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  1. Just more good bulletin board material for the Falcons locker room.
  2. The trash talking is 99% of what builds and maintains the passion among rivals. Let'em say whatever they want, no apologies necessary. Especially since we got the party started.
  3. Seems to be a very good pro prospect, except he is either very immature or just plain stupid. It's bad enough to break the rules, but to try to lie your way out of it when he got caught was worse. Being kicked off the Hurricanes team may have been the wake-up call he needs to grow up, prove his worth and earn himself a spot. Could end up being a great acquisition, but he's starting out at the back of the pack for real. Also, informative, well-written article I enjoyed reading.
  4. That Quinn would elevate this Falcon D was a no-brainer. To elevate it to the level of being among the top five to 10 in the entire league will most likely produce a SB win. I think Quinn sees Crawford as a great rotational piece in the middle, making this front 7 relentless with the heat he will be able to bring consistently along with Poe and Jarrett. He probably won't be flashy, but he'll be solid and will fit in very nicely.
  5. Me too. I just want a Lombardi dammit! Uh, I think I may have already said that.
  6. Indeed. But I will say I'm feeling way better about this draft class than I did at first. Looking forward to seeing how they do.
  7. The guy really was very complimentary to have only handed the Falcons a B grade. He must really, really not like the Harlow pick.
  8. Ryan's consistency against all NFC South opponents, in good seasons and bad, with good OL's and bad is nothing short of amazing. Anybody unsure as to what the nucleus of the Falcon's success has been since 2008 should wake up and smell the coffee.
  9. What an incredible comeback from where TD was just a couple of years ago. t proves what Quinn said when he told Blank he wanted to work with him. They started out on the same page and the results have been nothing less than spectacular. Hard to imagine there are more than maybe a couple of GM/HC tandems who have a better rapport and have had better results any where near this fast.
  10. Looks mobile, very agile and seems hostile. I like this kid a lot.
  11. Disrespectful Devonta; Dirty Moves Done Dirt Cheap
  12. Exactly. From the top down, this franchise learned the hard way not to ever, ever, ever effing never let up no matter what the score is. So if we blow some teams out this year, tough ish. It's on them to get better.
  13. Agree. They just ran out of gas after that 3-week-long friggin' half-time show. I know I was wore out just sitting on the couching watching it go on and on and on and on and... But rather than break their spirit, I think this team will feel like they should've won that game and owe themselves another SB to "get that win back" at least in spirit.