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  1. Roe is on the DL. Wisler will probably go down and Collmenter will shift back to long relief Recker will probably stay.
  2. Mark Bowman just said there's a "good chance" Lane Adams and Motte will join the team this week. He said it could be tomorrow. He also added Cabrera could be return next week.
  3. Hernandez had a May 1 opt out if not on the roster. Braves were unimpressed by him so they moved him for something rather than let him walk. Jason Motte has caught some eyes though. DOB said he may be up soon.
  4. If youre talking about the group of Heyward, Upton, Simmons and all those guys they weren't exactly winning. Remember in 2014 they finished below .500 and we had no money to spend and maybe the worst minor leagues in baseball. There was no way forward.
  5. Braves have traded David Hernandez to the Angels for a player to be named or cash.
  6. Lucas Sims named International League pitcher of the week.
  7. No, 2019 is a good target. Our top pitchers should mostly all be here at some point in 2018. You just have to be more patient. The whole purpose of this was to be able to go on a crazy 14 year run again. Sacrifice now for a long payoff in the future.
  8. Acuna is being compared to Andruw Jones. I'd take him. Austin Riley will be in LF. An OF of Ender, Acuna and Riley is just fine with me. Here's a little write up on a scouting report for Acuna The ball sounds different off of Ronald Acuna’s bat. It sounds overdone, but it is true. The ball jumps off of his bat in a way few players can claim, and that power holds true to all sides of the field. On one occasion in 2016, Acuna took a fastball on the lower outside corner, and was able to drive a line drive over the fence in right field. In State Mutual Stadium, with the way the wind can blow, that is about as impressive a home run as you will see.
  9. You're probably looking at 2019. The top pitchers will be here later this year and 2018. By 2019 they should be ready to roll. They could push for a wild card next season if everything clicks quickly.
  10. Glad to see Folty picking up where he left off. He has great potential.
  11. Bowman said to be prepared to see a lot of swapping with Blair, Wisler and Jackson. The Braves want Blair and Wisler starting games so they'll be up briefly for long relief and then go back to make starts.
  12. Yes, he only has a couple years in but his number suggest he's a slow starter. His first half average is .237, second half is .288
  13. Ender is just a slow starter. He showed what he's capable of when he gets going. Still his 3 year history in the first half is only about .250.
  14. Braves called up Matt Wisler and sent Blair back to AAA. Braves like having Collmenter available in middle innings. Since the All Star break in 2016 Brandon Phillips is hitting .334. That's 5th in the NL.
  15. I'm willing to try it. You have to get somebody on in front of Freeman and Phillips is the hottest hitter not named Freeman.