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  1. Atlanta Falcons Grade: B Key moves: re-signed TE Levine Toilolo; signed DT Dontari Poe and DE Jack Crawford; re-signed TE Levine Toilolo; lost FB Patrick DiMarco This might shock even an optimistic Falcons fan, but one evaluator said he thought Atlanta now possessed the NFL's best roster, thanks in part to a strong 2016 draft class. The Falcons mostly treaded water in free agency. Their offense should be fine without DiMarco. Their defense should be better with Poe. not pictured: Desmond Trufant, Mohammad Sanu, Taylor Gabriel, Alex Mack, Tevin Coleman, Jake Matthews, DeVondre Campbell, Robert Alford
  2. btw for those that don't know - this is a bar establishment called "The Tilted Kilt".....good food/drink/scenery.
  3. your a sneaky little basturd.
  4. not one girl in Boston looks that good except maybe Giselle and Gronk's bimbo conga line.
  5. well as much as I like Quinn, I can promise you I would not be sucking on his...wait a minute!...ok, I see the trap you were setting for me.
  6. 1001 Stalkers Way, Penitentiary, GA 30101
  7. you callin' me out? don't think I know the difference?
  8. DQ zones out during these interviews and goes to his happy place while answering these questions for the 1,000th time:
  9. yeah, we are going to have to re-live the SB through the media for next 5 months. I am sure come Sept. 1, DQ will refuse to talk about it from that point until retirement - right now, he is given the media their shot to get it out of their collective systems. ay-yi-yi.
  10. would be nice.....no guarantees - lots of factors go into every year - injuries, some luck, other teams getting better, crucial penalty here, tactical mistake by a coach there, etc, etc. Heck just our own division - there are no pushovers. Tampa is coming on and has multiple weapons on offense now with an improving QB, Carolina is not as good as they were the SB year but not as bad as they were last year and Saints have Drew Brees and a bunch of draft picks and likely will get Malcolm Butler - anything can happen and often does in the wild NFC South. you just never know.
  11. I think he can play FS but sounds like SS would be his best position in NFL. Here is NFL.com scouting report - FWIW ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Ready-made safety frame with muscular build and long arms. Really instinctive with above-average field vision and feel for the game. Eyes dart back and forth from quarterback to receiver. Correlates quarterback's eyes and actions to a corresponding route and gets the early jump. Plays with good pattern recognition from both man and zone. Credited with a pass breakup or interception on more than 21 percent of his targets as a starter. Has speed to burst from sideline to sideline. Rangy tackler with in-play endurance for extended chases across field. Welcomes physical aspects of position. Sheds blockers quickly. Showed improved patience and diligence as tackler. Trustworthy as last line of defense. WEAKNESSES Despite his instincts, credited with 10 touchdowns allowed during time at Florida. Inconsistent ball tracker. Has issues playing both ball and man down the field, and can lose feel with receiver. Tape shows some issues with hip tightness. Balance can be a little spotty and he'll fight his hips when forced to transition suddenly on combination routes. Better coming downhill than playing on his heels. Missed final three games of senior season with broken arm. NFL COMPARISON Glover Quin BOTTOM LINE Interchangeable safety with the instincts of a free safety and the physicality of a box player. Thrives as a downhill player and has the instincts and speed to operate effectively from both single-high and two-deep looks. Has the physical attributes and intelligence to step into a starter's role early on and will be a strong contributor on special teams.
  12. I'm a BULLDOG and I approve this post!
  13. Evans predicted 5 games correctly(3 of them wins).....#fail #iamaloser
  14. I definitely give Freeney some credit for Beasley but don't think it was hugely roster/defensive altering. No question Freeney helped from a leadership and mentoring standpoint - but seems most of the improvement came when Quinn took over playcalling. Good news is now all these young guys are battle-tested in playoffs and know what it takes now.
  15. good post......now players vs. later players is interesting discussion. I would guess that picks in 1st/2nd round are "now" players and 3rd-7th are future players - given the state of our roster. I would not be surprised to try and manueuver to get one more pick in the first three rounds. All the players you highlight that will need to be replaced are legit - Levitre is in last year of deal in 2018 and he will get chopped for salary vs. team value - at $7mm salary in 2018, he is just too expensive. Taylor Gabriel will be moving on because we won't be able to pay him what he likely will deserve. I know Gabriel wants to stay so maybe it can happen but I doubt it. Brooks Reed just is not that good for what he is. If he was making $1mm/yr we would likely keep him but he is overpaid - he is making $4.1mm this year and could be cut this year but almost $2mm in dead money. He's definitely gone in 2018.
  16. outside of Poe, all of the signings were just basically roster maneuvers and depth. Realistically, I don't know that we could have done much more given our cap situation. No room for major mistakes with a loaded roster and more big contracts to keep our own players. I just don't see how we keep Poe past this year.
  17. would not be shocked if we took Jarrad Davis in 1st and Marcus Maye in 2nd round....would not shock me at all. While I prefer a passrusher, I think we at TATF have been sleeping on Jarrad Davis. We already know that DQ likes Florida Gator players and we know he loves linebackers. I know what I am saying here won't be a popular take and it probably won't happen, but open your mind to Jarrad Davis - I am sure he is high on Falcons board and they like him - maybe don't take him because of position.
  18. yeah c'mon.
  19. Make no mistake, what we have gotten out of the draft in two years is extremely RARE. Even the best front offices of dynasty teams don't draft this well over a two year period very often. Vic Beasley, DE (sack leader) - 2015 Jalen Collins, CB #3 CB (would start on 1/2 the NFL teams) - 2015 Tevin Coleman, RB #2 RB (would start on 1/2 the NFL teams, key cog) - 2015 Justin Hardy, WR #4/5 (meh....he is OK, will have to fight for roster spot now) - 2015 Grady Jarrett, DT (day#1 starter - solid play - SB performance looks like breakthrough) - 2016 Jake Rodgers, OT - (cut - 7th round pick - who cares?) - 2015 Akeem King, CB - (practice squad) - 2015 Keanu Neal, SS (day#1 starter/enforcer/tackling machine/should get better in coverage) - 2016 Deion Jones, MLB (day#1 starter "all under 25 team"-looks like Derrick Brooks HOF clone) - 2016 Austin Hooper, TE (rotational TE w/ upside, likely starter this year) - 2016 DeVondre Campbell, OLB (day#1 starter - athletic, has upside) - 2016 Wes Schweizer, OG (roster player rookie year - ???? - could start this year) - 2016 Devin Fuller, WR (injured - return ability - who knows?) - 2016 I would say the average NFL team grabs about two decent players out of every draft. I don't want to use the word "starter" as being a starter for the #32 team in the NFL is not the same threshold as for a SB contender. Falcons have more than doubled the average production(anecdotal on my part-no research) of the other NFL teams the last two years and this helped catapult our roster - all while at the #8 draft position and the #17 draft position. Since this year we are drafting at #31 position, you also have to take this into account. If we had same crazy great draft - getting three guys that we could at least highlight in red would be a GREAT outcome - a good outcome would be getting two red players. I highlighted Beasley/Jones in BLUE as those are ProBowl caliber players - some will argue that Keanu and Grady are there already - I will say they are "on the cusp" but not quite there yet - could be by end of 2017 with continued improvement. My goal from this 2017 draft is TWO really good players and hoping that one can be great. Anything else is a double-bonus!
  20. I got over the SB hangover fairly quick because I got away from media the two weeks after as I knew it would be brutal. Deion Jones had a BRILLIANT season and he just kept getting better. It looks like Grady Jarrett was good but may be ascending as well after SB performance. Beasley will probably get better but probably not as many sacks. Neal is the enforcer and he will probably improve coverage. Campbell will likely get better. Alford raised his game to another level - Trufant is coming back. We got Poe. We will likely add at least two more key pieces to defense in the draft - if we HIT again - which I am banking on. The offense is in place already - we just need Sarkisian to not mess too much with perfection. I fully expect the offense to regress some because playing at the level we did all last year is unsustainable - that is why it was a historic offensive season. If our defense was not improving, I would be worried. The offense should stay in the top 5 and that should be good enough to hopefully get a high playoff seed.
  21. It really is amazing.....Falcons roster was average two years ago - we had some really good/great players - but nowhere near enough and having a franchise QB can make a below average roster look decent. At least half the teams in NFL had the requisite 2-3 superstars or pro-bowlers Falcons roster was thin and the backups were terrible. Falcons for the longest time never had more than one plus player on defense - now we have so many. amazing.
  22. We really just need one more passrusher......sure we can use a lot - you always need a lot - but that is the only MUST HAVE - when we walk away from this draft, if we can get at least one bonafide rookie passrusher - we will have a fairly complete roster. I realize Beasley was top 10 pick and struggled his rookie year - I don't expect a rook passrusher to come in and dominate - but with Beasley, Clayborn and hopefully Poe helps the other passrushers eat a little more - maybe a rook passrusher can break free for 5-6 sacks his first year.
  23. I just put pix of 8 superstars on our team and left off a few more and another almost dozen who are very good. Falcons roster is LOADED!!! w/ hopefully more to come in draft #noexcuses