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  1. I understand the difference between the FREE and the STRONG, but thanks anyway.
  2. I love Keanu, he is a great box safety. Hos coverage skills are still work in progress.
  3. one thing that proved with TD in charge and thru the transition with DQ carrying most weight is if Falcons strongly like a player, they just don't "risk it" by trading back thinking they can still take the targeted player. If Quinn has his designs on Rivers and is dead set on him, they will take him at #31.
  4. Basham is a TOTALLY different kind of player - heavier/slower but probably more raw power.....nowhere near as fast as Rivers. Basham is more a traditional 4-3 SDE. apples and oranges....
  5. nah man....it was good. The more you do it, the better it will get. That is how you learn.
  6. it was good. You have a good voice for radio It seemed like you were talking to other people but all I could here was you talking so that made it not as pleasant of a listen. I skipped to Falcons pick..You kept saying if Falcons drafted Obi im first round we could draft Reddick in 2nd - you knew it wasn't right.but you were looking for "Rivers" from Youngstown State - who will likelybe long gone by then.
  7. yeah, that's what I think as well. These private workouts and visits are just now getting cranked up.
  8. I see a TON of passrushing ability in Watt. He looks more natural passrushing than Rivers to me. I believe Falcons need another crazy good passrusher and Watt can do it. Is this your voice on this mock draft that lasted almost 2 1/2 hours where you type in the picks and guess you had a bunch a folks on conference call or something. Is that you?
  9. you can get good running backs as UDFA. we are going to re-sign Free and we have Teco and Terron Ward. We will sign a couple UDFAs..... remember, the game itself is to get as many correct as possible - not a mock draft exactly.
  10. i don't understand why we would look at Derek Rivers and show a lot of interest and then ignore Watt. Makes no sense to me. I like Rivers but Watt looks to be the safer pick with just as much upside.
  11. every team, every year looks at trading up and back.....if they are doing their job correctly - some front offices for teams probably are not doing their jobs correctly. I am not the one making the assertion that the Falcons want to trade up - YOU ARE. Hassen Reddick is a very nice prospect but he is not worth giving up your 2nd and 3rd round picks to get there - and make no mistake, that is likely what it would take - and not next year's picks either. Future picks are typically discounted - and w/ Falcons so good, trading teams are going to discount our picks as back of the round picks anyway. To get Reddick, Falcons would have to move into the teens - and he would be basically the only thing we would get out of this draft except maybe some backup DT and OG. It would be a terrible move.
  12. anything yet on Falcons and TJ Watt? I just cannot believe we would not be interested in him.
  13. alright dammit - where are you guys finding these spider web graphs? I want answers! I want the truth! (and yes...I can handle the truth!)
  14. yeah, I have seen Terry Tate before and knew it was a take-off......it was very well done for a take-off of a highly produced commercial though. Basham actually was pretty good. He may have a future in TV after his playing career over.