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  1. Snit said Adonis will not return until next Friday. When he does return he'll platoon with Ruiz at 3B.
  2. I do like the 4 start on Sunday as well. The 10 pm weekend start doesnt bother me. The weeknight starts at 10 against the Angels this week will. I might be able to watch a couple of innings of those.
  3. The draft starts on June 12. Jim Callis of MLB has released his mock draft. His Braves projection: 5. Braves: Adam Haseley, OF, Virginia Atlanta's scouting department would be thrilled to get Wright if McKay goes No. 1 and Tampa Bay looks elsewhere. In this scenario, the Braves' choice figures to come down to Haseley or Lewis. They're also the first club that might pop Texas high school right-hander Shane Baz, and it's also possible that they'd look for a discount deal to shift extra money to later picks. He has Kyle Wright as #1 overall, Hunter Greene #2, Mackenzie Gore #3 and Brendan McKay #4. He has Royce Lewis falling to #7.
  4. Inciarte, CF Phillips, 2B Markakis, RF Kemp, LF Adams, 1B Flowers, C Ruiz, 3B Swanson, SS Garcia, P
  5. I don't think it would be Blair. Most likely scenario is Wisler and Colon swap out roles. Assuming Wisler doesn't do anything crazy between now and another bad Colon start.
  6. We're on the west coast all week. They go to Anaheim on Monday. No regular start times till Friday in Cincinnati.
  7. Also, Mark Bowman is reporting the Braves may give Colon one more chance and then make a move.
  8. Moving him to the bullpen is what will likely happen. Cutting him is very unlikely because that means eating $12M.
  9. Sims, Wisler or Blair most likely. Newcomb has been struggling and Sims has his last couple of starts.
  10. The Giants offense has struggled pretty bad this year. Posey has a fantastic batting line of .353/.439/.551 but has only 11 RBI even with 7 HR. He's been getting no help. They are 28th in MLB for team average at .231, 30th in OBP at .288 and 30th in slugging and OPS. They've managed 166 runs which is only better than KC. Their pitching has been similar to the Braves but slightly better. Cain's ERA is misleading. He had a 2.30 after April but in May his ERA is 8.41. He's been worse than Bartolo (8.25) this month. They are also without Hunter Pence, he's on the DL for another week or so.
  11. Friday, 10:15 PM Jaime Garcia, LHP, 1-3, 4.07 Matt Cain, RHP, 3-2, 4.91 Saturday, 10:05 PM Mike Foltynewicz, RHP, 3-4, 3.86 Ty Blach, LHP, 2-2, 4.10 Sunday, 4:05 PM RA Dickey, RHP, 3-3, 4.17 Johnny Cueto, RHP, 4-4, 4.64
  12. Ruiz should be here to stay. He's proven he can handle it. Bartolo is still Bartolo.
  13. 1. Inciarte, CF 2. Swanson, SS 3. Markakis, RF 4. Kemp, LF 5. Adams, 1B 6. Suzuki, C 7. Ruiz, 3B 8. Peterson, 2B 9. Colon, P
  14. Fan interference has been a big problem with the new stadium. Atlanta fans not use to being that close to the lines. Still could have been handled better
  15. Collmenter has been DFA'd for Wisler
  16. The Mets have decided the best way to stop criticism due to the way team handles injuries is to silence Collins. The Mets have placed a gag order on Collins. He told the media last night he's no longer allowed to talk about any injury.
  17. Collmenter is in a terrible stretch. Even before last night he had allowed 7 runs in his last 6.2 innings. Now it's 14 ER in 7.2 innings. It might be about time to figure out another long relief option. Other than that just a tough loss. Teheran was a big plus, the team battling back was good. Just have to get them today. Quick turnaround with the noon start.
  18. Woooo!! Big hit by Jace!