 really have a chance to get to the SB each season, it works. Smittyball consistently beats the bottom-feeder teams and thus is a reasonable option and will produce a consistent regular-season winning percentage if the team's offense is good. Beyond that regular-season threshold, Smittyball is not a viable option for a team with SB ambitions. It's hard to find an adequate description for the complete lack of fear I feel when I consider the Falcons offense going up against a Mike Smith defense, but I think I should give it a try, just for clarity. I'm more afraid of being attacked by a chupacabra hiding under my bed than a Mike Smith defense. I'm more afraid I'll get a fatal electric shock from a AAA battery, I'm more afraid I'll go to the mailbox and not find any mail there. I'm more afraid I'll go out to the dryer and find my clothes aren't dry. lol. Smittyball sucks. We will demolish it and sweep the Sucs.