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  1. That would be awkward...after firing his 'diddy'
  2. Happy birthday KoG!
  3. And Peter Konz was a second!!! You don't really know if it is going to work or not
  4. UDFA only - not a good decision maker on returns and is too small to help us on ST in any other way. Puts the ball on the ground too when hit.
  5. Chester and Babs haven't signed with anybody. Both could be brought back if we cannot fill the holes. The holes are not that big and we have the draft and free agency is not over. DiMarco is replaceable, just like Ovie and Christian and Griffin and every other fullback...
  6. let Garland and Schweitzer battle it out in OTA's and if one of them doesn't step up, sign Chester before camp
  7. Was about to post the same thing. IF he gets 4 guaranteed and is $1.75 this year and $2.25 next year and doesn't get the bonus, then it is pretty smart. I will wait to see what the numbers are cause Dimitroff does pretty good on contracts to screw up an easy one with a backup QB..,.
  8. Ben Garland
  9. Kyle Shanahan = Eugene Robinson
  10. He ain't got no ankles left after Free broke them off
  11. Thanks for doing this @theProf!!!! Can we get it pinned?
  12. And even more - Shannahan choked
  13. G-dawg was thinking of the old UGA hoops coach...
  14. Did not win...