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  1. Glad to see that we're getting occasional crystal ball predictions for all these 3 and 2 stars.
  2. That may certainly be the biggest factor and you have no argument from me, but I have to believe that what Chaney has shown on the field with his play-calling has had a significant impact as well. With Georgia ranked in the bottom half of Div-I football in scoring offense last year, even with the likes of Chubb and Michel in the backfield, Chaney screams of incompetence. Other schools are saying: "Look at what he did with the #1 QB from 2016... nothing really."
  3. What I can't wrap my head around is this: With arguably the top 3 QBs in the nation in this state (btw, I don't remember the last time Georgia had this many elite QB prospects at one time), and only 2 scholarship QBs on the current roster, how the fudge did we miss out on all of them?? Not to mention that all 3 committed to their respective schools early on in the process. I blame this squarely on John Candy. These kids know that if you come to Georgia and Chaney is your OC, you'll be nothing but a mediocre QB stuck in a mediocre offense. At least, that's what I imagine they've been told. And it may be true.
  4. Impressive. Seems like a perfect fit for Malzahn's offense. I still think Justin Fields is the best QB in 2018. I'd take him over Lawrence and Jones. Is there any chance we can pry him away from Penn State? Not even sure if he's on Georgia's radar anymore.
  5. Can't argue with that.
  6. I was being facetious about Tubby irrespective of his salary. Given his salary requirements as you've indicated, among other things, you're right, Tubby wouldn't make sense. I just don't get why UGA is not a more attractive option for coaches. So much talent in this state. You can focus solely on recruiting metro-Atlanta and still put a contender out on the court year in and year out.
  7. But Tubby has a much better resume. Tubby's the best coach we've had since Durham. Another $1.1M is nothing for this athletic dept. Oh yeah, that's right... we have McGarity.
  8. At this point, I'd love to get Tubby Smith back. I'd have to get rid of my Tuck Fubby T-shirt though.
  9. Losing to mighty Belmont at home. Wow. Really?
  10. The NIT Trophy:
  11. Ok, so we'll have to hold onto him until January.
  12. And then it'll be a fight to hold onto him from June until February.
  13. AnnaLHickey So this is your source? Doesn't sound very pleasant. Sounds pretty painful, actually.