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  1. where is all the "Budda Baker" momentum coming from? We worked him out but have not heard any rumors or anything - are you just kind of hoping? everyone is mentioning Budda here - but why?
  2. To get from #8 to #1? for a player that has been said to be a "once-in-a-decade" player? that is going to cost a lot. Trade Chart: CLEVELAND - #1-01) 3,000 pts CAROLINA - #1-08) 1,700 pts + 2-40) 500pts + 4-115) 64pts + 2018 1st rounder + 2018 3rd rounder Heck, I still don't think that is enough compensation - not for a true franchise DEnd that is "special".
  3. still fun to read - thanks @SamMills51
  4. I will believe these rumors when I see it come to fruition - sometimes where there is smoke there is fire - sometimes it is just smoke.
  5. I agree....it is BS that rooks cannot contribute and contribute HUGE - yeah, it took Beasley two years but Falcons are not in the SB without Debo and Keanu both producing over 100 tackles each and being the leading tacklers on the Falcons D. Also, with Grady emerging, adding Poe, healthy Clayborn, etc - will make it even easier for a young passrusher to come in - as it will be harder and harder to double anyone but Beasley.
  6. because we have good RBs? AP is in decline..i think! ☺ this signing is likely the equivalent of what Falcons signing of SJAX
  7. $3mm - cash me outside - how bout that?
  8. Vaughn McClure embraces the "Double Tap" draft strategy for Falcons NFC SOUTH Atlanta Falcons The Falcons will draft two pass-rushers in the first three rounds. Yes, there are other areas to address, such as a starting right guard and depth at linebacker and safety. But if the Falcons can find two impactful pass-rushers in the first three rounds -- such as Missouri's Charles Harris in the first round and Villanova's Tanoh Kpassagnon in the third -- that would be quite an impactful draft, in itself. Falcons coach Dan Quinn, a defensive line guru, can't have enough pass-rushers to put alongside reigning NFL sacks leader Vic Beasley. -- Vaughn McClure
  9. only thing missing is Drew Brees head in its mouth with the Falcon chewing on Brees' mole.
  10. g-dawg: this Falcoholic article tells you all you need to know about what position the Falcons are taking early - as in likely 1st round: With the NFL Draft fast approaching, we’re all scouring the world for clues about what Altanta will be up to over the three weeks at the end of this week. We might be able to glean some small clue from Bear in mind that there’s only so much we can learn from this—the Falcons may scoop up players they never even worked out—but it is useful to look at where the Falcons have focused their attention in the run-up to the draft. Hat tip to FalcFans, whose prospect list was invaluable in combination with our own in getting this count. There are almost assuredly names that aren’t on either of our lists, but I think this is about a complete a count as you’ll get. Quarterback: 6 Running Back: 11 Fullback: 2 Wide Receiver: 13 Tight End: 6 Offensive Tackle: 12 Guard: 6 Center: 2 Defensive End/EDGE: 20 Defensive Tackle: 7 Linebacker: 10 Cornerback: 12 Safety: 12 Kicker: 1
  11. I don't think it's Lamp. I think it's Barnett, Willis or Rivers(trade-down)
  12. maybe - but what is that(your confidence) really based on? We worked him out, everyone went - and some no-name guy saying it - that is all the evidence we have right?