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  1. LOL - you were the one that loved Stone so much, right? I didn't love Stone but was - to put it mildly - not a fan of Hawley.
  2. Sark is an offensive guy - and he was in the south and SEC for about a minute.
  3. How can Spoon teach those young players how to be a pro? He could give them the inner workings of the training/rehab facility.
  4. good question. Plenty of leader candidates in secondary but no obvious ones in Front 7. Would not be a bad idea to bring Freeney back one more season. Every NFL offense needs QB to be a leader and an Offensive line leader. We have that in Matt & Mack. Every NFL defense needs a front 7 leader - we have lots of talent there but our young studs may not be ready to be leaders yet. Debo is probably a year away. Tru and Rocky are leader candidates and Keanu is almost ready.
  5. yeah that "CT scale" (Competitive Toughness) is a legit evaluation that DQ/TD have implemented from top/down. I like it better than the old "let's draft 15 team captains" that TD used to employ. Any team does not need 15 team captains - you need 2 or 3 guys like that on both sides of the ball.
  6. yeah, wouldn't shock me if he played exclusively at FS. I see Quinn/Manuel devising ways to get a ball-hawk like Kazee on the field. Perfect nickel player if he is not starting free safety.
  7. Frederick is a beast - great draft pick by Cowboys that was widely panned when the selection was made. I've got no problem saying Frederick is one of the top 100 players - I do believe Alex Mack should have made it as well - there is usually a lag-time between a great season and making it - if Mack has a great 2017, he will likely be on list last year. Clearly the Falcons would not have had their record-breaking season w/o Alex Mack's supreme season.
  8. Alex Mack is not gonna make it. Travis Frederick was like 90-something and they said he was the only center to make it.
  9. while that is true - and I believe I acknowledged that in a subsequent post - this is a "top down" effort and the vision must come from the top. No doubt the following also deserve credit: Thomas Dimitroff (GM) Scott Pioli (Former GM - Director of College Scouting) Ruston Wheeler (Former GM - Asst to GM) Phil Emery (Former GM - Asst to GM) all area scouts definitely a team effort - but if you have crap at the top or no vision from the top, it does not matter how good the rest of the staff is. Dimitroff had a hard time finding defensive talent on his own and Mike Smith had NO VISION of what he needed on defense and not enough interest in scouting as best I can tell from a distance. The defensive strategy/philosophy and knowing the overall traits needed changed dramatically in 2015 when Dan Quinn was hired.
  10. I knew about it....knowing some of those players helps - but spotting defensive talent and understanding where it is located is another thing altogether. You could make an all-star defense off Clemson, LSU, Alabama and Florida right now - ridiculous amount of stacked defensive talent on those four teams. Obviously you still have to scout the individual talent on the collective units and understand how it fits your system - Dan Quinn seems to understand this better than any coach in the NFL right now and is able to identify the talent and the competitive toughness - combined with speed, physicality and inner drive. Quinn sets the mark but TD, Pioli and the scouts are culling the players down to a manageable number for Quinn to review. Great job all around.
  11. Defensive Roster - Southern Colleges: STARTER - Vic Beasley, DE/OLB - Clemson (1st rd) - ACC - 2015 STARTER - Grady Jarrett, DT - Clemson (5th rd) - ACC - 2015 STARTER - Dontari Poe, NT - Memphis (FA) - American Athletic Conference - 2017 sign STARTER - Keanu Neal, SS - Florida (1st rd) - SEC - 2016 STARTER - Robert Alford, CB - Southeastern LA (2nd rd) - Southland Conference - 2013 STARTER - Deion Jones, MLB - LSU - 2016 NICKEL - Duke Riley, WLB - LSU(3rd rd) - SEC - 2017 NICKEL - Brian Poole, CB/FS - Florida(UDFA) - SEC - 2016 NICKEL - Jalen Collins, CB - LSU (2nd rd) - SEC - 2015 BACKUP - Kemal Ishmael, WLB - Central Florida(7th rd) - American Athletic Conference - 2014 BACKUP - Courtney Upshaw, DT - Alabama - SEC(FA) - 2016 Defensive Roster - Rest of Country: STARTER - Desmond Trufant, CB - Washington (1st rd) - PAC 10 - 2014 STARTER - Ricardo Allen, FS - Purdue (5th rd) - BIG 10 - 2014 STARTER - DeVondre Campbell, SLB - Minnesota (4th rd) - BIG 10 - 2016 STARTER - Adrian Clayborn, DE - Iowa (FA) - BIG 10 - 2015 NICKEL - Takkarist McKinley, DE - UCLA (1st rd) - PAC 10 - 2017 ROTATIONAL - Rashede Hageman, DT - Minnesota (2nd rd) - BIG 10 - 2014 ROTATIONAL - Derrick Shelby, DT/DE - Utah (FA) - PAC 10 - 2015 ROTATIONAL - Brooks Reed, DE - Arizona (FA) - PAC 10 - 2015 ROTATIONAL - Jack Crawford, DE/DT - Penn State (FA) - BIG 10 - 2017 BACKUP - Damontae Kazee, CB/FS - San Diego State (5th rd) - Mountain West - 2017 For years, many Atlanta Falcons fans have complained of anemic defense of the Falcons and Falcons brass skipping over great defenders in the Southern States to draft defense in other parts of the country where the defense just isn't as good. First let me say - in grand scheme of things - as long as you draft good players, I don't really care the conference nor the school - having thrown out that caveat, it is true that the defense played on these college teams in the Southern states is better than the rest of the country - this is just a fact - most likely because most of the best high school athletes tend to play for college football teams in the south as well. The SEC has always been known as the conference with the best athletes on the defensive side of the ball. However, I would say the ACC with schools like Clemson, Florida State and a re-born Miami are making gains and now have SEC caliber type defenses. Maybe just a coincidence - maybe not - but it seems that since Dan Quinn has come on board, the Falcons are looking at these southern defenders moreso than in the past. Obviously we have some stellar defensive players from BIG 10 and PAC 10 as well in Tru and DeVondre - and hopefully a bundle of dynamite in Takk as well. I don't think it's a coincidence that the defense is getting better not only because Quinn is getting here and is helping the scouts, etc - but because the keen scouting eye of DQ sees the "fast-n-physical" defenders tend to skew moreso in the Southern colleges. It's the offseason - something to discuss - flamesuit activated.
  12. reminds me of Assante Samuel - balls in the air - it's mine!